Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

South Side of Jefferson Street  

The businesses - listed for Jefferson will read from East (lake) to west end of town (St. Rd. 17). One could not see the lake unless atop a building as the railroad embankment was at lest 10 to 12 feet high from the Washington Street area down past the co-op; during the late 1970's and early 1980's this area was all leveled off - there also was a cinder street or alley that connected E. Washington and E. Jefferson Streets and ran along the base of this embankment. On the other side of the embankment was an overgrown easement road between the lake and the railroad embankment goign south from the viaduct at E. Washington Street.

This is just a rough beginning of this listings. With no addresses in the early years just the street name it is hard to place them correct - if you remember won't you help?

1906 Jefferson Street Sanborn map; this area was not depicted as a "whole" from Main Street to the railroad/lake

1910 view of East Jefferson

Maxinkuckee Ice Company [2 INT S LN E JEFF WLN]

1914-1951 - Cement Block Factory

1914 Jefferson Sanborn map

1924 Jefferson Sanborn map
    Maxinkuckee Ice Company [2 INT S LN E JEFF WLN]

    1914-1951 - Cement Block Factory

    1924-? - M. R. Cline & Several other businesses

Maxinkuckee Ice Company [2 INT S LN E JEFF WLN]

1914-1951 - Cement Block Factory

1924-? - M. R. Cline & Several other businesses
1937 West Jefferson Sanborn map

1940's view of East Jefferson

1950's view of East Jefferson

before 1976 view of East Jefferson

The way it was before 1976 - the left side is the south side of the property - which is now the Culver Cove are which is where the ices house and the grain elevators was - in the middle on the side is the array of Cline businesses etc. and at the very top of the phot you can see a portion of the building that is the 'Cabanna' today - the the midle area of Jefferson on the lake edge is where the Roberts house sits; other side is what was once the Ferrier lumber yard and now is the Bayside and the very lower right you can barely asee Washington St. and it appears to be a dirt road possibly.

Jack Houghton states of this area: I've only been here since 1976 and this area has changed more than any area in town, that's for sure. I remember the controversial story of the railroad property. First it was the Railroads, then the State exchange Finance company owned it, then the railroad again through a court battle, then the finance company, then finally it belonged to an officer at the old bank and today we have the Culver Cove. Interesting how that worked out. I'm sure there is more to it than anyone will ever really know but it'sstill and interesting story.

E. Jefferson Businesses Addresses not given

C & M Dredging Co. - 1952 

It is stated that art fishburn had his blacksmith shop on E. Jefferson before 23 Oct 1957 -
    The oldest businessman in town, both in age and in yeats of business here has just moved his base of opertaions to a new building in the rear of his residence on Lake shore Drive.

    Arthur fishburn, the blacksmith and Irons worker, was finally forces to ecacuate the building on East Jefferson Street that has housed his operation since about 1918, because the roof was about to cave-in. Now he is settled in a shop where he can do anything with iron that needs to be done....
the area between the old railroad and Main Street is a little hard to decipher over the years iit containded at you see only 4 lots that faced/bordered Jefferson St. each seemed to contained multiple businesses on them during the early years that or an ever changing address which complicated matters.

319 E. Jefferson [S LN E JEFF ST 255'E INTER S LN W LN]   Culver Cove

207 E. Jefferson [VANDALIA ADD OLOT 1 TR 165'E&W X 198']- Park n Shop

A 1938 view 115 E. Jefferson ( This also bore no addresses as well as the addresses of 201 E. Fefferson & 211 E. Jefferson - The Medbourn Building

102 S. Main [OP LOT 31]- Culver Military Academy Museum & Gift Shop / Culver Educational Foundation

Main St.

1960 - Jul 27 - AT 12:50 P.M. LAST FRIDAY a traffic signal light was placed in operation at the busy Sank corner intersection of Main and Jefferson Streets in downtown Culver. There was much excitement as scores of motorists innocently ignoring the new warning received a friendly word of caution from police officers Don Mikesell and Jim Cox. A crew from the Northern Indiana Public Service Company is seen placing the signal light in position. (Photo by Carl Adams Jr

101 S Main St. [OP LOT 6 N 41'] and nowHeritage Park

115 W. Jefferson [N132' S ADJ JEFFERSON ST] Culver Post Office in 1935 it was combined into one lot combined from 115 & 117 W Jefferson

    115 - William W. Baker - 1906, 1914, 1924, 1930 residence
      1922 - Cyrus Town

    117 - Walker's Boarding House - 1914, 1924, ? - 1930 Mary L. Walker

      1934 - Sep. 19 - The Moran house was moved from the site of the new post office in preparation for clearing the area. Arthur Dillon moved the house to his farm.

Ohio Street

103 S. Ohio St. CVS / Hamstra Wilbert Inc [ZECHIELS ADD LOT 1 & 2]

    The 1924 Sanborn Map shows the 2 residences that were on this location.

215 W. Jefferson [ZECHIELS 1ST ADD LOT 22] Hammer's Garage - Ron James


Slate Street

215 W. Jefferson [ZECHIELS CONT ADD LOT 23]

205 W. Jefferson [ZECHIELS CONT ADD LOT 24]

315 W. Jefferson [ZECHIELS CONT ADD LOT 25]

__ W. Jefferson [ZECHIELS CONT ADD LOT 26] Vacant Lot

S. White St.

400 & 409 W. Jefferson - [ZECHIELS ADD LOT 27 & 28] Dwelling
    Culver Hatchery
    Sims' Printing & Garden Shop

413 W. Jefferson [ZECHIELS 2ND CONT ADD LOT 79]

--- W. Jefferson [ZECHIELS 2ND ADD LOT 80] - Vacant

S Clymax Street

503 W. Jefferson [ZECHIELS 2ND ADD LOT 81]

513 W. Jefferson [ZECHIELS 2ND ADD LOT 82]

515 W. Jefferson [TR SE 330' N&S X 396' E & W] 3 A.

    Culver Produce - 1952 - 1974-? - Powers  
      1946 - Aug 21 - Buys Property - The Culver Produce Co. has bought the equipment, buildings and land where it has been doing business for som time, of Hand's Poultry farm. Ted Powers and Lester McKee are the propietors of the Culver roduce

      ?-1996, Jun - Used for Storage
      1996, jun - Removed old chichen processing Plant empty lot

    Powers Trailer Court 1958- There is the main office/mobile home with 10 additional mobile homes. It states in a sale ad there are 22 spaces

Its been advertised for the last year or so as:
    Property has been used as a mobile home park and is currently zoned R-2. The mobile home park has been grandfathered. The park's infrastructure is in poor condition. The remaining mobile homes are in poor condition. The land may best suited as a possible residential development. The property contains 2.88 acres +/-. Great location to downtown Culver and easy access to State Road 17.

?-1997, May - Mary M Powers
1997, May- 2007,Mar - Mary Powers, Bruce Powers, Reita Joan(Powers) Farmer
2007,Mar - Tammy L Arnett, Mitchell T Farmer Connie G Golden Michael D Farmer & Reita Joan Farmer

Tenants have receieved a notice to vacate the property
    A Culver mobile home park is dissolving after the landlord sent tenants a letter explaining that they couldnít maintain the property and have asked residents to move out by the 10th (Nov 2018).... Residents are mad because they say a 30 day notice isnít enough to pack up their entire lives.... At the Culver Mobile Home Park, some homes have been in place for decades, so it came as a shock that the landlord told tenants it was time to go.... Residents say some homes have been there too long, so they canít be moved and are owned by the tenant. But if they donít move, theyíre receiving threats.... ďIf weíre not out of here by the 10th, sheís going to turn off our water, stop the garbage,".... According to Indiana Code 32-31-5-6 unless the landlord has a judicial order, they canít shut off essential services like water. But because tenants signed a lease agreement, according to Easterday Houin LLP, a local law office, these people are living on a month to month status, so terminating the agreement in 30 days is completely within the landlordís legal ability. It also doesn't help that many are behind on rent payments.

    Razing of the remaining trailers and clean-up has began the about Apr 4, 2019.

__ Jefferson farm Land -
10.91 [S 32RDS W 1/2 SE EX 3A NE COR & EX] acres
8.74 [W1/2 N 26.66A N1/3 NE EX ]Acres
    bordered by Jefferson to the north, St. Rd. 17 to the West & Mill St. to the south
      Everret E. & Catherine M. Easterday - 1989  
      1st National Bank Monterey - 1995 
      Jd One Jd Two Inc 10.910A & 8.74- 1995-2010  

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