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Culver Lions Club  

1936 - Aug 05 - Propose Organization of Lions CLub Here

    A meeting of several business and professional men was held friday night at the home of Charles Medbourn when it was proposed that a Lions CLub be formed here. The organiZation was explained by the state organizer, who was accompanied by several members of the Mishawaka Lions CLub.

    The proposal was presented to the Chamber of Commerce at its August meeting Monday noon, and after an informal discussion it was decided to takeunder advisement.

1943 - Apr. 14 - 22 have signed to Organize Lions Club
    Twenty-two signatures have been secured of those indicating a desire to form a Lions International Club here, according to Bryan B. Blalock, special representative of the organization from Chicago.

    It is planned to hold a dinner at 6:15 Thursday night at Snyder's Cafe, at which time definite steps will be taken to complete the forming of the club here. Members of the Argos and ROchester Clubs will also be here.
1943 - Elect McDonald Head Of Newly Formed Lions Club; Members Listed
    At a dinner meeting held in the Snyder Restaurant Thursday evening a Lions Club was organized in Culver with 37 charter members signed to date.

    The following officers were elected: Presideint, Claude McDonald; first vice president, Steffen Rector; second vice president, Kenneth H. Miller; third vice president, William R Easterday; secretary, Maurice A. Curtis; treasurer, Fletcher T. Strang; lion tamer, Herschel Strang; tail twister, Earl C. Mishler; and directors, Harry E. Medbourn, Joames E. Marshall, W. T. Parish and A. R. McKesson.

    The following committee chairmen were named: charter night, C. L. Shively; membership, Earl R Eckman; finance, Dr. E. J. Yocum Jr.; and constitution and by-laws, W. R. Washburn.

    The following are the charter members: 1 Frank E. Amond,
    2 David Burns,
    3 Leo Butler,
    4 Ralph Condon,
    5 Jesse Crabb, <br> 6 Forrest E. Curtis,
    7 Maurice A. Curtis,
    8 Gordon Cultice,
    9 W. R. Easterday,
    10 Earl R. Eckman,
    11 Harry D. Edington,
    12 Charles E. Ferrier,
    13 Harold I Fitterling,
    14 Dale Jones,
    15 Rev. Ralph M. Jones,
    16 James E. Marshall,
    17 Dr. R. E. Martin,
    18 Harry E. Medbourn,
    19 Kenneth H. Miller,
    20 Earl C. Mishler,
    21 Karl Murray,
    22 A. R. McKesson,
    23 Claude McDonald,
    24 Lester McKee,
    25 Donald McLane,
    26 W. T. Parrish,
    27 Steffen N. Rector,
    28 Col Robert Rossow,
    29 Harold W. Shegan,
    30 C. L. Shivley,
    31 Glen B. Snyder, <

    br> 32 Paul T Snyder,
    33 Major J. T. Stinhcomb,
    34 Fletcher T. Strang,
    35 Herschel Strang.
    36 W. R. Washburn, and
    37 Dr. E. J. Yocom Jr.

    Lions President Bowell of the Argos Lions Club was introduced and he expressed his happiness that a Lions Club was being organized in Culver and promises the full cooperation of the Argos Lions who were in attendance at the meeting.

    The next meeting will be held in the Snyder Resturant on Tuesday, May 4, at 6:30 p.m. All members, plus additional prospects are urged to be present. Regular meeting dates and the Charter Night date will be agreed upon at this meeting.

    Any business or professional men of Culver or farmers of the nearby vicinity are welcome and eligible to hold membership inthe Culver Lions Club. Any additional men who may wish to be signed as charter members are requested to contact Earl R. Eckman, membership chairman. The charter membership will be closed at the next meeting.

    The Culver Lions Club will hold two dinner meeting each month and will endeavor to be an aggressive service organization, promoting good fellowship and all worthwhile activities for the good of Culver.

1943 - May 26 Charter Presented to Lions CLub With with 37 names on the roster
    The formation of the Culver Lions Club was completed Tuesday night when the charter was formally presented at dinner held in the basement of the Evangelical church. A capacity crowd was in attendance, with a large number of Lions coming from Argos, the sponsoring club, and also from several other clubs in this vicinity.

    The charter was presented by Wyman Finley, of Kendallville district governor, and was accepted by Claude McDonald, president of the Culver Club.

    Herbert H. Bowell, president of the Argos Lions, acted as toastmaster, and was assisted in the program by the state song leader, Tom Warrillow of Gary and state pianist, Al Greene of Gary. Rev. Ralph M. Jones gave the invovation.

    The address of the evening was delivered by Dr. S. RObert Johnson of Australia, who gave an interesting and informative talk that was closely followed the the appreciative Lions.

    The Culver High School orchestra, under the direction of Paul Egli, played during the dinner.

    The charter members of the CUlver Lions follow: 1 Frank E. Amond,
    2 J. Leo Bulter,
    3 Forrest E. Curtis,
    4 Maurice A. Curtis,
    5 WIlliam R. Easterday,
    6 Earl R. Eckman,
    7 Harry D. Edginton,
    8 Charles E. Ferrier,
    9 Harold I FItterling,
    10 Dale Jones,
    11 Rev. Ralph M. Jones,
    12 James E Marshall,
    13 Dr. R. E. Martin,
    14 Howard Maxey,
    15 Harry E. Medbourn,
    15 Kenneth H. Miller,
    17 Earl C. Mishler,
    18 Karl Murray,
    19 Claude McDonald,
    20 Lester McKee,
    21 A.R. McKesson,
    22 Donald McLane,
    23 W. T. Parrish,
    24 Steffan N. Rector,
    25 Harold W. Shegan,
    26 C. L. Shively,
    27 Harry A. Smeltser,
    28 Glen B. SNyder,
    29 Paul T Snyder,
    30 J. T. Stinchcomb,
    31 Fletcher Strang,
    32 Fletcher Strang,
    33 William R. Washburn,
    34 Dr. E. J. Yocum Jr.,
    35 John. F. Bigley,
    36 W. R. Zechiel and
    37 Harold Baker

1943 - Aug 11 Lions Club to Donate Resuscitator As Saftey Aid to Community

Memebrs of the Culver Fire Depaartment demonstrate the resusciataiton equipement donated by the Culver Lions Club. The not all clearly pictured the news article of Jan 9, 1952 says pictured are Fire Chief, Dave Burns; Dewey Overmyer, V. Stafford, Arthur Fishburn, Frank Hayward and Assistant Chief Oscar Booker.

1944 - Jan 19 - World War II in Culver Honor Roll of Service Men Erected; Labor and Material Donated

A roll of honor listing the men and women in service has been erected on the lawn in front of the Methodist church (on N. Main Street) and without a cent of cost to community

The project was launched J. J. W. Riggens who had the material and construction of the board donated by the MArshall County Lumber Co. Jacob Pederson did the painting and lettering free of charge. LaBounty furnished th eaggel. HArry Procher cut out the stars and town employees erected the finished product last week

The Lions Club has agreed to continue the project and is having two six-foot wings built which will contain the names of the womoen in sevice, those who have died in service will be painted in gold and those not now on the main section.

After the wings have been erected it is requested that all ommission and errors be reported to James Marshall, secretary of the Lions Clulb

Photo - Frances (Taber) Geisleman

Tom & Ruth Walker sharing a dance - Lion's Den at 110-112 N Main

1949 - Oct 26 - Lions Announce Plans for Minstral Stage Production
    It was announced last week by the Culver Lions Club that plans have been started for an old time Minstrl SHow to be given on three evenings in February. The first show will be staged at the Academy on Friday evening, February 3, followed by two preformances the following Wednesday and Thursday, February 8 and 9 at the Culver Community Building.

    It was announced that the interlocutor, the end men, and most of the chours of thiry have already been chosen. With the entire cast made up of local Lions, the show promisise to be one of the high lights of the year. Hopes have bee expressed that the Minstrl Show will be an annual affair to be conducted by the Lions Club of Culver.

1949 - Mar 9 - Lions Club to Stage Rollicking Benifit Play "Womanless Wedding"... to b e stagged at the Cummunity Building on the evenings of March 24 and 25. An all male cas of 70 aspiring thespians will have a part in the stupendous production... Produced by the Sympson-Levie Company of Jackson, Mich.... Proceeds from the plau will go to the Indiana Lions Cancer Control Fund.

1945 - 1st Annual Lions Club Outboard Regatta

A couple heads out to enjoy the Culver Lions Regatta

1947 - Lions Club began a slew of projects for the park among the few found are
    they built a playground court in the park
    erected high dive
    repaired the swimming pier
    the "raft" in the "deep" water of the swimming area

1947 - June 25 - Lions Club members build playground court in the park.

1948 - Aug 25 - The Lions Club will hold their Augs corn roast at the Louis Welsh famr southwest of Culverr at 7: p.m., Wednesday, Aug. 25. The ladies are invited to attend.
A 1949 Lions Sponsored Valentine Ladies Night - at The Community Building.

1949 - Aug 31 - Lions corn roast Howling Success - Members of the local Lions Club and their ladies consumed hundreds of ears of corn and scores of hamburgers along with plenty of coffe and ice cream at the annual picnic held at the Don Davis farm last Wednesday...

1950 - Jan 11 - Lions Place Order For First FIfty Street Markers
    Morley SKinner, chairman of the Lions Club Community Betterment Committe, annouced today that and order for some fifty Culver street markes will be placed this week. The committe anticpated that the markers will be delivered by mid-April and plans indicate that the should all be installed before Summer.

    The Attractive two-arm adjustable signs featuring white lettering on black background will be mounted on 10 foot steel posts which will be set in concrete. It was indicated that donations of gravel for mixing the concrete to set the posts had already been made.

    Hampton Boswell, president of the Lions, explained that the prooooject had been submitted to the town board at their regular meeting in mid-December. The town board heartily endorsed the project and transferred all the remaining 1949 money out of the community earmarked funds so that the Lions CLub cound purchase additional signs.

    As originally announced, the Lions planned to initiate the longe range project by placing signs at every intersection n Culver and by purchasing markes for Lake Shore Drive and Main Street. At the Board of Director's meeting last week the group went on record as agreeing to purchase enough additional signs for Ohio, School Street, College Avenue and possibly Jefferson streert. Eventually as funds become available all street will be marked.

    The program calls for possible changing of street names. It has been definitely decided that what is known as Indiana Avenue will be named Academy Road. There was also some opinion expressed that the east-west treets begining at the south end of town and running to the north section should be numbered . One or two signs may be ordered by rural groups for marking roadways, it was indicated.

    The Lions club will secure funds for the proooject from the forthcoming Mindtrel Show which will be presented early in February.

Lions memer L. Morley Skinner assists Street department employee Verl McFeely with the installation of street signs

1950 - Mar 1 - Minstrel Show highlights
The Crinoline chourus - left to right - Loretts Crill, Sandra Hosel, Norma Lee Phlughaupt, Joyce Kline, Ruth Neidlinger, Helen Sikora, Joanna, Snyder, Barbara Hinkle and Freda Condon
Chorus and end men - left to right Harold "Bill" Robinson; Al "Creosote" Petesohun, William "Bones" Washburn, solioists Keith Reed, and Jim Little not shown Judd Stinchcomb, Fred Wallstead and Frank Walaitis. JIim Miracle was directing the singing
Soloist Herbert Keller - sining his own composition "Maxinkuckee Moon"

1950 - Aug 16 - Lions Club to Entertain Families at Annual Corn Roast - The Annual Lions Corn roast will be held a week from tommorrow evening, August 24, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. DOn Davis. Tentaticve arrangments haveben made for Clint Milliken, well know master of magic to entertain the Lions and ther families.

A group of Lions ?. ?. Everett Hosell, ?.. ? Earl Eckman prepare for a corn roast

John Bigley is seen at left in this undated photo taken at one of Culver's Lions' Club minstrel show.
By accounts in the Citizen they contiued to at least 1961.

1951 - Aug 15 - Annual Lions Corn Roast Scheduled Aug. 22 - The annual Lions Club corn ROast will be held at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Don Davis.

1952 - May 7 - The Town Park - ... The Culver Lions Club donated $200 for pier materials...

1953 - Jan 28 - An announcement was made this week that the Lions Club Board of Directors have set aside a fund of $1,000 for improvement of the Culver Town Park

1953 - May 20 Culver Lions Club will celebrate their 10th anniversary on June 10, exactly one week after their founding date of June 3.

1954 - Jul 23 - The 10th annual Lake Maxinkuckee Outboard Racing Regatta, sponsored by the Culver Lions Club will be staged Sunday, Jul 11

1954 - AUg 4 - The annual corn roast of the Culver Lions CLub will take place at the farm home of Mr. and Mrs Don Davis on Tuesday, AUg. 10

July 20, 1955
    Over 4,000 See Outboard Racing Regatta Sunday

    The weatherman cooperated and the work of scores of Culver Lions Club members bore fruit last Sunday as outboard racing fans were served up a thrilling bill of fare at the 11th annual Maxinkuckee Outboard Regatta.

    It is believe that slightly in excess of 4,000 viewed the races from the Town Park. General Chairman Raymond J. ³Doc² Ives and other boat race officials felt that the crowd was not as large as for the past year and while figures were that available this morning it was believed that net receipts would be lower than those for the 1954 races. There will be a full report presented at the Lions Club meeting on July 27.

    Forty-one pilots representing top competitors in the nationa vied for coveted points in the Culver race and for nearly $1,000 in cash awards. W. L. Tenney of Dayton, Ohio, won the lionıs share of honors and $115 in the 13 events of the 41 drivers who were entered 26 were money winners.

    President Dan Mikesell highly lauded the work of all members of the Lions Club and several ladies who contributed yeoman service in making it one of the best organized races in history. The Lions Club president also expressed appreciation for the many contributions and response of lakeshore residents and from the community of Culver.

1956 - Lions Club Corn ROast Scheduled fo August 8
    Public Invited to Enjoy all The Cornthey can devour.

    Fun FOr the family!. Thats what the Culver Lions Club has in store for the public on Wednesday Aug. 8 at thei Annual Corn Roast in the Culver Town Park.

    I past years the Corn ROast has only been only for members of the Lions Club and their families but due to the increasing popularity of this annual event it was decided to gice the public the ppertunity to enjoy the taste and aroma of sweet corn boining in huge pots over outdoor fires, and hear the best in entertainment at the ssame time.

    Food chairman Alex Kennedy has comprised a menu consisting of hamburgers, iced teas, coffee or milk, ice cream, and of course all the corn you can eat for the total price of $1 for adults and 50 cents for children.

    Entertainment chairman James McAllister state that beginning at 7 p.m. the Starke County Swinging EIght wiill provide music and square dance demostrations for person attending the Corn Roast.

    The Starke County Swining Eight is one of the top entertainment groups in the mid-west, having made several appearances on the Pee Wee King SHow on NBC television and will appear with Homer & Jethro at the Walkerton Centennial, July 31-Aug. 5

    Serving will begin at the Town Park at 6:30 p.m. and continue until 8:30 p.m. Entertainment will begin at 7 p.m. and last until 10.

    All proceeds from the Corn Roast will be used for community improverment projects by the town

1960 - May 4 - DOn't Say DOnkey to ANy Memb er of the Lions Club!
    This ia a sad, sad, story about the donkey basketball game scheduled for the Cummunity Building last night under the sponsorship of the Lions Club for the benefit of the Little League Baseball Uniform FUnd.

    The widely publized troupe "mismanaged" by Ralph Godfrey, of Crescent, Okla., landed in Culver shortly before 7:30 show time.

    Only 7 of the promised 1o donkeys, plus a pony ringer, accompanied the couple in charge. The animals were vermin-laden, obviously not house-broken, and were not possessors of the proper footgear to protect the basketball floor

    Lions CLub officials, espeically event chairman, Nrom Baker, cancelled the event in quick order, dissappointing a large crown of kids and adults dressed in their SUnday best. An " official" explantation will appear in next weeks Citizen.

    When last seen the donkeys were headed for Plymout, allegedly to visit the Democratic headquarters to console party workers about their poor shing in Tuesday's primary election.

1962 - Jul 4 - Lions Annual Corn ROast Set For Saturday, July 14
    Town Park SIte of 14th Annual Event

    The Culver Lions Club will hold its 14th annual Corn ROast at the west end of the Culver Town Park, Saturday evening, July 14. Serving will begin at 5:30 and continue untile everyone is severed.

    The menu again this year will feature the usual hamburgers, iced teas, coffee or milk, and all the corn you can eat. Dessert will also be a feature of the menu.

    The Corn Roast was firsty started as an annual private outing form members of the Culver Lions Club, their wives and guests. Becaus it was such an enjoyable event, the members decide to make this annual feast a public affair. Thus this project gives the organization additional revnue to help meet their obljective to better serve our community.

    The public is cordially invited to attend this public spirited event and enjoy the delicious menu and at the same time contributing to the improvement of our town and community.

1962 - Nov 7 - Paper & Rag Drive Sponsored by Boy Scouts and Lions
    The Culver Boy scouts and the Culver Lions Club will jointly conduct a paper and rag drive this Saturday. Nov. 10. Proceeds from the drive will be used to purchased needed equipment for the Boy Scots and to support various funds sponsored by the Lions club.

    The drive will start at 9 a.m. It will cover the city of Culver, East, West and South Shore Drives and Maxinkuckee Road. Rural folks wishing to contribute to the drive may drop their bundles of papers and rags at the parking area of the State Exchange Bank.

    PLace you bundles on the street curb by 9 a.m.

1963 - Mar 6 - Lions Club to Fete Basketball Team on March 13
    The Culver Lions CLub will hold their annual basketball banquet on Wednesday March 13, at 6:30 p.m. at the Lions Den.

    The banquet is open to the public and anyone wishing to attend, please contact Mr. Jesse Overmyer, Mr. James Bonine or Mr. Harold Fitterling.

    Mr. Frank McLane,superintendet of the Culver Community School Unit, will give the address of the evening. Mr. WIlliam Washburn will be the toastmaster for the evenings events.

    Part of the evening's ceremony will be the presentation of the Paul Underwood Award and the Free Throw Award.

    The committee for this special meeting urges that you make your reservations by Monday, March 11, by 9:00 p.m.

1963 - May 22 - Fish Fray To Be Sponsored By Lions Club
    The Culver Lions CLub will sponsor their first fish fry Friday evening, May 21 at the Culver Town Park. Serving will start at 5:30 and run untill 8 p.m. The food will be prepared by the Mens Class of the Monterey Methodist Church. In case of rain the event will be moved to the Lions Den.

    Tickets are $1.00 per plate and all you can eat. Children's plates are 50 cents each. There will be golden fired fish, and all the trimming with plenty of coffee.

    Proceeds from the event will be used to help finanace the proojects the Culver Lions are participating in. They are "The Little League" baseball program; "Junior-Senior Prom Breakfast"; "Culver Street Sign Project"; "Leader DOg for the Blind" ; "Eye Bank" and "Cancer Control".

1963 - July 31 - 950 People Are Served At Lions Corn ROast
    The CUlver Lions Club Corn roast, which habe been rainded out two weeks before and re-scheduled for last Saturday evening was a huge sucess. Held in the Culver Town Park, serving began at 5:30 p.m. and continued as long as the food held out. The crowd was so large that people were being served long after dark.

    The committee, as nearly as an accurate count can be made, served over 950 people. The amount of food cnsumed ran into astronomical proportions. Approximately 258 pounds of hamburger, 210 dozen roasting ear, 150 dozen buns, 80 dozen ice cream cups, 30 gallons of coffee and 22 gallons of orange drink were consumed. Fifty-five Lions participated in the event.

    Money made on the proooject after all expenses are paid will go to support the "Little League" baseball program, finsihing the Culver Street sign prooject and other civix proojects, to which the club is obligated.

    The committee and all CUlver Lions wish to express heir sincere thanks to Culver, the community and far-away persons, who helped make the "Corn Roast" sucha huge success. It is deeply appreciated.

1964 - Feb - Lions Club to Fete Basket Ball Team on March 11
    Members of the 1963-1964 CUlver High School Basketball team and Coach Gene Crosley will be feted by the Culver Lions CLub here at the annual banquet program, Wednesday evening, March. 11

    John T atum, Wabash, Ind., will be the featured speaker for the program to be presented at 6:30 p.m. in the Community Building where the '64 team will be cited for their outstanding seaston, according to Bob RUst, program chairman.

    Arrangements call for a reunion of former high school hardwaood team members and their coaches including: Tom Bembrook, Paoli, Ind.; Bob Gilbert, Renessalaer, Ind.; Ralph Pedersen, Columbia, Mo.; Harold Sebring, Indianapolis, In.; Waldo Sauter, Murray, Ky; Paul Underwood, Goshen, Ind.; Evert Hosel, Culver; and Russell Burns and Dean E. Walker both of Plymouth.

    The Ladies night affair is expected to attract a large crowd of fans. Ticket chairman Jesse Overmyer has announced that tickets may be purchased from Lion members Jim Bonine and Earl Eckman and at the State Exchange Bank. The banquet will be served by the ladies of the Burr Oak Church of God.

1964 - Apr 8 - Henny Penny Chicken SUpper - Sponsored by Culver Lions Club Saturday April 11 C.H.S. Band Building 5:30-7:30 P.M. Audults $1.25, Children 75 cents; Advance ticket sales only

1964 - May 20 - After-Prom-Party A Huge Success
    The Culver Lions Club sponsoerd "After-Prom-Party" was an instant success last Saturday night, when it was held at the Plymouth COuntry Club with an attendance of approximately 85 guests and chaperons.

    Dancing began at 12:30 p.m. with Bob McFarland's band furnishing the music. Dancing continued until 2:15 for intermission. During intermission, Rev. James Campbell, minsiter of the Plymouth Presbyterian Church, entertained the guests with feats of magic. Rev. Campbell's program was very well recieved Dancing again resumed at 3:00 a.m. and continued until 4:30 a.m. when a deliicious breakfast of fruit juice, ham and scrambled eggs, rolls and coffee were served.

    Attending the all-night party were Juniors and Seniors of the Culver High School and their guests and chaperons Mr. and Mrs. Donald Davis, Mrs. and Mrs. ROnald Tusing, Dr. and Mrs. Duane Powers, and James McAllister. Mr. McAllister was chairman of the event.

    Mr. McAllister wishes to thank all those who helped make the party the success that it was and special thanks to Mr. "Smokey" Stutzman, manager of the Country CLub, and his aids in adding to the success of the party.

1964 - Jul 1 - Culver Lions Club Officers Installed
    Culver Lions Club, following the very interesting adress of Robert Schram, vie chairman of the Indiana Port Commission, last Wedensday evening, June 24, installed the officers, who will serve for the 1964-65 year. Earl Dean Overmyer conducted the installation ceremonies.

    Officer who were installed were: Dr. Oscar Wesson, presidfent; A. N. Poppe, 1st vice president; Norman Baker, 2nd vice president; Whitney Kline, 35rd vice president; James Bonine, secretrary-treasurer; Lion tamer, Art Smith; tail twister, Earl Eckman, DOonald Davis, Dr. Joseph Howard, and Richard Hosel ; First year directors Edgar Shaw, Andrew Vernum and W. L. Thompson; wnd year directors, WIlliam Washburn, Edward Schuiltz and James McCombs.

    Officers and directors will meet at the home of Dr. Wesson this evening and lay plans for this year's programs and to appoint committee chairman. These will be announced next week in the citizen.

1964 - Jul 15 - Dr. Oscar Wesson Appoints Lions Club Committees
    Dr. Oscar Wesson, Culver Lions Club president for the year 1964-1965, has announced his appointments for the administrative committees and activities committees for the year.

    Administrative Committees

    Constitution and By-Laws: Thomas K. Walker, CHairman; W. R. Easterday, Carl Adams. Jr., Myron Benner, Earl D. Overmyer.

    Convention: Wilber Taylor, chairman; Homer Kemple. Ralph Osborn, Stanley Sikora, Harold Fitterling

    Finance: Robert Lindvall, chairman; James McAllister, John Bigley, Maurice Nelson, Jesse McCalla

    Lions Information: Willard Zechiel, Chairman; Everett Easterday, Earl Eckman, Larry Wlesh

    Membership: Earl Eckman, chairman; Raymond Manis, Carl Adams Sr., C. W. Epply

    Program: A. N. Poppe and Norman Baker.

    Activities Committees

    Agriculture: DOn DAvies, chairman; Eldon Davis, Edward Schultz, Whitney Kline, Richard Hosel, RObert Osborn.

    Boys and Birls: Norman Baker, chairman; Jack Campbell, Fred Adams, Peter Onesti

    Citizenship and Patritism: W. L. Thompson, chairman; RObert Rust, W. O. Osborn, Maj. Gen. D. Spivey.

    Civic Improvement and Community Betterment: ANdrew Vernum, chairman; Joseph McCarthey, Winfield Hansen, James McCombs, Marion Jones.

    Education: John Mars, chairman; Kenneth Cole, Glenn Cooleman, J. T. Stinchcomb.

    Health and Welfare: Dr. E. Duane Powers, chairman; Jacob Pedersen, Edgar Shaw, Fred Stettbacher.

    House committee: James Bonine, chairman; W. R. Washburn, Jesse Overmyer

    Official Club Greeters: Paul Snyder Jr.; Jampton Boswell

    Saftey: DOn Mikesell, chairman; Sam Medbourn, Paul Kaley, John Lucas, O.T. Smith

    Sight Conservation and work for Blind: Dr. F. L. Babcock, chairman; Robert Cultice, Lester Snyder, Dr. Joseph Howard, Kenneth Williams.

1964 - Jul 15 - Lions Corn ROast Jul 25th
    The Culver Lions Club 16th Annual Corn Roast will be held on Saturday, July 25, at the Culver City Park. Don Davis is chairman of the event.

    All the good delicious corn you can eat, hamburger sandwiches,, ice cream, coffee or ice tea to drink. All for $1.00 for adults and 75 cents for children under 12.

    The event is being scheduled a little later this year than usual in order to have pently of corn that is at the height of creamy goodness. So come on down to the City Park, Saturday, July 25., and enjoy a coern roast as only the Lions can prepare. Serving starts ar 5:30 p.m. and goes on untill 8:00 p.m. Porceeds go for the Lions civic activities.

1964 - Jul 29 - 1,260 Hamburgers Consumed at Lions Corn Roast -
    It was an ideal evening evening for the Culver Lions Club's 15th Annual corn roast and hamburger fry, which was held last Saturday evening, Jul 25, in the Culver Town Park. Serving started at 5:15 and continued will past the 8 o'clock hour.

    It was estimated by the corn roast chairman, Don Davis that approximately 700 persoooon were served during the 2 1/2 hour time. The guests consumed 210 pounds of hamburger, which made 1,260 hamburgers, 205 dozen roasting ears , and over 50 gallons of iced tead. Approximately 700 cups of ice cream were also served.

    Fifty Lions took part in the event, with each Lion having a certain part in the smooth running affair.

    The proceeds from the corn roast will be used for the Little League baseball program and other civic programs that are a part of the Lion's year-round civic activities.

    The Lions wish to express their appreciaiton to the public for the fine support of the corn roast. It is deeply appreciated. DOn Davis, chairman of the project, extends his thanks to the Lions who helped with the project and all others who had any part in the success of the annaul activity.

The Lions Club in the mid 1980's moved to the Culve Depot - which they under took the restoration and preservation of the historic 1925 building and became the leaseholder of it as well as the caretakers for it.

Dedication of the renovated Depot ELmer Haun, Mike Overmyer and ?

Today is