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Pop Factory  

Medbourn & Green

1904 - Mar 10 - Thomas Medbourn has sold; his interest in the, pop factory to Isaac Kaley and the firm will be known as Green & Kaley. A building will be erected south of the town, jail as soon as the weather permits. NOTE: location of Town jail unknown - it is not the one that was at Cass & Plymouth as it was not erected until 1911/1912

1904 - Mar 10 - Green & Kaley -

1904 - Mar 24 - Kaley and Green are laying the foundation for their new building to be used as a pop factory.

1904 - Mar 31 - Culver is to have a new pop factory. This being leap year, it ought to simplify matters very much for the summer girl.

At this point in time I am unsure if the two are one in the same but assuming they are - putting here as future reference and research

It reads: Geo. R. Howard Culver Indiana; there is no other writing on the bottle and no dates

This bottle was one David Burns had found and I still have - my mother and I had found one under the back porch of the house Wilhites live in now (416 Lake Shore Dr.) - what she done with it I have no idea.

1906 - the "Bottling Works " was located at 304 Lot 11 Lake View street - no actual name was attached to it