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Lease of Lake View Hotel 1911  

This is a four page lease from the Vandalia Railroad to John P. Walter and C. A. Shorb [Charles A. Shorb] - under the firm name Walter & Shorb.
There seems to have been a Shorb's Hotel and saloon in Warsaw about 1901-1902 it existed as early as possibly 1879.

Memorandum or Argreement between the Vandalia Railroad Company and J. P. Walter, of Culver, Indiana, and C. A. Shorb of Warsaw, Indiana transacting business at Culver, Indiana, as partners under the firm name of Walter A. Shorb:

1. The Railroad Company agreees that for the seasons beginning May 15 - 1912, and May 15 - 1913, and ending October 15 - 1912 and October 15 - 1913, respectively, Walter A. Shorb may conduct on their sole account the hotel buisness on the premises of the Railroad Company at Culver, Indiana, known as "Lake View Hotel", and for that purpose may use the present hotel building and appurtenances, and the five cottages nyumbered, respectively, One (1), Three (3), Four (4), Five (5), and Six (6), together with all the furniture and bedding now located in said hotel and cottages, an inventory of all of which personal property is hereto attached as an exhibit marked "a" and made part hereof, and for the pupose of identification is signed by the parties hereto.

2. Walter A. Shorb agree that they will carry on the hotel buisness upon the premises as reasonable as are furnished or charged by other hotels at Lake Maxinkuckee, and at expiration of the periods above mentioned will return to the Railroad Company in as good a condition as they now are, ordinary depreciation, wear and tear, and losses by fire and acts of God excepted, said hotel building and said cottages; and t the same time will return to the Railroad Company all the personal property contained in the attached inventory, except much as may have been destroyed by fire or act of God, and pay the cash value of such personal property as may not be returned.

3. Walter A. Shorb agree that they will pay in advance to the Railroad Company the sum of One Hundred and twenty-five ($125.00) Dollars at the beginning of each the above named seasons, for the privlege of conducting said hotel business, and for the use of the premises and personal property above given to
4. Walter A. Shorb agree the they will, at their sole cost and expenses, fill the ice house at the said Lake View Hotel during the winters...
..... The Railroad Company agrees the Watler & SHord may install at...const and expense, a gasoline lighting system in the hotel and cottages, but such lighting system must be of a design and so..will meet with the approval of the Superintendent of the ...department of the Railroad Company. The Railraod Company agrees...such lighting system is installed, Walter & Shorb may remove..machines, and carbureters, but not the piping, upon the espiration...agreement, and all such piping will become the property of and owned...Railraod Company.
The Railroad Company agrees that, provided its representatives and Shorb can agree upon the amount to be paid, it will transfer and sell...

to Walter & Shorb before May 15 - 1912 all linen, toiler sets, glassware, floor coverings, kitchen utensils, kitchen range, cultery and silverware, and after that such sale Walter & Shorb will, at their own expense, provide all such articles as may be needed in the operation of the hotel; further, Walter & Shord are hereby given permission to remove all such articles upon the expieration of this agreement.

10. Walter & Shorb agree that they will conduct said hotel business and use said premises in a lawful manner and will f ully indemnify and save harmless the Railroad Company from any and all loss, cost or expense on account of their failture to do so.

11. The Railroad Company at the request of Walter Shord will extend this agreement to cover the seasons of 1914 and 1915, if in the opinion of the Superintendent of the Railroad Company the hotel has been operated satisfactorily; Provided, always, however, the Railroad Comany and Walter & Shorb on or before October 15 - 1913 agree upon the amount to be paid by Walter & Shorb for those seasons, respectively.

Executed in duplicate this 12th day of December A.D. 1911.
Vandalia Railraod Company
By B. Mc Kee, General Manager
Walter & Shorb
J. P. Walter
C. A. Chord
Philip Pontius, Withesses
Corrected ? Superintendent

Approved F. T. Haick, Chief Engineer

Legal from approved J_ Holloway _ _

Inventory taken Nov. 20, 1911 of articles at the Lake View
and cottages Nos. 1,3,4,5 and 6 Culver, Indiana
Belonging to the Vandalia Railroad Company
        Bedsteads Wood 21
        Bedsteads iron 24
        Bed Mats 25
        Bed Springs 64
        Lamps, brass 32
        Lamps, side 36
        Lamps, hanging 3
        Lamps, Large Rochester 2
        Stove 4
        Copy Press 1
        Arm chair cane-seats 6
        Willow corner 1
        Chairs, bent-wood 4
        Chairs, office - wood-seat 6
        Rug, large-rectio hall 1
        Safe, Iron 1
        Andrions brase 2
        Hat rack 1
        Call bell, office 2
        hand bell 1
        counter 1
        Ticket punches 2
        cigar cutter 1
        Lamps, street 9
        Ladders, step 2
        Grindstone 1
        Cots 7
        Toilet seats 1
        Dressers 36 Mirros 1
        Lanterns 11
        Sideboard 1
        Chairs, dinning room 69
        Chairs, high 3
        Tables, pastry 1
        Tables, kitchen 6
        Washstand and mirror 1
        Mattress 57
        Pillows 119
        Blankets 92
        blanketds, damaged by rats 2
        Chairs, comon 49
        Chairs, rocker 45
        settees, wooden 9
        settees, willow 2
        Rockers, willow 12
        Rockers, cane 6
        Rockers leather-seat 1
        Rockers, cane-seat (porch) 16
        Rockers, cane-seat (porch) (bad condition) 2
        Center table, small 1
        writing-table 1
        clock, office 1
        cigar case 1
        candy case 1
        candy case, small 1
        desk, in office 1
        tables 4
        Desk cabinets 1
        seal brass 1
        tent and ples, canvas 1
        pumps, oil 1
        washstands 39
        stands 11
        benches 3
        lamps, in kitchen 2
        towell rollers 2
        tables large extension 9
        tables small side 10
        sink, in dining room 1
        screen, fancy 1
        meat block 1
        steam table and equipment 1
"Exhibit A"

        Vandalia Railroad Company
        __ thington - Supt.
        Walter & Shorb
        J. P. Walter
        C. C. Shorb

Dec, 2, 1911

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