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King's Routes to and Culver and Maxinkuckee Lake, Ind. 1915 

I acquired the "King's Official Route Guide - Section Five Automobile Routes of Indiana and Southern Indiana" published in 1915.

In it are routes to and from Culver , Maxinkuckee Lake.

The terminology is interesting and since maybe some of the routes, landmarks etc. are no longer of existence; I thought it would be of some historical interest to some - maybe even the bikers out there. would it not be interesting to see if you could travell part of the routes discribed?

We do know that the road from the town of Culver through the Academy has changed and became private. We also know that State Road 10 was created and built in 1929; to take the place of the road through the Academy as it existed in 1915. Here is a cropped out section of the Marshall county plat map that shows the "Old road".

Cover & Title page
Here are two ads that appeared in it for Culver :

These are the listing of routes to and from Culver , Maxinkuckee Lake; and to the Palmer House:

Indiana Map

Culver Area Map

Pg. 216 - Knox to Culver , Ind. 15.8 miles via Ober

Pg. 217 - Culver to Palmer House, Ind. .80 miles and return

Pg. 487 - Plymouth to Culver 13.7 miles

Bass lake to Culver

pg. 487-488 - Culver to Bass Lake, Ind. 9.4 miles con't.

Pg.555 - 556 - Logansport to Maxinkuckee Lake and Culver Ind. 34.7 miles via Lee's Corners, Kewanna and De Long Culver to Palmer House, Ind. .8 miles

Pg. 556-557 - 558 - Culver and Maxinkuckee Lake to Logansport, Ind. 34.7 miles via De Long, Kewanna and Lee's Corners

Pg. 567-568 - Culver to Rochester, Ind. via Maxinkuckee 20.9 miles

Pg. 568-569 - Rochester to Culver , Ind. via Maxinkuckee 20.9 miles

Pg. 611-612 - Winnemac, Ind. to Culver , 20.8 miles via Monterey