Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

History of the Boats or Launches  

The boats or launches of Lake Maxinkuckee were a colorful part of the lakes history. They first provided most the important needed commodity - transportation from the depot to the cottages that dotted the shores of the lake.

They also provided pleasure and more so - as roads became more accessible and the advent of the car the importance dwindled down to the pleasure use.

    Historical Time line:

    1852 -  “Queen of the Lake” . . . Large Flat Bottomed Skiff, built by Isaac A. Morris.
    1874  -  “The Anna” . . . . Large Sailboat, built by W. W. Hill.
    1876  -  “The Nancy Lee” . . . Built by Capt. Ed Morris.
    1878  -  “The Victor” . . . . First Flat Bottom Sailing Craft, Steamboat
    1880 -  “The Elephant” . . . 18X20’ Sailing Craft, in cooperation building venture, built by Lake View Club membership
     -  “The Welcome” ??in 1885 renamed “The Lake Forest”??
    1883 -  “The W. R McKeen” . . . Ironclad Steamer.
    1883 -  “The Aubbeenaubbee” . . . Steamboat, two-decker
    1885  -  "Lady Forest", built by Captain Morris, a sidewheeler
     -  “The Bessie” . . .
    1884 -  “The Lloyd McSheeny” . . . Steamboat; Owner, Capt. Oliver Knapp
    1886 -  “The Peerless” . . . Steamboat; Capacity: 100 passengers; builder, Capt. Ed Morris, (Note: 1894 advertisement says: “Steamer Peerless meets 7 trains daily at Vandalia Park and carries passengers to all Hotels.”
    1895 -  “The Peerless II” . . . Steamboat built by Capt. Ed Morris . . . Sold to M. K. Lord, 1897. Remained in operation till 1915.
    1903 -  “The Doxie” . . . Steamer, built by Capt. Crook, was launched May, 1903. (Note: Announcement states: Accommodations to all cottages and persons to points around Lake Maxinkuckee.” Renamed "Helen" 1904
    1903 -  “The Neeswaugee” . . . 14X70’ 2-deck Steamboat, Capacity: 200 passengers, built by Capt. Crook. Remained in service till 1915.
    (?) -  “The Daisy” . . . Steamboat.
    1905 -  “The White Swan” . . . 30X70’ 2-deck excursion ship, builder, Capt. Crook . . . Remained in service till 1907. Prominent tourist floating dance pavilion.
    1908 / 1909 -  Charline... 30 ft Gasoline 24 hp, 4 cylinder, speed 15 mph... Capt Crook, named in honor of a granddaughter
    1938 -  “The Red Wing” Formerly on Lake Manitou, the 65-passenger, diesel powered excursion ship purchased, 1938 by Art Simpson. Renamed “The Maxinkuckee”. Later owned by Erv Thessin, Frank Amond, Phil Scruggs, Sold late ‘70’s for use, Lake Wawassee.
    1941 -  “CSS Fowler” . . . 3-Masted Square Rigger with auxiliary diesel power. Built, CMA boat shop by W. C. Craft. Named for Comdr. O.W. Fowler, director, Culver Naval School. (54X13’ ship carries 1,600 sq. ft. Sail.)
    1958 -  “CSNS Yarnell” . . . 60X131/2’ diesel powered, destroyer type ship. Built CMA Boat Shop by W. C. Craft. Named for Adm. Harry Yarnell, CNS Director.

We have been left with some irreplaceable memories of John and Bea (Rassner)Bigley of the launches. Also so those of Daniel Mc Donald.

To the right is what David Burns claims to have been a cinder from one of the Lake Maxinkuckee Steamboats of years past - the first is the front side at one angle and the second is theback side at another angle - Yeah I know a weird thing to save - hoard, oh welll...Why not?

Pictures of some of the launches that have not been identified can be found under the 'Unknown launches'. It seems that some of the launches from other area lakes or were moved back and forth between lakes:
    Capt. JEWELL has removed his steamboat from lake Manitau to lake Maxinkuckee, the transfer being made yesterday. He will probably return it when the boating season is over, if notearlier. . . . Rochester Sentinel - Saturday, August 7, 1880

1884 - Feb 6 - Indianapolis people are having a steam yacht built to place of Lake Maxinkukcee, the Nickel Plate watering place. It is about seventy feet long, and will conveniently carry eighty passengers. It will be run the comming season for the accomdation of excursinist and private picnic parties, and will, undoubtlenly, pay its owners a fat premium on their investment. It has been shipped to the lake and will b e launched as soon as the weather will permit. The Nickel Plate will run excursions regularly to this resrot next summer.

1884 - Logansport Journal February 5, 1884 - A number of Indianapolis gentlemen have had a steam yacht built to place on Lake Maxinkuckee. It is about seventy feet long, and will conveniently carry 80 passengers. It will be run the coming season for the accommodation of excursionists and private picnic parties, and will, undoubtedly, pay its owners a fat premium on their investment. It has been shipped to the lake and will be launched as if soon as the weather will permit

1884 - May 7 Destructive Gale ...two new steamers on Lake Maxinkuckee were destroyed

1888 - Jan 24 - A Chicago gentleman has made arangements to place a large steamer on Lake Maxinkuckee next season for the accommodation of pleasure seekers - Logansport Pharos Tribune

1890 - Ed Morris, of the steamer Peerless, it is understood, will build a new steamer this winter, which will probably be named "The Climax," as he does not propose that it shall be excelled.

July 13 1894 (date assumed) as headed "News From Premier of Marmont Herald" published in Citizen on Sep 5, 1928

    Two Magnificent Boats Which Are Patronized Liberally By Pleasure Seekers.

    We are pleased to inform excutsionists and others, that upon the placid waters of Maxinkuckee are run two handsome and sea-worthy steamers.

    The Peerless is under the command of Capt. Morris, a man of long experience in the steam-boat line, and who is ever on the alert to accommodate the public. This boat will carry comfortably about 100 people, and is equipped with all the modern improvements.

    We cordially recommend this boat to those who desire pleasure rides upon the lake.

    The steamer Aubbeenaubbee is under command of that famous skipper Capt. Crook, who has sailed the witters of old Lake Michigan as commander. This boat will carry easily about 200, and possesses every facility to make you comfortable. Capt. Crook has gained an enviable reputation as being a man who will do anything possible to accommodate his patrons, and enjoys a lucrative business. A high grade piano was placed upon the boat this spring and is tested daily and in the evening by passengers. The boat is owned by Mrs. R. K. Lord, the entertaining hostess at the Cottage Grove Place.

1896 - Jul 23 - Thos. Grittith recently completed the setting up of an engine in one of the steamers on Lake Maxinkuokee. Lougansport Pharos Tribune 23, Jul 1895

1900 - April - Census shows that one Oliver R. Stevens born May 1869 was a partner in a boat he was married with a family. on the next page is founf Oliver Crook and was listed as manger of a steamboat and with him in his house hold was James Smith who was captain of a steamboat - since livign within the same household one could assume that Crook was his employeer at the time. They all lived in the 1st ward which was the Scott Street area. and found in the 2nd ward of the town was one Robert F. Buckherster and Orrin J. Hudson listed in seperate housholds but both were listed as an Engineer of a steamboat.

    One Hundred and Three Students at Culver are Dismissed. A telegram from Culver says that about 100 students_have been expelled or suspended from the Culver Military Academy for sinking most of the pleasure boats, including one steamer, in Lake Maxinkuckee, on the shore of which the academy is situated, the ' sinking being a Hallowe'en prank.

    The Pharos learned today that while the students were expelled as above, stated, the cause was entirely another one. It seems that two students named Beck and Harrington were dismissed from the academy for absenting themselves from the grounds without leave.

    When they started away Wednesday evening, 103 students broke ranks and followed them to the depot, singing songs and shouting defiance to the faculty.

    Col. A. F. Fleet followed the crowd, rounded them up and marched them back to the barracks.

    Yesterday morning an order was read, dismissing the whole 103 insubordinates from the college. The boys have since packed their traps and gone home and the school is running along as usual.

From the Chattel Mortgages Book 5 Marshall County, Indiana comes:

MortgagorMortgagee Date Amount Description
Koontz, J. H. & J. F. et al Morris, Edd 20 June 1887 400.00 Steamboat
Walter, D. G. et al Morris, Edd 20 June 1887 400.00 Steamboat
Lord, Emma E. Willard, Chas. P. & Co. 31 Mar. 1890 875.00 Steam boat
Lord, Emma E. Crook, Oliver 10 Nov. 1890 1,000.00 Steam boat
Lord, Emma E. Schmidt, Harold 25 July 1891 1,800.00 Steamboat "Aubbeenaubee"
Lord, Emma E. Morris, Edmund 22 Mar. 1897 4,000.00 Steamers "Peerless" & "Aubbenaubee", all belongings, piano
Lord, Emma E. Forgy, Geo. B. 14 Mar. 1898 360.00 Naptha launch, steamers "Peerless", "Aubbenaubee"
Lord, Emma E. L McCormick, Monroe C. 12 Apr. 1900 107.50 Launch "Dewey", 3 horses, cow, watch, buggy
Lord, Emma E. Cappel, Louisa A., Admnx. 18 Oct. 1900 700.00 Launch "Dewey", 2 steam-boats, fixtures, machinery
Lord, Mrs. E. E. McAllister, Elmer A. 6 July 1901 21.91 Steambts "Aubbenaubee" & "Peerless
Crook, Oliver Benepe, Dr. J. L. 11 Sept. 1901 300.00 Gasoline launch Doxey, portable boat house
Crook, Oliver Lord, Emma E. 23 June 1902 7,000.00 Steamboats "Aubbeenaubee" & "Peerless", launch "Dewey"
Crook, Oliver Lord, Emma E. 10 Sept. 1902 2,300.00 Steamboats "Aubbeenaubee" & "Peerless", launch "Dewey
Crook, Oliver Lord, Emma E. 6 Feb. 1903 5,500.00 Steamboat Neeswaugee
Crook, Oliver Lord, Emma E. 20 Dec. 1904 2,230.00 Steamers Peerless & Niswaugee, launch Dewey

1902 - Jul 3 - Maxinkuckee Steamers sold - (Special to the Indianapolis News) Culver, Ind. July 3 - Mrs. R. K. Lord has sold the Lake Maxinkuckee steamers Peerless and Aubbeenaubee to Captain Oliver Crook, a nephew of General Crook, the famous Indiana fighter. Much of the popularity of Lake Maxinkuckee is due to Mrs. Lord, who began running steamers thirteen years ago, - Indianapolis News (Indianapolis, Indiana)
    1902 - Jul 10 - Mrs. R. K. Lord of Culver has solde her fine line of steamboats to Captain Oliver Crook who has had charge of the boats for the past ten years. - The Weekly Republican (Plymouth, Indiana)

1904 - Seo 15 - The steam motive power has (was) taken out of Capt. Crook's boat, the Dewey, and a gasoline engine put in.

1905 May 6 - Capt. Crook is building a float 40 x 70, which he will anchor at some convenient place on the lake and use it for a dancing pavillion dirning the summer season
    1905 Jun 15 During the storm Friday night, the large pontoon being built by Capt.Crook was forced from its support and partly thrown ito the lake. Lewis Raver with the assistance of four or five men aoon brought it out of danger. No damage was done. - citizen

    1905 Jun 22 Capt. Crooks large sco was successfully launced has week. It is30 feet wide by 70 feet long, with two decks. The upper dech will be used for dancinf while on the lower deck will be sears and a refreshment stand. It will be anchored out in the la ke during the summer.
1909 - Dc 23 - The "Dewey" SOld. John GAst, the tinnet, has purshsaed Capr. Crook's launch, th Dewe y. Capt. Crook will replace it with a new launch next summer.

1913 - May 22 - Summer Lake Trafficl
    The lake Maxinkuckee boatmen are getting teir craft in shape for the summer business and are looking forward to a food season.

    Capt. Crook's fleet will consist of the steamers Neeswaugee and Peerles. and tthe launches Charleene and Mildred - the latter having been purchars of Capt. A. Knapp. John Buswell will ne Capt Crook's manafer this season.

    L. S. Finney will run the launches East SIde May and the Carroll Dick Loudon will be his right-hand man.

    Arthur Morris' boat and bath house and fleet of row boats will be looked after by himself and Verne McLane.

    Capt. Ed Morris will jave the assistance of John Wolf in lookign after his boatyard.

1913 - May 29 - The fleet of boats to cruise the waters of Lake Maxinkuckee this summer for the pleasure of passengers includes:
    Captain Crook's Steamers, Neeswaugee and Peerless and his launches, Charlene and Mildred,
    L. S. Finney's launches, East Side May and the Carroll ,
    and the boats of Arthur Morris

This is a list of some of the main known ones, a brief history and photographs that have thus far been found.

June 1919 - Ahdeek, a 38-foot motor pleasure boat, was built in 1916 at Morris Heights, New York. She was acquired by the U.S. Navy on 2 September 1918 and served into the next year as USS Ahdeek, probably in the New York area. Served during World War I and in the early post-war era as USS Ahdeek (SP-2589) in 1918-1919, probably in the New York area.

Using their powers of persuasion on the U.S. Navy, Ross and Gignilliat received four “motor yachts complete in every respect” between 1920 and 1922 and they became mainstays in Culver’s fleet. Two of them, the Estelle and the Ahdeek, were designated as “Flag Boats,”

In June 1919 she was ordered sent to the Culver Military Academy, in Indiana, where she apparently remained for many years, on loan from the Navy. Ahdeek was finally stricken from the list of Naval vessels in October 1933.

Belonged to the Culver Military Academy and was destroyed in the Boathouse fire of March 1938

Admiral Ross
    It was used to transport the admiral on his daily trips from his lakeside cottage to headquarters. Following Ross’ retirement, it went into service as an instructional boat and became a favorite of crew coach. Belonged to the Culver Military Academy and was destroyed in the boathouse fire of March 1938

Admiral Rodman aka Regina - Belongs to the Culver Military Academy.

CSS Yarnell, Admiral Yarnell Belongs to the Culver Military Academy.

    1874 - Built by W. W. Hill A large sailboat. 

Anna Belle
    Associated with Scott's Landing. 


    The first steam boat was owned and run by William Davis in 1885. It was named Bessie in honor of his daughter.

    1885 - Mar 29 - Davis, Captain of the steamboat, Bessie, at axinkuckee last summer, has been arrested as a deserter from the United States army - Bristol Banner (Indiana)

    It's name was soon changed to Vandalia.

Carol &
    Owned by Capt. Lee R. Finney. Anchored at Maxinkuckee Landing. Sold to Dick Louden and Eddie Bobery. Was said to be the last of the lake launches.

    1913 - May 22 - L. S. Finney will run the launches East Side May and the Caroll. Dick Louden will be his right-hand man.

    1922 Mar 22 - L. R. Finney has sold his two passenger boats, the "East Side May" and "Carol" to Walter VanShoiak, who will runt hem this season in conjunction with Dick Loudon's three boats. The two lines will pool their business and maintain a running schedule which will furnish the pulblice with a complete service

Charline [Charlene]

1909 - March 4 - Capt. Crook has purchased from a Bay City manufacturer a 30-ft. gasoline boat, driven by a 24-horse power, four-cylinder engine. The boat, with a speed of 15 miles an hour, will carry 40 passengers, and coat $1,500. It comes "knocked down" and will be put together by George Terry of Bass Lake, and is to be used to supplement the Lake fleet

1909 - May 27 - Capt. Crook has named his new launch "Charline" in honor of a little granddaughter

1909 Jun 10 The "Charline" Launched
    Last Wednesday, June 2, witnessed the launching of the beautiful 35-foot launch recently built by Capt. Crook.

    It is quiped with a high tension Boschmagento and a Buffalo motor, recomended and sold by Capt. Morris.

    The time honored custom of "breaking the bottle of wine" over the bow as the boat glided in the water was prefored by Myrtle Delight Thompson, the charming little daughter of Mr. L. B. Simcox, whose bright eyes while standing on the bow of the boat waiting to perform her part looked like two diamonds set in the bow.

    Before the boat started she read the following lines written for the occasion and christened the boat "Charline"
      Here's to the pride of Lake Maxinkuckee
      Whoever rides in her is quite lucky
      Heaven will smile on her, as she glides
      With loads of people for pleasure rides
      Honoe to Terru, VaMeter and Crook
      Who built and know her just like a book
      There faithfully men have toiled early and late
      To give this beautiful lake something great
      Now the can look with pride and pleasure
      And reap a due reward from this treasure
      We trust that no storms she will see
      Happiness and peace will her watchword be
      In the name of all that is given a queen
      I christen thee "Charline.

    We must not forget to mention the names of Captain Fisher and Elmer Hall who took such active part in launching the Chaline

    A long and successful life to the Charline.

    1913 - May 22 - Capt Crook's fleet will consist of the steamers Neeswaugee, and Peerless; and the launches Charlene and Mildred - the latter having been purchased of Capt. A. J. Knapp. John Buswell will be Capt. Crook's manager this season.

CMA Pontoon
    A large double pontoon paddle wheel workboat. This ponderous vessel, designed and built at the Boat Shop and powered by a 1941 Oliver tractor engine, is used for general maintenance of the naval fleet

    April 1898 - Built by Capt. Morris for Mrs. Lord. It replaced the Peerless & Aubbeenaubbee. Naptha Launch  

    1898 - Apr 15 - New Boat. - Mrs. R. K. Lord's beautiful naphtha launch appeared upon the lake Monday in full running order and is a gem of the first water and can carry about 25 people. It was built by Capt. Morris and will be used for the spring traffic in place of the large steamers Auhbeenaubbee and Peerless. During the summer season it will be used by private parties, who desire to ride upon the crystal waters of Lake Maxinkuckee without being in the company of strangers. The boat was christened "Culver" which will be very appropriate. This will make three magnifieent boats now in the possession of Mrs Lord, which are absolutely the peers of all boats upon resort lakes in the country. The steamers Aubbeenaubbee and Peerless are now receiving a new coat of paint aud will soon appear in public resplenden in their beauty.


    Owned by the Maxinkuckee Steamboat Co. (Crook & Lord, Capt. Crook, manager and Mrs. R. K. Lord, (owner) Was 30 foot trimmed in brass. 

    1898 Aug 12 - The Dewey has a big morning's work every Sunday. It delivers a cargo of ice cream and receives a cargo of church goers.... The captain of the Dnwey is the proud possessor of a display of photos showing, himself in various positions connected with his official position

    1898 - Dec 22 - John Gast, the timer, has purchased Captain Crook's launch, the Dewey. Captain Crook will replace it with a new launch next summer 1900 - June 29 - Mrs, R. K. Lord has purchased a marine engine which will be placed in the launch Dewey.

    1904 - Sep 15 - The steam motive power has [been] taken out of Capt. Crook's boat, the Dewey, and a gasoline engine put in.

    This was just mentioned by name in John and Bea Bigley's rticle in the 1986 Marshall county history. Nothing more has been found on it - could it be a typo and was meant to be "Doxie"?

Doodlebug (1979)
The Dorcas, an exceedingly fast launch owned by W. H. Fulton on the east side, for a long time has had no rival, simply because she could show a clean pair of heels to every opponent she came in contact with. But recently a new boat arrived in Culver by the name of the Lois, owned by Louis Duenweg, and she was placed im the lake. She is a beauty, and her rakish make up denoted speed. Last Sunday the Dorcas and her skipper were out on the bosom of the lake, and skipped over the water at an 8 knot an hour gait, when it was apparent that the Lois was close on the former’s heels. Capt, Fulton gave the Dorcas another notch, when she fairly flew over the water; but her rakish oppoent without apparent effort commenced to close the gap that separated them, aud in a very short time took the lead, thus making her the champion. We understend that Captain Fulton is not satisfied, and undoubtedly another race will take place in the future - Aug 16, 1901

Doxie / Doxey / Helen
    Found in the 7 May 1903 issue of the Culver Citizen: Capt. Crook's Launch "Doxie" was launched last Monday [27 April] and put in commission. He is now prepared to accommodate all early cottagers or persons desiring to go to points around the lake.

    1904 - May 12 - Capt. Crook’s launch, the Helen was put into the lake last Saturday. This boat was known as the Doxey last year.

East Side May & Carol
    Owned by Capt. Lee R. Finney.

    1909 - Apr. 15 - L. F. Finney, at the Carson cottage, is building a 35 foot, 20 horsepower, 3-cylinder motorboat which will have a capacity for 35 passengers. He will run it as a public conveyance and it will be launched June 1 as the "East Side May."

    1913 - May 22 - L. S. Finney will run the launches East Side May and the Caroll. Dick Louden will be his right-hand man.

    1922 Mar 22 - L. R. Finney has sold his two passenger boats, the "East Side May" and "Carol" to Walter VanSchoiack.

    Owned by Capt. L. S. Finney and operated by Eddie Bobery. Sold to Dick Louden and Eddie Bobery Anchored at the Maxinkuckee Landing.

    Mar 16, 1923 - MAY 16, 1923— The Louden launches are at the depot pier , being placed in readiness for summer traffic.

    1880's - A sailboat Built in Chicago and launched by the Lake View Club. A sailboat. It was originally built for service on Lake Michigan. It was 18 by 20 foot and at its time was the largest sailing craft on the lake. It was rumored about that there was danger of capsizing it. None of the club members were expert sailors and thus he Elephant - became just that to the club and its members. Eventually it was shoved up on shore, and a bonfire made of it. 


Using their powers of persuasion on the U.S. Navy, Ross and Gignilliat received four “motor yachts complete in every respect” between 1920 and 1922 and they became mainstays in Culver’s fleet. Two of them, the Estelle and the Ahdeek, were designated as “Flag Boats,” Serving with distinction for many years. Owned by Culver Military Academy. Wireless Signal boat

Fleet Wing
    Built by Capt. Ed. Morris and used to transport people and material on the lake until the coming of the railroad in 1883 and the steamboats arrived.\

Flotilla pre 1938 Culver Military Academy
    Manager Elbrecht's new launch, the Gladys, arrived last week; It is a 21 foot boat, fitted with a Western gas engine and handsomely furnished throughout

    James Barnes and wife are occuping the John E . Barnes cottage on Long Point. James has purchased the gasoline launch Gladys, of Mr. Elbrecht. - June 30, 1904

Kittie Mac
    1870's - A clinker was ran by Capt. Mc Donald

Vixen (1885)
    a little canoe - propeller belonging to and officered by Commodore L. M. Vance, the engine and furnishings of which he madde himself, and which he ran the Indianapolis Venitian water - course from the Bucktown rialto to Broad Ripple till the bloated owners of the canal aud a rival steamer forbade. It is equal in speed to the largest craft on the lake and attracts much attention as it skim along, and wakes the echoes with the savage little bark of its little plaything of an engine.

Lady Forest or Welcome
    1885 - Newly built and launched by Capt. Morris. A side wheeler 50 by 14. Was first named Welcome. Was junked in the 1890's. Said to have ran at an angle. The hull laid for a long time near the railway depot.

L. S. Finney

Lloyd Mc Sheehy


    1909 - Aug. 5 - Arlington Boat House - Capt Knapp expects to had a boat house this fall for the new launch Mildred. It willbe 40X20 feet in size, with four or fine sleepign rroms in the second story and will coast about $800

    1913 - May 22 - Capt Crook's fleet will consist of the steamers Neeswaugee, and Peerless; and the launches Charlene and Mildred - the latter having been purchased of Capt. A. J. Knapp. John Buswell will be Capt. Crook's manager this season.
    A steamer owned by Capt. Morris and was in operation as of 17 jun 1886

Nancy Lee
    1876 - Capt. Ed Morris. A sailboat. It was sold to the Peru Club. Before this one he had built the first flat bottom sail boat of which the name is unknown.



The O. W. Fowler, Culver's first square rigger, was in use from 1941 until 1982-1983 . It was named in honor of CMA's Lt. Commander O. W. Fowler and it was placed into service in July 1941.

    Academy powerboat destroyed in the March 1938 boathouse fire. Was possibly one of the four “motor yachts complete in every respect” that Ross and Gignilliat received between 1920 and 1922 Using their powers of persuasion on the U.S. Navy, and they became mainstays in Culver’s fleet. Two of them the Estelle and the Ahdeek, were designated as “Flag Boats,”

Katheryne / Her Majesty
    9 Jul 1903 Culver citizen - A New boat Capt. Morris has been at work on, a new sail boat for the last six month and it was completed and launched last week. It is a new departure in the sail boat line on Lake Maxinkuckee; being known as a knock-about. It is sloop rigged, 7 1/2 feet beam 24 feet over all and 15 feet and 5 inches on the water line. It carries 380 square feet of canvas and can beat anything of her class that is on the lake. It will be named the "Katheryne" and Mr. Allen Williams has chartered her for the season. Her approximate cost was $600. Citizen; Jul 16 1903 Weekly Republican, Plymouth, Indiama

    1904 - Jul 21 - J. L. Ketcham has purchased the sloop Catherine of Capt. Morris and re-christened it "Her Majesty" - Citizen

    1915 - Mar 25 - 22-foot Knockabout Sloop "Her Majesty For Sale - Citizen

The R. H. Ledbetter was placed into service 7 July 1984. It is steel hulled, 54 feet. It was funded by Robert H. Ledbetter it was constructed by T. D. Vinette of Escanaba Mi. as much of the hardware and equipment was used from the O. W. Fowler as was the mast spars and sails incorporated into it. It was outfitted with a new Cummins diesel engine. 


Queen of the Lake
    1852 - Built by Isaac N. Morris. A Flat bottom skiff. 

Revluc - Belongs to the Culver Military Academy.

S. S. Arlington

Sea Gull
    Built by Edmund Morris. A large sail boat used to transport people before the steamers arrived. 

Sentinel D.
    Dr. Durr had his gasoline launch, the Sentinel D., hauled down from Plymouth and put in the lake this week. It is a good boat and will make a fine addition to the large number of powercrafts on Lake Maxinkukckee - April 21 1904

Togo / Admiral Toga
    1905 - Jul Was launched by the Culver Military Academy. Was an exhibit boat at the St. Louis fair . A $2,500 Auto boat used as the instructors launch or flag boat obtained through the U. S. Navy Department .

    Was renamed from 'Bessie' when the railroad reached the lake. It came in February 1883 and owned and ran by William Davis in 1885 and named in honor of his daughter. It came from the St. Joseph River at South Bend. It was not a profitable investment as patronage was not sufficient. It was removed to Cedar Lake [Bass Lake] Starke county, Indiana.

    1878 - Brought to the lake in 1878 from Rochester. It was launched from the Maxinkuckee Landing on the East side. It ended also in 1878 because there was only a few that patronized it and thus did not justify the owner keeping it on the lake. It was a was to small unpretentious boat it had a diminutive engine and boiler and was not considered entirely safe.

    1880 In chattel book 5 is found Barber, Emitt P. (Mortgagor ) Killen, M. L. & Jewell, R. S. (Mortgagee ) on 23 Aug. 1880 for the amount of 96.72 on One steam boat "Victor"

    a little canoe propeller belonging to and officered by Commodore I, M. Vance, the engine and furnishings of which he made himself

W. R. Mc Keen AKA "Flora" Capt. R. K. Lord.

White Swan

Unknown by name
    Sometime during the life of the Elephant - Ed. R. Wheeler of the Shady Bluff also built a large sail boat. It was intended to be the finest boat of its kind on the lake at that point in time. But its construction proved to be fa ulty and it leaked badly. Mr. Wheeler being so annoyed soaked it with coal oil, set a match to it sending it up in smoke! The name of the boat is unknown.

    1910 = 18 Aug. issue of Culver citizen states the W. L. devine placed a fine, new launch in the lake recently. It is 26 feet long, has a 35-horspower, four-cylinder engine and cost $1,800.