Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

101 E. Lakeshore Drive  

Empty Lot 1906 - 1937

1924 - Apr 2 - M. R. Cline to American Legion Lots 16 and 17 Original Culver $1500

    Lot 17 is 428 School St.

1937 - American Legion -
1948 - Jan. 21 - Indiana Bell Telephone Co. has purchased the lot at the corner of Lake Shore Drive and Main and School Streets and plans to construct a new telephone building and establish dial service in Culver at a later date.

1956 - (built) - Indiana Bell Telephone Company - 1956-1984, Parent company AT& T 1920-1983

    1956 - Aug 25 - The telephone technicians moved into the new telephone building here this week to start installation of the dial switching equipment that will bring dial service Culver

    Sometime during the early 1960's the closed their customer service office that was housed in the building - and you could no longer pay your bill there. Personally I cannot remember in being open in 1962 if it was then - as I walked past the office to school each day from Aug. 1962- till summer of 1963 when we moved into the Crabb rental on Main St.

1957 - FEBRUARY 27 Indiana Bell has announced the appointment of Richard S. Musser as manager of the Culver telephone exchange.

Indiana Bell Telephone Company - 1950's-1984, Parent company AT&T 1920-1983

1973 NOVEMBER 8, - INDIANA BELL IMPROVES SERVICE READY FOR SERVICE-Bell technicians Bill Martin [left! and Mike Bennett make a final check of equipment in the Culver telephone buDding which starts today, November 8th, and wlll enable one- and two-party phone users to direct dial long distance calls themselves without the necessity of giving their phone number to an operator

Indiana Bell Telephone Company, Inc. d/b/a Ameritech Indiana- 1984-1999

Indiana Bell Telephone Company, Inc. d/b/a Southern Bell Company/SBC Indiana - 1999-2005

Indiana Bell Telephone Company, Inc. d/b/a AT& T Indiana - 2006-2013 [OP LOT 16 ]

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