Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

History of Lakeshore Drive From curve to State Road 10 and 17  

I have placed the early history, Sanborn Fire maps, plat maps and interesting facts of lake Shore Dr. aka Toner Avenue onto a seperate page.

1891 - The road (which is now Lake Shore dr. ) was not opened up to North until this year - it was done by the railroad -

    The expenditure of ...over the previous year includes costs of litigation as follows:..; over opening roadway north of station at Marmont $567.25 - pgs. 38-40 Fourth-Fourth Annual Report of the President and Directors of the Terre Haute and Indianapolis Rail Road Company to the Stockholders for the Year Ending November 30 1891 By Terre Haute & Indianapolis Railroad Company

This is just a rough beginning of this listings. With no addresses in the early years just the street name it is hard to place them correct - if you remember won't you help?

Of an interesting note the area was also called 'Dillon Hill" found in an "Do You Rememeber way Back when? column was:
    The Dillon hill on which Oscar Keller was killed three weeks ago was the scene of another accident on Thursday Mr. and Mrs. L. c. dillon were returning hom from town in a buggy drawn by their old and trusted family horse when the horse bolted at a pile of cinders at the roadside. Mr. Dillon sustained a complete frature of both bones of the left leg about four inches above the ankle. Mrs. Dillon was held in the vechile by the raised top and suffered only bruises and shock.

This area in years back was referred to as "Bunker Hill"- David Burns always called it that and said that it was named such as the Vandalia Trains filled up there.

824 N Lake Shore Dr. - Original Root Beer Stand / Mark S. & Rebecca A. Damore, Douglas Phillip/Catherine

Odd Numbers are on the west side and even on the east side.




820 LAKESHORE DR (Listed under Papa's) - parking area

824 N Lakeshore - Papa's

830 N. Lakeshore - Inn by the Lake

___ Lake Shore Dr. "Bunker Hill"
    This was originally railroad property

    Fenced in 8 by 10 area for Satalite Dishes & utilty Shed, 1992 variosus other cable companies before them started out as Triax.

    The water tower was possibly installed in late 1960's early 1970's and the utilty shed was noted be been built in 1985

College Avenue

This is where College Avenue T's into Lake Shore Dr.

One must remember that the area above College avenue was farm land until the late 1950's when developement was started the east portion belonging last to the Dillon Family Arthur J. & Dollis (Zechiel) Dillon, Arthur J. & Mildred Dillon and Lewis Cass Dillon which before him belonged to his father-in-law James Duddleson; the western portion over to School Street and Tamarack Road belonged to the Houghton family. The area north of what is now Academy Drive then Indiana Avenue was also farm land it mostly belonged to Lewis C. Dillon also except for a "triangle that belonged to th Bogardus family they had purchased the ground and area around the original Isaac N. Morris homestead.

The only buildings within this area from about 1957-1960/1962 were The Lakeshore Clinic (1955), Culver Dental Clinic (1957/8), Leroy D. & R. Elizabaeth Davis residence (1959) [DILLON 2ND ADD LOT 5 L] this is at the corner of Academy Drive and Forest Place, Oscar Wesson Vet Clinic (1958), Winklers Automotive, and commerical building at the corner of St. Rd. 10 & 17 (1970's)

901 Lake Shore Dr. - [DILLON ADD E 64 1/4' LOT 2 ]

905 Lake Shore Dr. [DILLON 2ND ADD LOT 15 TR LND 120 N & S ]

Baker Street

It is a 'T' street and intersect with Lake Shore Dr. in the middle of the property of 905 Lake Shore Dr.


912 LAKESHORE DR [TR 50' X 11' 260.8' S 40' E CEN SEC ]

914 LAKESHORE DR [TR 50' N & SLY X 115' E & W 210.8' S 40'E / 40' E 160.8' S CEN SEC COR TH S 50' ]

922 LAKE SHORE DR [ PRT SE1/4 NW COR SD 1/4 N89-46-42 ]
    544 Lake Shore Dr. - ?-1952 Winfield W. Behmer was listed at this address he was a brother to Mrs. Chauncey (Ruth Behmer) Lennen His radio business was directly behind the house and a drive off of Academy Road was the access point to it.

    909 Academy Rd. - Empty Lot - 2005-2015 - Jd-One Jd-Two Inc
      ?-1952-2003, Oct. Winfield W. Behmer
        1948-1952-? - Behmer Radio Service ; Winfield also done piano tuning and was an excellent pianist he did not need any music and he could play any type from ragtime to honkeytonk to classical.
          1948 - Jun 23 - Notice I have moved my radio shop to my residence at the corner of Lake Shore Drive and Academy Road, where I have complete drive-in facilities for serving auto radios - Windield Behmer.

          Radio Service - COmplete technical informaton on practically all makes of radios. Phone 254-W, Winfield Behmer

        1962-? - Yeazel Tv & Radio Service
          1962 - Oct 24 - Bob Yeazel Opens TV and Radio Repair Shop On Academy Road
          Bob (Wayne) Yeazel has opened a TV and Radio repair shop in the building formerly occupied by the Behmer Radio Service, located on Academy Road.

          Mr. Yeazel started his career in electronic service. He has been service manager for several reputable dealers and distributors, lie has serviced color television sets since they were offered to the public, and has specialized in color TV since 1957. He also has received all the top awards from R.C.A. that, can be given to a service repairman.

          Mr. Yeazel has lived in Culver for 15 years. He is the father of five daughters and one son. He will he looking forward to meeting Culver residents at his new location on Academy Road.

          As found states they were at 915 S. Plymouth Street opening for business around 27 April 1955.

        ?- 1997. Aug. Chauncey and Ruth (Behmer) Lennen

        2003-2005 - CBB PROPERTIES LLC
        ?-2016,Dec - Donald L. S. Burk

        2016,Dec - John Norgren

      909 LAKESHORE DR [DILLONS 2ND ADD LOT 16] -The old residenece has been torn down the week of the 22 Jul 2013, it had been under the process of being gutted since 19 Jul 2013; a new residence was built in 2014

      921 N Lake Shore Dr - Vacant since about Sep. 2015

        This inquiry came today (25 July 2007 - it has some interesting details - and some memory twisters for someone:

          At that time Academy Road was the end of any housing to the north, and there was a big field and hill there . I used to fly a boc kite there, and tied a camera to it to take aerial photographs! I won the camera selling magazine subscription to the big homes on the east side of Lake Maxinkuckee.

          That started my interest in photography which became my life's work, including directing a film in Hollywood for Howard Hughes Co. that was nominated for an Academy Award!

          When was the area above Academy Road developed?....
            It started around 1958 when Dr. Oscar Wesson built his home and vetinary clinic an when Henry Winkler built his automotive repair shop out on St. Rd. 10 west of Lake Shore Dr. then St. Rd. 17.

          Also, any way to see anything of the Black Horse Troop?

          Judi, thanks for any help. - ... Jack Fenimore

        East Academy Dr. / East Academy Road (Aka Indiana Avenue)

        1915-1919 - Academy Road -

        1924 - Apr 23 - Railroad to Install New Crossing Signal - The crossing signal which is located on the Academy roard willbe changed in the newar future according to word which Agent W. T. Parish has received from heaquarters. The new signal will consist of two lights which will light alternaterly, giving the appearance of a swinging arm at night. Thi simporvement will be welcomed by local people since the old signal could not alway be relied upon inasmuch as it was allowed to burn at sometimes when there were no trains in sight.

        1924 - Nov. 12 - Academy ROad Gets A General Overhaulinf - The Academy road, beginning where the pavement stops on Bunger Hill and continuing around the Academy, is receiving a general overhauling this weel. A new coat of crushed rock is bing placed and a coat of asphalt will be administered. Other minor repairs will be made.

        By the 1948 plat map College Avenue went straight through from School Street to Lake Shore Dr. (St. Rd. 17) and Academy Drive only existed east of Lake Shore Drive (AKA State Road 17).

        1919 - June 22 - Extend Water Main - Work on the ectension of the water main from College Avnue to the Academy Road via Baker street was initiated this week. The extension will provide water service for the new dweilling along the Academy ROad.

        1936 - Corwin's Yesterdays from Florence Morris: "Nearly every one calls that street 'Faculty Row', but the recorded name of the styreet on the plat is Indiana Avenue.

        The expansion of Academy Drive on the East side of ST. Rd. 17/Lakeshore Drive probably began as early as - or earlier than 1947 - this is found in the Culver Citizen; One account of expanison and moving of houses is:
          1947 - December 3 Work has started on moving houses at C. M. A. for expansion program.

        Some of the lakefront houses on the Academy campus was moved up along Arcademy Drive then Indiana Avenue and in the subdivision on the east side of Lakehore Drive which was Dillon property and acquired by the academy from the family at an unkown date.

        1950 - Jan 11 - Lions Place Oder for First Fifty Street Markers... It has been definitely decidd that what was known as Indiana Avenue will be names Academy Road...

        The July 1952 Indiana Bell Telephone Directory - Academy Drive was still under its old name "Indiana Avenue"; as the peoples addresses were still as such in it. But the Citizen was using the name "Academy Road as early as Mar, 28, 1951 when the A. L. Donnelly's would start construction of their new home at 920 E AcademyRd.

        1951 - Jul 25 - Final plans for the Sweage plant was being finalized mentioned was the Culver Military Academy, North Terrace and the Maxinkuckee Inn... the Acdademy will build a main sewer to connect at the railroad.

        1959 - Oct 21 - Highway Detour Through Town - Entrance to town at the north city limits on ROt 17 near Academy Road was impossible today because of street repairs and ecxcavation. Morotists who didn't beliece the detour sign at 10 and 17 had to use the bumpy and dusty new stree through the new residential addition.

        1962 - New Flasher light has been Indtalled at the intersetion of North Shore Drive and Academy Road. The light is set so the Lake Shore Drive Traffice faces a caution signal and the traffic on Acedemy Road faces a complete stop signal. The light was needed at this location as it is a hazardous intersetion

        I am almost sure that North Shore Drive and N. Shore Ln. are one in same - why I have inserted a photo - and as it seems an unlikely place for a flashing signal light N Shore intersects as a "T-road" with Academy Dr. in the Eppley Auditorium area. Tho arnother distription is found - indicatinfg it is accutally " East Academy Drive"
          1951 - Oct 3 - Announces Plans for Numbering Systen to Identify Lake Homes... The North Shore drive starts at the intersection of Indiana Avenue or Acadeny Road and State Road 17 continuing across the Railroad, past Logansport gate aroung the Academy to the intersection of State ROad 10 and 117. Note: St Rd 17 is now N. Lakeshore Dr.

        West Academy Road

        Academy Road west of Lakeshore Dr. did not exist until after 1958-1960; there had to be some semblance of a road, alley and for entrance into the 2 clinic buildings
          1958 - June 18 Heavy rains cause the collapse of the new Culver Dental Clinic

          1960 - Jan. 6 - Jack Kowatch, local build contractor, built the Dr. Frank Ikirt osteopathic clinic at Lake Shore Drive in record time at Lake Shore Drive. The handsome office building ready for occupancy just 46 days after Dr. Ikirt acquired the lot that location near Academy Rd. - Culver Citizen

        715 E Academy Drive the Leroy the Davis family had built what is believed to be the first home built in this addition

        Also the 1956 plat map Academy Drive only existed the length of the Leonard Hoffman's property and east of Lake Shore Drive (AKA State Road 17).

        To the west which began about 1957-1959 when the subdivision was plated out (Maxinkuckee Highlands) from the Lakeshore Clinic north to School Street/Tamarack Road; this was all Dillon and Houghton farm ground. The Culver Animal Clinc (1958) and Winkler's Automotive; the Lakeshore Clinic (1959) and the Dental office (1958) were among the first building there - among one of the first houses was the Davis property at the corner of Forrest and Academy Drive. Advertising for homes to be built began as early as April 1, 1961. Charles and Harry Edgington (son & father) were listed as contact persons.

        1961- Jan 18 - The commissioners gave preliminary approval to plans for a new subdivision, known as Maxinkuckee Higlands, and located in the area bounded by Indiana 10, Old 17, Academy Road and State Stree. The Thirty-acre plot could contain about nintey residential lots, as well as a small business district. Ther area is being developed by Maxinkuckee Developers, Inc. a local firm

        By the May 6, 1964 citizen the area was annexed in accordingly
          An agreement betwen the owners of Maxinkuckee Highlands addition was signed by the board. The area will be annexed into the Town of Culver under these conditions: The owners are to lay all storm and sewage and water lines in the addition. Sewers are to be large enough to adequately take care of surface water and seweage.

        820 Academy Drive - Jun 2006 - 2009 Culver Educational Foundation

        806 Academy Drive - Culver Educational Foundation - Accounting

        West Terrace

        West Terrace Subdivision is the part of the area between Academy drive, Lake Shore Dr. (St. Rd. 17), St. Rd. 10 West and the Academy grounds; on the east.

        This area was developed probably as early as 1957-1959 when the Epley Auditorium was being constructed. The Dillon family owned it and I remember it being a just a farm field. What really was grown in it I can not remember. I have vague vision of my father standing in a wagon - possibly hay, as you could look out the living room windows of the little white house on the northwest corner and see the area.

        This where some of the houses that were on the academy campus lakefront were moved to they came from the area in and around the Eppley Auditorium and Culver Inn (now the Huffington Library today) and the Culver Inn Motel. This began probably as early as 1947 and continued on and off as the academy expanded this general area of the campus during those years; another major move of houses located on the campus occured during the years 1957-1958 when the Epley Auditorium was constructed. After that the remaining houses of the subdivision over the years have been built.

        Maxinkuckee Highland

        Part of this area above Academy Drive between St. Rd. 10, Lake Shore Dr. (St. Rd. 17) and School Street is labeled as Maxinkuckee Highlands; this page is made up of mainly map sections of this area and past ownership as shown by the plat maps. This area is a mixture os residential and commerical today.

        The history of this area did not exist until it began to start slowly in the 1960's it was I believe was intended and plated out to be a mainly housing subdivision.
          Broad Annexes Dillon Property, Other Business
            The Town Board, meeting in regular session on Monday night, waived second and third reading, and passed Ordinance No. 191 which annexes Maxinkuckee Highlands 2nd Addition, a residential subdivision.
            The annexation is in response to a petition by Judson and Dollis Dillon, owners of the property which consists of about 3.1 acres and nine lots. No other property owners were affected.
          The annexation will become effective upon two publication...THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 1965

        The 1970's and 1980's seen the change to include the combination of commercial uses.

        1001 N Lake Shore Dr. - Culver Dental Clinic

        Natural Gas Sub-Station

          2015 - Within the past year (2015) complaints had been filed with town officals about this being an "eyesore" of the community and town - they seem to forget that when the plant was built as an electric substation in 1927/1928 this area was not within the town corporate limits and was still farmland.

        --- N. Lake Shore Dr. - Vacant Lot 2.53 acres -




        1049 N. Lakeshore Dr. - First bank Monterey 1993 - ?

        10 E FLEET PKY [WEST TERRACE SUB LOT 5 ] borders Lake Shore Dr.

        11 E FLEET PKY [WEST TERRACE SUB LOT 8 ] borders Lake Shore Dr.

        1105 Lake Shore Dr. - Park n Shop


        1111 Lake Shore Dr. - Culver Animal Hospital


        ___ St Rd. 10 [LOT 13 WEST TERRACE SUB EX PRT TO ROAD CUT STATE OF IN ] Vacant Lot borders Lake Shore dr. & St Rd 10

        State Road 10 & 17

        In November 1920, the State Highway Commission announced plans for a new East-West Highway, State Road #50 (State Road 10 today) from Warsaw to Demotte. This became feasible after the drainage of wetlands, especially old Lake Manitou extending to the west of Culver. It was completed in 1929.

        Early references as to a name has been found in an abstract as the "Plymouth-Winamac Road" for State Road 17; it was renamed such some time after 1926 as the the route was an east west from from Ligonier to the Ohio State Line and renamed St. Rd. 6 in 1926. The The Apr. 6, 1932 Citizen proclaims "Culver-Logan Road Now State Road 17".

        This area was refered to as 'Dillon's Corner' for years it is the intersection of St. Rd. 10 (east & west) and St. Rd. 17 (north & south). The history of the dillon propery.

        This was where Bryce Bigley during the summer months had his fruit and vegetable stand and billboards were prevelant at 1125 A & B N Lakeshore Dr Jamison Package liquor. He empolyeed High School and college girls to run the stand one of whom I remember being Nancy Franz; besides himself and his wife Ann. On the Dillon acerage he grew sweet corn and then turnips and when they were ready to be pulled we were allowed to pull what mom wanted to use; they were basically used as a fall/winter crop for fertilizer. Mom would peel them and cook them with what remained on the ham bone.

        1963 - Jan 22 - Flasher Signal To Be Erected At Roads 17 and 10
          The Indiana State Highway Commission recently approved the second phase of its $18,000,000 safer highways campaign, calling for additional highway resurfacing and modernized signs and signals.

          As part of the 1964 traffic improvement program, a flasher signal will be erected at the intersection of highways 17 and 10 (east junction). A flasher or some sort of electric traffic signal has been needed at this intersection for sometime due to the heavy traffic which exists between Culver and the Academy and points north

        But this depicts the southwest corner in the background with the billboards; where the Liquor store is now located. The chevy belonged to my mom's sister or father the kids are Judith Elaine (McKee) Burns and Stephen Michael McKee- so this was about 1958. This was snitched from my mom's sisters collection - I would love to know if she took more outside and if you could see more of the area but I will never know.

        South Side St. Rd. 10

        1125A & B - Jamieson's Town and Country Liquors

        Above the way it was before 1957-1958. In the background is a view of the Dillion property on the south side of State Road 10 where the Culver Storage Units, the now 18571 St. Rd. 17/ Max's Playhouse The houses on the horizon is college Avenue homes.

        ...THANKS for the memories...

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