Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana


Built by Jacob Larson. Put into service during the 1880's. The only double decker steamboat.

1889 - Aug 2 - It is said that next-year it is probable that there -will be a new double-deck steamer on Lake Maxinkuckee with a capacity of four or flve hundred. - Logansport Pharos Tribune

    1889 - Dec 3 Capt, Oliver Crook has gone to Chicago to purchase an engine and boiler and an entire new outflt for the new pleasure steamer, which is in course of construction at Lake Maxinkuckee - Logansport Pharos Tribune

    1889 - Dec 12 - Mrs. Lord, relict of the late Capt. Lord of Maxinkuckee, has lately been in Chicago negotiating for a new outfit of machinery for her new steamboat new building, which is to consist of a double engine and Clyde boiler, costing $2,000 The craft will have a double deck, and be 60 feet long by 13 feet in width. She hopes to be able to launch the vessel by April 15 next. - Logansport Pharos Tribune

1890 - Feb 27 - New Boat For Maxinkuckee - Mrs. R. K. Lord of Maxinkuckee, is building a new steamboat, which will be sixty feet long, double decks. The machinery is to consist of a double engine and Clyde marine boilwe, government test. She will be ready to launch the vessel on the lake by May 15 - Logansport Pharos Tribune.

From the Chattel Mortgages Book 5 Marshall County, Indiana comes:

MortgagorMortgagee Date Amount Description
Lord, Emma E. Willard, Chas. P. & Co. 31 Mar. 1890 875.00 Steam boat
Lord, Emma E. Crook, Oliver 10 Nov. 1890 1,000.00 Steam boat
Lord, Emma E. Schmidt, Harold 25 July 1891 1,800.00 Steamboat "Aubbeenaubee"

1890 - May 24 - D. A. Hauk is engraving a silver plate for the new steamer Aubbeenaubbc, to be launched on next Tuesday at Maxinkuckee. It contains the following inscription: "Steamer Aubbeenaubbee, built by Jacob Larson, Marmount, Ind.; May 27th, 1890. Mrs. Capt. Lord, owner." 1890 - May 26 - To-morrow promises to be a big day it Lake Maxinkuckee, on the occasion of the launching of Mrs. Capt. Lord's big double-decked steamboat. Aubbeenaubbee. Gen. Manson and many other distinguished gentlemen will be present to witness the ceremonies. Mrs. Lord is a worthy widow lady, and deserves success for her untiring energy in getting up something interesting and usef ul for the citizens and visitors to the lake. Major McFadin will make the speech and give the old Indian Pottawottamie war whoop that will make the hair stand on your heads. Fare only $1 round trip.

1890 - May 27 - Aubbeaubee Launched

    Christening the New Steamer A Hitch in the Progamming

    Large Crowd— beautiful Day.

    About siixty Logansport people boarded the train yesterday morning for Lake Maxinkuckee to witness the launching of Mrs. Lord's new steamer, "Aubbeenaubbee," and attend the ball at the Ohmer house last night.

    Prominent among the the Logansport delegation were Mr. N, B. Barron and Major McFaddin. the latter delivered the address of the occasion, in which he gave a brief history of the once noted chief, and the boat was christened by Miss J ulia Grover, daughter of Mr. John B. Grover, of this city, who broke a bottle of wine over the bow. Gen. Hanson, of Crawfordsville, was present, and proposed three cheers for Mrs. Lord, Capt. Crooks, the boat,its builder and engineer.

    A band was present from Plymouth and discoursed sweet music during the exercises.

    There was an unavoidable hitch in the programme on account of the boat becoming fastened as it was being launched, but the entire programme was carried out and the trip around the lake made in another vessel belonging to Mrs. Lord.

    A delightful dinner was served by Mrs. Lord at the Ohmer, and the ball last night was highly enjoyed by all. Steinhart's orcheitra furnished the music.

    The new steamer was successfully launched today. - Logansport Pharos Tribune
1890 - Aug 2 The excursionists enjoyed a ride on the new double-decked steamer, Aubbeenaubbe, owned by Mrs. Lord and captained by Dick Crooks, of this city. This boat is commodious and elegantly furnished, and under the able management of Mr. Crooks - Logansport Pharos Tribune

1893 - Jun 28 - The Maxinkuckee steam boat Aubeenaubee, has been provided with with an electric head light. - Logansport Pharos Tribune

1894 - Apr. 13 - The Aub-bee-aaub-bee steamer has been launched, and is having her upper deck taken off and the seating capacity increased by the addition of a row of seats on the lower deck. It will carry as many passengers as formerly, and will not be so top-heavy - Logansport Pharos Tribune

1896 - May 1 - M. F. Mosher, Culver City’s celebrated boat builder, is on the east side of the lake, making extensive repairs on the steamer Aubbenaubee. This magnificent boat will be repainted, and placed in exellent condition for the season's work

1896 May 9 Steamers at Maxinkuckee....The Aubeenaubee, Mrs, Lord's boat, has been thoroughly overha uled. - Logansport Pharos Tribune

1896 - May 22 - The Aubbenaubbee and the new “Peerless” have been painted in a most artistic mauner and they now present a magnificent appearance - 22 May 1896

1896 - Jul 3 - The Aubbenaubee has always been noted for its superiorty as to safety and its excellence in rapidity of movement; but since there has been added improvements in her machinery she will now be as a trim a craft as floats the broad and limpid waters of Lake Maxinkuckee. Among other improvements there has been attached a steam condenser. Mrs. Lord is the proprietress of this stanch little steam boat, and Captain Crook stands proudly at the helm as she majestically glides over the waters of the lake.

1896 - July 17- Wednesday the Steamer Aubbeenaubbee was unfortunate enough to break her rudder, which laid her up for repairs a short time

1896 - Aug 14 - Logansport Pharos Tribune is found:

    Occurred This Week at Lake Maxinknckee — Piers Washed Away.

    One of the severest storms that ever visited Lake Maxinkuckee, Is said to have occurred Thursday. In less than ten minutes after the first approach of the storm, the lake was turned Into a raging sea, and those who were out in boats started quickly for land.

    The steamer Aubbeenaubbee was caught in the center of the lake, with Jonas Smith in command, who, though but a boy, kept his ship headed toward the storm and. although, it looked serious, the boat was safely moored alongside her dock. ...

From the Chattel Mortgages Book 5 Marshall County, Indiana comes:

MortgagorMortgagee Date Amount Description
Lord, Emma E. Morris, Edmund 22 Mar. 1897 4,000.00 Steamers "Peerless" & "Aubbenaubee", all belongings, piano
Lord, Emma E. Forgy, Geo. B. 14 Mar. 1898 360.00 Naptha launch, steamers "Peerless", "Aubbenaubee"
Lord, Mrs. E. E. McAllister, Elmer A. 6 July 1901 21.91 Steambts "Aubbenaubee" & "Peerless
Crook, Oliver Lord, Emma E. 23 June 1902 7,000.00 Steamboats "Aubbeenaubee" & "Peerless", launch "Dewey"
Crook, Oliver Lord, Emma E. 10 Sept. 1902 2,300.00 Steamboats "Aubbeenaubee" & "Peerless", launch "Dewey

1897 - May 21 - The steamer Aubbeenaubbe is being thoroughly overha uled and repaired.

1897 - June 11 - The steamer Aubbeenaubbee is receiving a new coat of paint and otherwise being repaired.

1898 - Aug 12 - The Maxinkuckee pier which was p ulled out of ;ine while drawing out the Aubbeeuaubbee will be placed in proper position as soon as possible... B. H. Rassner has given the h ull J of the Aubbeeuaubbee a new coat of paint... Granville, York is chief engineer in repairing the Aubbeeuaubbee. She will receive a new wheel

Was sold by Mrs. Lord in 1902 to Oliver Crook. and used until 1915 another source says 1918.

John Bigley wrote of the Aubeenaubee:
    The only double-decked steam launch to ply the waters of the lake was the majestic, placed into service shortly after the coming of the railroad. It was built for Captain R. K. Lord who skippered it until his death in 1889. It was then under the command of Captain Oliver Crook, a famous skipper who had sailed the waters of Lake Michigan as a commander. It was 70' long and accommodated 200 to 300 passengers. Later this launch was converted to a single decked boat and was in use until 1915. It featured a high grade piano.
1900 Oliver Crook b. Feb. 1855 Indiana; he was listed as manager of Steamboat and in his household was James Smith born March 1877 Indiana and as Captain of Steamboat.

1900 - Jun 1 - he steamer Atibbeenaubbee has been thoroughly overhaled and repaired by Capt. Morris, Culver ’s celebrated boat builder, and is now in first class condition. - Culver Herald

Beached November 19__ between the Palmer and Lake View Hotel and taken apart.

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