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Lakeshore Drive, State Street to Curve  

I have placed the early history of the area between Lakeview Street and Helen Street (Forest Place) which was known as "near the depot"; "one block west of the depot" and "opposite the depot" during the very early years of developement, Sanborn Fire maps, plat maps andinteresting facts of lake Shore Dr. aka Toner Avenue onto a separate page.

State Street & Lakeshore Drive

508 State Street - Culver Fire Station

State Street

This section in esessence depending the way one looks upon it could be classified as lake area there are 2 residences there besides the kreuzberger saloon which was and is considered lakefront property
311 N. State St.

307 N. state street

303 N State st. - Private Residence - Kreuzberger's Park and Saloon "The Brick"

N. State St. - Boat house with top cement deck
    The boathouse was a part of the Kreuzberger property at one time. Kreuzberger Park encompased the whole area of State Street, up to lake Shore Dr., over to what is now coolidge Court and the whole west end of washington Street to the lake.

610 Lakeshore Dr. Culver Fire Department Parking

The next two addresses sit behind Culver Fire Department Parking and behind the theater.

603-613 Pearl Street - Jan. 2001 - 2009 - Beachview Town Houses

617 Pearl St. - Happy Hour Hotel / Williams Apartments Pearl St. Apartment Complex

1955 ? Parkview Trailer Haven - CLyde L Shively
    Was there into the 1960's

A 1970's view

612 Lakeshore Dr.

615 Lake Shore Dr. 1984-present - Culver Depot and home of the Lions Club.

In an interview that Jeff Kenney and I was on with George Franz on 9 June 2007 he related that the hill in front of the depot was at one time known as 'Pregnant Hill' - any other comments? (I jdare just you!) Is it a natural hill or man made by the railroad? This is supposingly where the station master house sat and was moved to Lake St. and became the residence of Arthur Simpson

Crystal Speed Wash - in Depot In 1959 the first coin operated laundry may came to Culver; Crystal Speed Wash and Leora Jean Porter of Peru waiting room area of the depot was transformed into a Laundry mat he was killed in an auto accident April 1964 and was a summer resident of Peru Court.

1965 - Feb 4 an ad proclaims that it is under new management - Mrs. and Mrs. Dean Jones, Owners; and they retained it until the mid 1970's when they then moved to Kewanna

Down on the access road to the park area on the west side over looking the lake was a little shack or cabin it was almost directly in front of the depot was the Anderson Boat and Bait Shop ran by William W. Anderson.

614 - Vacant

614 & 616 - By the 1924 & 1937 Sanborn map there is defintely an small store front area within this building and each are clearly labeled "S"

616 Lake Shore Dr. - c 1936-1939 Local "Bookie" Place Eli Kaplan

1937 - Jul 28 - Recreation Room Opens For Business Today - A new business is opening its doors today. It is "The Club", a recreation room opposite the depot, and will be operated by Donald Alexander. The building, which is owned by Arthur Simpson, has been completely renocated and redecorated.
    1938 - Jan 12 - One Buisness Closes And Another Opens - The recreation room operated for the past few week by Donald Alexander was closed last week and Mrs. Martha Hickman has opened a sandwich shop in the some location, which is on South Main street near the Culver Sheet metal works.

- 620 Lakeshore Dr. Lakehouse Grille (aka Edgewater); which takes in 4 former business lots

624 Lake Shore Dr. - Brockey's Insurance

634 Lake Shore Dr. - 21 Aug. 2003-? - Culver Coffee Company Inc./Culver Coffee House Sanim Properties LLC and takes in former buisness buliding of Bea (Price) Stephenson says this was the location of Dave & Jim Hall's dad's place for fishing license and equipment ... Dr.

640 Lake Shore Dr. - Bennett's Contracting, LLC

This picture is Lake Shore Dr. looking west in 1968. The building in the foreground in the Enco full Service filling station (Lakeshore Garage, a thing of the past today) managed by Alvin R. McKee, the building was leased by Wayne Hittle (mayor of Rochester) and was owned by east sider Oscar Perrine of Indianapolis. The next building is Bennett's plumbing and the top of the building in the very back of the picture is the Coffee Shop and apartment above owned and ran by Pearl Onesti.

Liberty St. & Pearl St.

419 LIBERTY ST - residential
1930 July 28 `- Culver will soon have the chance to join the nation in the latest popular game, miniature golf, for a course is now being constructed on the corner of Pearl and Liberty streets by Harold Stephenson. ad on July 30th states to open Aug. 2

1955 -? - Shively Trailer Park
    1965 - Tiny Beauty Shop - Located shively Trailer park

    It was said that a party bought it which was during the 1980's because a close by business was interested in procuring it to expanded it into a parking and storage area for their business. This party had the modular installed on to the property.

This inquiry came today (25 July 2007 - it has some interesting details - and some memory twisters for someone:

    I lived on Liberty St. in Culver in 1936-37, and would like to find out several things about that time, if you can give me any help or suggestions:

    How can I find out the businesses that were on Lake Shore Drive near the corner of Liberty Street? There was a grocery and a movie theater that I do remember, but not their names...

    My mother entered my kid sister, then 6 yrs old, in some sort of kids parade costume. She dressed her like a nurse pushing a baby carriage marked Dione Quintuplets and in the carriage were 5 little turtles with the Quints names on there backs. Any idea what that event was?.....

    Judi, thanks for any help. -

    Judi, a million thank yous, I found Loudons Groceries and a pic of the movie house. As a young man wanting to make some money, and since that theater did not sell popcorn, I popped a big bag at home(only 3 blocks away), buttered it, got some small paper Bags and went down to stand in front of the theater, waiting for customers.

    I only sold TWO small bags.

    End of that business!

    One other reminiscence. I and my friend Lamar Waite used to wait until dark, go down to the pier at the park, dive in, swim to the Academy boat pier, rest, and swim back! - - Jack Fenimore

Liberty St.

700 Lake shore Dr.- 26 Jun 2001-2015 Osborns Mini Mart/Maxinkukee Ent. Inc; B & R Oil IMP on leased land.

These photos show where the Colonade was located in respect to the Vandalia Depot burned on April 21, 1900
and where the depot was located on Lake Shore - drive (taken after the depot burned on January 12, 1920; placing the depot at approximately between Liberty Street and Forest Place

This photo shows the beloved Weeping Mulberry tree today, this also helps gives perspective as to where the depot original sat.

Forrest Place

Forrest Place & Lake Shore - on the 1922 plat map name is given as 'Helen'

    Forest Place Historic District (added 2000 - District - #00000671)
    Also known as 099-143-53000
    Forest Place, bet. College Ave. and Lake Shore Dr., Culver
    Historic Significance: Architecture/Engineering Architect, builder, or engineer: Stahl, Albert, Burns, David
    Architectural Style: Bungalow/Craftsman
    Area of Significance: Architecture
    Period of Significance: 1900-1924, 1925-1949
    Owner: Private
    Historic Function: Domestic
    Historic Sub-function: Single Dwelling
    Current Function: Domestic
    Current Sub-function: Single Dwelling

802 Lake Shore Dr. Fritz Nehnevay

808 Lake Shore Dr. J. Patrick Thomas

820 Lake Shore Dr. A A Jr & Julie Ann Brooks

Culver Town Park & Beach Lodge

Indian Trails formerly Lakeview Club, Lake View Hotel and a part of the Vandalia Park

The area from Bradley's to Academy drive was also known as "Bunker hill" in the olden days.

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