Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

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On the 5th day of August, 1886, Albert D. Toner
    On the 2ist day of December, 1886, the following explanation and acknowledgment were filed for record in the recorder's office of Marshall county:

    "I herewith file for record the annexed plat as an addition to the Vandalia addition to the town of Uniontown, Marshall county, Indiana, known as A. D. Toner's addition to said Vandalia addition to the town of Uniontown aforesaid, said addition being laid out of lots No. 3, 4 and 5 of school subdivision of sec- tion 16, township 32, range one (i) east, commencing at _ the northwest corner of said lot No. 3, said additions being divided as shown on plat, in thirteen lots, and numbered from one to thirteen inclusive, and also eleven out lots numbered from one to eleven inclusive. The length and breadth of said lots being indicated by figures on said plat; also the width of all streets and alleys are so indicated, except from this plat out lots No. 2, 7, 8 10 and 11.

    Witness 'Our' hand and seal this 5th day of August, A. D. 1 886. Albert D. Toner.

1926 - May 5 - Scott Street and Toner Avenue were made into one and the name was made Lake Shore Drive.

Toner Avenue aka Lake Shore Dr. History, Maps

Lake Shore Drive - Main Street - State Street

Lake Shore Drive State Street to Curve (Root Beer Stand

Lake Shore Drive - North (This includes area between Lake Shore Dr.; St. Rd. 10


A & R Motors

Abad & Epley Realty

Adler's Mini Mart

Alford's IGA

Anderson Boat and Bait Shop

William W. Anderson Anderson Boat Livery

A & W Root Beer Stand


Brewer Building

Beaber Saloon

B & B Service Station

Back Door Botique

Bick Flicks

Daniel A. and Margaret J. (McNutt) Bradley

Edwin J. Bradley

Ralph W. Braun

Beachview Town houses

Bennett's Plumbing and Heating Contractor

Bennett's Contracting, LLC.

The Bike Barn

Dr. Bieker's dentist

Binkley Real Estate

Bonded Gasoline

Businesses of 1952

Brockey Ins

Bonine-Odom Funeral Home

Bonine Funeral Home


Cactus Charlie’s

Charley's Lake Shore Garage

Chicago Motor Club AAA Service Station

City Tavern

CJ's Country Clutter

Coffee Shop

Colonnade Hotel

Crystal Coin Laundry

Culver Animal Hospital

Culver Educational Foundation -Accounting

Culver Clinic

Culver Coffee Company Inc./Culver Coffee House

Culver Dental Clinic

Culver Fire Department Parking.

Culver Lodge

Culver Theater

Culver Town Park

Claude H. 'Cary' H. & Kathryn Elnora 'Katie' (Ewald) Cummins

614 Clara's Restaurant - Clara E. Hansen

Cummins Apartment Building.

Culver Bed & Breakfast - 203 Lake Shore Dr.


Depot Renovation

Mary A. (Banks) Dewitt


. Early businesses

Eby's Root Beer Stand

618 Lake Shore Dr. - Edgewater Grill

El Rancho Theater, 612 Lakeshore Dr.

Hoosier Pete / Enco Service Station

Enco aka Lake Shore Garage Fire, 31 Jan. 1972

Clarence W. Epley

EpleyTown & Country Package Liquor Inc


Jack Fenmore

415 Lake Shore Dr. Fire

Frosty Cream

David Feagler, Attorney



House Numbers

Hair kare

614 Clara's Restaurant - Clara E. Hansen

Hair kare

Harbor Condo Office

Hayes Restaurant - Hayes Block

Hayes & Son Livery

Dr. George F. Henricks dentist

Evert & Sadie (Carter) Hoesel

Hole-in-one Donuts & Silk Bouque

Omer Roy Hook

Howlett Motors


Indiana Bell Telephone Company

Inn by the Lake

J & M


Jamieson's Town and Country Liquors

Johnson Hotel

"Deb" Jordon

Julie Mae's Dairy Delight


Keen Brothers Photograph Studio

Kowatch Painters, Decorators, Plumbing & Heating


Lake SHore Dr. HIstory

Lake SHore Barbecue

LakeShore Drive Paving

Lake Realty

Lakeside Grocery Store

Lake Side Hotel

Lakeshore Clinic -

LakeShore Garage

Lakeshore Garage Burns

Lake Shore Recreational Hall

Lake Shore Lanes

Lakeview Tavern

Liberty Theater

T. G. Louden


Maxinkuckee Highlands.

My Memories of the Station Years - 700 Lake Shore Dr.

D. W. Miller Livery & Feed

'Bob' Robert E. & 'Katie' Kathyrn (Triplet) May

Maxinkuckee Tour boat

Mc Clure Ford Sales

A. R. McKesson

Mc Kinnis Rexall Drugs

Monterey Bank

Mr. T's

Mirar Custom Homes & Renovations


415 Lake Shore Dr. multi business use

802 Lake Shore Dr. - Fritz Nehnevay

Neidlinger Bowling Alley

Donald R. "Don" & Julie Mae


Original Root Beer Stand

700 Lake Shore Dr. -Osborns Mini Mart

Clifford Overmyer

Odom Funeral Home


Palace Theater

Palms Theater


Park Cafe hotel and eatery - Avery

Park n Shop

617 Pearl St. - Happy Hour Hotel/Pearl St. Apartment Complex

PennsylvaniaRailroad Depot

Poppe's Appliance Store - Al & Ellen Poppe

Pennsylvania or the Vandalia Railroad Depot Pictures



Renfrows Rock n Roll Cafe

Ride On Bike Rentals

RO-AL Corporation - "Chuck" Charles E. & Alyce E. Robeson

Chuck Robeson Associate - "Chuck" Charles E. & Alyce E. Robeson


John& June Sage

Sages Insurance

Allen A. & Georgette Samuelson

Arthur Schweidler

Joe Schweidler

Scout cabin

Shirt on You

Shively Apartment Building

Clyde & Genevieve (Warner) Shivley

Shively Specialty Shop

Shively's Appliance Store - Dan Shively

F G Solomon's merchandise store - theory

Bryon Spangler

St. Mary's Church

Stealy's Town and Country Package Liquor Inc.

Bryon H. and June (Mc Lane) Studebaker

Swirly Top Ice Cream parlor

Carl Steely

Jill (Coit) steely)


808 Lake Shore Dr. J. Patrick Thomas

Albert D. Toner


Uptown Cinema

Uptown Shop


VanGuilder Funeral Home (AKA O T Goss residence)

Pennsylvania or the Vandalia Railroad Depot Pictures

Vandalia Railroad Depot

Van Horn Ford

Village Beauty Shoppe

Village Lodge


West Terrace subdivision West Terrace

Walker's Studio

Thomas K. Walker

Margaret Washburn

WCMA Radio Station

Oscar R. Wesson & Lovina Emily (Newman) Wesson

Wicker Ford Sales

Wolford Building, Wolford Saloon, Wolfrod Restaurant




Jerome "Zeke" Zechiel

820 Lake Shore Dr. Penny S. Ziegler