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Cottagers not a member? Why? Help support your Lake Maxinkuckee - So why not ask about a membership contact the Association's secretary at the above given link.

I am sure contributions are more than welcome for the support of the Culver Lake Patrol. As it is a totally private organization and totally and privately funded by the Lake Maxinkuckee Association. It is incorporated as a A 501(c) (3) public charity/Non-profit organization.

It is a permanent organization of cottagers and year round residents of the lake area. Its purpose is to enhance the safety of the shore roads and on the waters of the lake and to promote proper lake management and sanitation as well as other measures beneficial to all lakeside properties.

In Daniel McDonald's: An Early History of Lake Maxinkuckee (1905 Levy Bros. & Co. Inc. Indianapolis) The lake assocation article was written by T. H. Wilson Jr. pg. 51-4

The lake association was organized by the residents of Union Township, about the lake, in the summer of 1897. Much trouble had risen during the first part of that year from trespassing tramps when many of the summer homes were vacant. Also fish culture and protection, sanitary regulation as well as local improvement in roads, trees, walks and piers all called for a united action.

William T. Wilson and Thomas H. Wilson, were founders of the Lake Maxinkuckee Association

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