Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

East side of Main Street  

I wrote this up for Jeff Kenney for the library site - and I have expanded it some since I wrote it originally. I will try and do more with it - Do you remember the businesses of downtown Culver, the years, etc. - Can you expand upon this listing? If so e-mail me -

At least this is a start - Another part of history to be recorded slowly as I work on finishing the lake part up - It will be an ever changing page - why? because of a kids memory of the 1960's - to what it was in the 1970's, 1980's, 1990's, 2000's - then you mix in the past and try and re-create - what was - and is now and try to make an accurate record of history for Main Street Culver (an impossible task - maybe?)!

This is just a rough beginning of this listings. With no physical addresses for the early years just the street name it is hard to place them correct - if you remember won't you help?

NOW that is a challenge I present to everyone!

Main St. Dead End to Lakeshore Dr.

(Lakeshore aka Scott Street 1906-abt 1937)

421 N Main St. [VANDALIA ADD OLOT 5 S1/2 EX W 100'] dwelling

406 N Main [OP LOT 19]

104 E. Lakeshore [OP LOT 20 & 21] Odom Funeral Home






Lakeshore Dr. to Cass

(Lakeshore aka Scott Street 1906-abt 1937)

103 Lakeshore Dr.

306 Main St. [OP LOT 22 S 7' & OP LOT 23 EX S 7' ]  






Cass Street

220 N. Main [OP LOT 25 EX TR SW COR 33.79' N&S 56' ] - JD ONE JD TWO INC empty lot - empty lot - 

216 N. Main [OP LOT 25:BEG SW COR N 33.79' E PAR S] 

    Vacant 1906, 1914 (as part of lot 220 N. Main)
    residence - 1924-1937 (as part of lot 220 N. Main)
    Lemuel Crabbe's Residence ? 1940 - 1960's - ? 
    Day Care  

212 N. Main - Multi Business Rental property[LOT 26& LOT 27 EX 60' OP]

202 N. Main - [OP LOT 27 S 60' ]- Family Vision Clinic





Washington Street

The area between Washington and Jefferson during the late 1800's was refferd to as the "Cromley block"

This photo depicts the Menser building probably just a short while after it was built in 1903.

This picture picture shows the Menser building, J's & J's Dime Store, the Masonic sign over the entrance to the upstairs (where the K of P hall was and later the Culver Lions Club, doctor offices); Kelly Shop and Verl the Barber (the building was the first K of P building and the became Easterday's Funeral Home ). Also one must remember during the late 1870', 1880' 1890's and into the early 1900's into probably the World War years many of the business owner's lived above their stores in the apartments.

116-120_n_main_menser-building116_n_main.htm" target=new>116 Main - [OP LOT 28 EX S 20' & EX TR 26'E&W 41] Menser Building Miller
    Norcen Insurance Agency / Lake Maxinkuckee Enviormental Council - 2000's

114 N. Main - [20' LOT 28 OP & N4" LOT 29 OP ] - Michelle's Headquarters  

Shows the store front to J's & J'se 5 & 10 and the entrance to the upstairs of the K of P building to the masonic hall.

Starting on the left this picture shows part of the K of P building, which housed the Kelly Shop when it was taken; next was Verl the Barber; Back Door boutique; Kline’s the Marathon Station; and part of the Wickizer Building that housed the Culver news Agency.

K of P Building Building ; 110 & 112 N. Main

110 N. Main- [OP LOT 29:PRT LOT 29 BEG 4 S NW COR EX] after about 1990

108 N. Main - [COM SW COR LOT 29 OP TH N 25.66' E25] - -

Easterday's & Gretters May 14 1958 - Citizen

104 N. Main [OP LOT 30 EX W 15] JD-ONE JD-TWO INC Empty lot  

    The Farmers Market was held here until it was moved to the northwest corner of W. Jefferson & Ohio St.

Culver downtown 1968, this was taken during Art fishburns 'last ride' on the fire truck. In the lower right hand corner is Kline's and the telephone booth that sat on the corner; the lower left is the State Exchange Bank and in the upper left at the corner of Main & Washington is the Standard 'full service' gas station

Starting at the right - would be the Cafe (Klines) Rectors (McKinnis & both became Klines); Gretters; the next building is the first K of P building (which became Easterday's Funeral Home and then Verl the Barber); which house over the years the Loins Club, doctor offices, A & P, the Kelly Shop); the next stood empty for years which became the dime store; and the Menser building; the building under the tree is where and old faternal lodge stood it housed the Culver Citizem, the kindergarden and was razed and a gas station and tires service replaced it which later was remodeled and housed several businessess among which was the Sit n Stitch, The Entertainer and today the family Vison is today

Culver Post office (Byrd electrical Shop and the next building was the Easterday Funeral Home and Furniture Store (these to buildinges were razed and was replaced with the new K of P building; the next 3 buildings as mentioned above and crossing Jefferson is the General store building that became the Maration; the Wickizer building; an unknown build which became the Amond Building; an empty lot and the hardware and the house at 202 S. Main that was Werner's Jewler. To the right you see the bank, the Morris Boarding House which became a gas station and then Hertiage Park followed by the Osborn Block.

The southeast side of Main Street as pictured in 1924 is the General store building that became the Maration; the Wickizer building; an unknown build which became the Amond Building; an empty lot and the hardware and the house at 202 S. Main that was Werner's Jewler.

1960 - Jul 27 - AT 12:50 P.M. LAST FRIDAY a traffic signal light was placed in operation at the busy Sank corner intersection of Main and Jefferson Streets in downtown Culver. There was much excitement as scores of motorists innocently ignoring the new warning received a friendly word of caution from police officers Don Mikesell and Jim Cox. A crew from the Northern Indiana Public Service Company is seen placing the signal light in position. (Photo by Carl Adams Jr





Jefferson Street

102 S Main - [OP LOT 31]- Culver Military Academy Museum & Gift Shop 2 Oct 2009-, Jeff Kenney curator

108 Main - [OP LOT 32 N 39' SWLY 3' ESMT] - Wickizer's Building

pictured from the left is the Collectors and Mary's Shop in the Amond building; and the building that housed Culver Insurance, Culver citizen & Thomas Realty during the 1980's.

112 S. Main (110 & 112 S. Main) [OP LOT 32 S27 & N3 OF S 30 / S27' OF LOT 32 HOUGHTONS CIRR & AMENDED PLOT KNOW AS OP]
  • Nussbaum & Mayer store
  • Siepman Business Building
  • Mikesell Building
  • Wells / Timmons Building
  • Amond Building
  • Mackey Building

  • 114 S. Main [OP LOT 33 EX STRIP ALG S SD / LOT 33 HOUGHTON'S CORRECTED AND AMENDED PLAT EXECEPT ] The Collector's & Bear Ends Shop now

    120 Main - [OP L33 HOUGHTON'S COR AMND SW COR L33] - ?? - Robert Hollender
      E. Madison Street , this is a part of 120 S. Main now used as storage but had also been used for seperate businesses in the past







    Madison St.

    120 Madison

    S. Main

    202 S. Main [HOUGHTON COR & AMEND PLAT LOT 34 ] - Lakeside Auto

    208 S. Main [OP LOT 35 N1/2 Thos. Houghton's Amended plat] - demolished
    218 S. Main - Culver lodging Realty [OP LOT 35 S1/2]

    232 S. Main [HOUGHTON ADD LOT 36] Main Street Centre / ABCS Properties LLC - new The following were demolished that is building and the parking lot now exists on




    Marmont St.

    - to the north it was Marmont also spelled Mormont and Morment; to the south Wiseman in 1914, 1922, 1924, 1937; sometime after 1937 Wiseman Court was changed to E. Marmont.

    306 S MAIN ST [TR COM 165' E 126.5' S NW COR TH E ]dwelling

    310 S MAIN ST [N 33' TR JUST E LOT 5 ] dwelling

    314 S. Main [10 RD E 225.5' S NW COR E 6RD S 33'] dwelling

      Henry Hinkle - Jack's Taxi - 1952  

        1963 April 24 -; Mr. and Mrs. Tom K. Walker purchase Jack's Taxi business




    Clover St.

    - 1914, 1924, 1937 listed as Culver; to the south Wilson Ct.; sometime after 1937 the both names were changed to Clover St.

    316 S MAIN STS. Main dwelling

    334 & 336 S Main St




    Mill St.

    410 S. Plymouth - formerly a buisness or either auxillary railroad depot; and orginal address was Mill St. as the canopy and entrance door faced Mill

    E. Mill St. - 1979 - Cherry Villa Artisan - Dorothy C. Barnes

    404 S MAIN ST [HAWKINS ADD LOT 6] - built 1910

    1910, April 21 - Another New House

      H. F. Fetters, the barber has let the contract for a two story, nine room house, 28X28, to Henry Buckingheister. It will cost upward of $1,600 and will be located on Main Street, opposite the Evangelical Church

    Remembered owners of the house were Robert and Louise (Strang) Ott; followed by the Frank Shepherd family

    1998 Oct - Gerld R & Virgina I Thomas
    1998, Oct - 2003, Apr - James Jr. & Sandra D. Mitsch
    2003, Apr.- 2018 Oct - James A Misch Jr.
    2018, Oct - Joseph E. & Angela C. Long
    2018, Oct. - Bianchi Properties LLC


    416 S MAIN ST [HAWKINS ADD LOT 4] - Empty Lot ? 2021, Aug HAWKINS ADD LOT 4
    ? - ? HILL, ROBERT F & Hazel
    ?- 1998, Oct Gerald R & Virginia L Thomas
    1998, Oct. - 2003, Apr. James A. Jr. & Sandra D. Miitsch 2003, Apr. - 2018, Oct - Tames A. Mitsch Jr.
    ? - 2018, Oct. - Bianchi Properties LLC

    2021 TDC Property Holdings LLC - Eric J/ Guerin / Dale Wilkins & wife.

    428 S MAIN ST [HAWKINS ADD LOT 3] - residential




    Hawkins Court

    - aka Flox 1914, 1924, 1937 and sometime after 1937 was changed to Hawkins court. T's into Main St. on the west, alley on the east

    434 S MAIN ST [HAWKINS ADD W 126' LOT 1] residential

    440 S MAIN ST [DUDDLESON ADD LOT 28] - residential

    450 S MAIN ST [29 DUDDLESON'S ADD & S 1/2 LOT 1] - residential

    452 S MAIN ST Lot 2 [DUDDLESON ADD LOT 2] residential



    Winfield St.

    - T's into Main St. on the east

    504 S MAIN ST [E DUDDLESON ADD LOT 3]- residential area  

    510 S MAIN ST [DUDDLESON ADD LOT 4] - residential area  

    516 S MAIN ST [DUDDLESON ADD LOT 5] - residential area  

    522 S MAIN ST [DUDDLESON ADD LOT 6] - residential area  

    528 S MAIN ST [DUDDLESON ADD LOT 7] - residential area  

    536 S MAIN ST [DUDDLESON ADD LOT 8] - residential area  


    ? "Well's Corner" the double curve?

    Davis St.

    - T's into Main St.

    604 S MAIN ST
      1954, Jan 27 - Albert Barshes Takes Over Cities Service Station... Mr. and Mrs. Barshes are living in the apartment in the Deb Jordan home across from the service station, making it handy for night calls....

    S MAIN ST [JAMES O FERRIER'S CONT ADD LOT 2] Vacant Platted lot 

    612 S MAIN ST [FERRIERS CONT ADD LOT 3] residential area  

    662 S MAIN ST [FERRIERS CONT ADD LOT 4] residential area  

    Prado St.

    - T's into Main St. on the east



    S MAIN ST [FERRIER CON ADD EX 12' SQ NE COR LOT5] Vacant Platted lot 

    710 S MAIN ST [Lots 5-6 Ferrriers contd.] residential area  


    712 S MAIN ST [FERRIER ADD LOT 7 ] residential area  

    718 S MAIN ST [FERRIER ADD LOT 8] 1958 Culver Bible Church

      1957 - OCTOBER 23, Groundbreaking services were held Sunday afternoon at 718 South Main Street where the Culver Bible Church, with Rev. Maynard G. Tittle as pastor, will begin excavation work next week for their new church, which Will cost about $25,000.

      1958 -October 15 – First services were held last Sunday in the new Bible Church now being constructed on South Main Street.Cost is $27,000.00 and was organized in 1951 by Martin Goble and Joe Boetsma Sr. Pastor was Maynard Tittle Nov. 1952. Oct 1958 ?

    Tampa St.

    - T's into Main St. on the east

    804 S MAIN ST [FERRIERS ADD LOT 9] residential area  

    S MAIN ST [FERRIERS ADD LOT 10 ]&Vacant Platted lot 

    Lots 9-12 Ferrriers Add 

    Akron St.

    - T's into Main St.

    810 S MAIN ST [FERRIER ADD LOT 11 LEGAL ] residential area  

    816 S MAIN [FERRIER ADD LOT 12] residential area  


    St. - T's into Main St.

    908 S MAIN ST [LOT 13 REPLAT OF LOTS 13 & 14 FERRIER'S ADD] residential area  

    916 S MAIN ST [FERRIERS ADD LOT 15] residential area  

    S MAIN ST [FERRIERS ADD LOT 16 ] Vacant Platted lot 

    Wabash St.

    - T's into Main St.

    121 E WABASH ST [1/2A NW COR LOT 2:NW COR E ETC] residential area  

    1000 S MAIN ST [6RD S NW COR LOT 2 E 13.5RD S 9RD W] residential area  

    1002 S MAIN ST residential area  

    1106 S MAIN ST residential area  

    1108 S MAIN ST [1.330A 30RD S NW COR LOT 2 S 16 RD NOPP] - Culver Masonic Cemetery Trustees Of Edward Easterday

    S MAIN ST [1.150A SW COR E OF ST RD 17 - Union Twp. trustee / Old Union Twp / Culver Masonic Cemetery

    Tammarack & W. Shore Dr.

    T's into Main St. T's into Main St. from the south

    18710 Tammarack - Vcant Lot

    18938 Tamarack Rd. - Jeanette Geiselman

    ...THANKS for the memories...