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Have you often wondered why the "Downtown" of Culver is where it is today?

Well here is the answer.... its called speculation and greed.... one remembers reading the A. D. Toner of Kewanna Fulton county Indiana bought land on the north shore of Lake Maxinkuckee on speculation...

Toner and his Property

A. D. Toner has conveyed about 900 acres of land...

Mr. Toner acquired a considerable piece of land in the vicinity of the depot while buying right of way for the Vandalia railroad, and Toner's addition was platted by him. The town of Culver would of probably have been located there had the prices of lots been reasonable, but when John Osborn, who built the first brick business building on Main Street, was asked to pay $1,000 a lot he was compelled to select a cheaper location, and from the time the present business district was permanently established. This answers the inquiry frequently made by strangers why the more attractive site north of the depot was not selected - JANUARY 22, 1914. Culver CIiizen

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