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101 N. Main St.  

189- ??Blacksmith Shop ??

18_ ?? Roberts Hardware ???

    Unsure of - could be - 120 S M or even 102 S. Main - have yet to come with anything on the busines other than the name.

1895 ??Variety Store, 1895 - E. M. George??

Believe it or not, this is how the present State Exchange Bank corner appeared approximately 80 years ago when Culver was known as Marmont. The above photo of the corner of Main and Jefferson Streets, looking northwest, shows the J. H. Koontz Hardware Store as it appeared in 1884.

Note the hitching posts, the board walk, and the "old town pump" and beyond the frame building , to the left, is the tower of the old school house which sat on the land now utilized by the first block of North Ohio Street.

Henry Koontz building

18851889 - Culver Post office - John Koontz came in with Cleveland's first administration and the office was then removed to Henry Koontz'a building on the site of the new bank building.

1897 - March 19 - H. A. Cook & Co., formerly of South Bend, have rented the store in the Koontz building and will open a drug and grocery store about next week. Their goods have arrived and are being placed in position. The Herald extends to them a welcome.

1898 - Feb 24 - Koontz & Rea Buildings burned

1900 - Apriil 13 - Dr. Wiseman has moved a building from his residence lot, upon the Koontz lot opposite Porter & Co's store, and will fit. the same up for an office. When finished it will compare favorably with any in the country.
    Workmen are busy putting the finishing touches upon Dr. Wiseman's office, and when finished, it will be a credit to the street. - May 4, 1900

    In 1964 Mrs. Golda McLane stated that, "Where the original bank building stands, there was a small green building with two steps, which were on the side walk entering what was then Dr. Wiseman's office". In describing an old postcard of Main Street looking south from Washington Street.

1903 - Oct 1 - Cook Bros
1904 - Oct 5 - Cook Bros. sold their hardware stock to Marbaugh Bros. of Monterey

1907 - Apr. 11 - New Business Block to Be Erected 0n Main Street This Season by S. C. Shilling
    There is an excellent preospect of Culver adding to its business facilities this season a new bulding which will be a home for its Exchange Bank and post office.

    S.C. Shilling, proprietor of the bank owns the vacant corner lot on Main and Jefferson Streest, and has concluded to occupy it with a two story brick building, 30x99, the front or Main street half to be used as a permanent home for his bank and the rear half for the post office provided the governemet will sanction its removal from its present location.

    Staurday a petition was circulated and largely signed asking the post office department to make the change,

    As the postmaster and every visiting inspector had for some time realized the inadequacy of the present quarters it is probable that the departement will approve the change. Mr. Shilling will wait for the action of the departement before drafting the plans for the proposed building.

    The second story is likely to be devoted to flats and offices, for which there is a growing demand in Culver.

    As the corner in question is one of the best it town it is fitting and desirable that it should be improved with a building of modern design and creditable to the important interests to which it will give shileter.

Exchange Bank - built 1907-1917; and it was re-chartered in 1917 as the State Exchange Bank and existed till Jan 1985

During the years between 1907 and 1968 the bank building was home to a varied amount of businesses as follows:
    Masonic Lodge - Upstairs 1907-1960's

    Culver Post Office - abt.1907-1935
      1907 - A new building was built to house the bank and post office. The 1914 and 1924 Sanborn maps show the post office in the first floor rear of the State Exchange Bank building.

      1910 - Jul 21 - The Town Board has rented an office rooom in the bank building, vacating its old quarters in the Read Building.

      1925 - March 27 - Next Sunday morning the post office will be moved into its temporary home in the Warner Building on Main Street to allow the tearing down of the present structure.

      1925 - May 1 - Friday was a busy day at the new post office when concrete was poured for the main floor. (it was behind the State Exchange bank or a part of that building)

      1927 - December 28 The government has taken a ten-year lease of the present quarters of the local post office with the State E xchange Bank and the officials of the bank have made plans to make the local office a model in every respect.

      1935 - March 27 - Next Sunday morning the post office will be moved into its temporary home in the Warner Building on Main Street to allow the tearing down of the present structure

    James I. Barnes Construction Company 1920-1953
      Russell L. Easterday Const. & Supply Co. - 1953-c1958

    State Exchange Finance Co. - 1923-1983
    State Exchange Insurance Company1923-1985
      At the 1923 Annual Stockholders Meeting of State Exchange Bank, a new corporation was organized, to be known as State Exchange Finance Company (SEFCO). At this time, six hundred shares of SEFCO stock, $10 par value, were issued to bank stockholders in the same proportion as their stock in the State Exchange Bank. The assets of the SEFCO were at all times pledged to State Exchange Bank. The purpose of the new company was to afford development of specialized areas of insurance, real estate and financing.


    Western union Office - 19_ -May 1952

    ? Dr. C. G. Mackey, MD.

    Tailor Shop ?- 1924 - M. Stuprich
      November 3, 1924 M. Stuprich has moved his tailor shop to his home since the bank plans to start remodeling its building at once.

    Calumet Gas and Electric
      November 25,1925 - Calumet Gas and Electric moves into new quarters in the new bank building. The new room faces south and is just completed

    F. G. Solomon Opens Law Office in Bank Building
      F. G. Solomon, has opened a law office in room 4 of the State Exchange Bank Building and is already busy taking care of matters of a leafeal nature.

      Mr. Solomon has been studying law for several years ans was admittied to the bar some time ago, but has not been free to take up an active practive until the present time. - Jan 26 1927

    < br> Cleta's Beauty shop ?-1927-1938 - Cleta Easterday
      1940 - Se 11 - Bess Easterday Buys Cleta's Beauty Shop - Miss Bess Esterday is now the owner of Cleta's Beatuy Shop, which she bought or Rosalie Lower, effective last Monday. Louise Stout will continue as manafer, with Cleta Berger as assistant

    Dr. J. R. Robinson DDS - 1930 - ?
      1930, jul. 2 - Dr. J. R. Robinson, dentist at the Academy for the past several years, has opened an office in the State Exchanged Bank Building and will continue his practice there.

    The Bernice beauty shop - 1930-?
      1930 - Aug. 27 - Mrs. Hazel B. Allman and Mrs. Bernice Allman Umbaiugh as proprietors, opened Aug. 22, on the second floor of the State Exhange Bank Building.

      1935 - March 13 - Mr. and Mrs. Earl Blanchard have purchased the Bernice Beauty Shop of Hazel Alleman and took over the business last week.

    Alice Beauty Shop - ? - 1944
      1944 - Apr 26 - Mr. and Mrs Edwin Umbaugh, of Argos have bought the Alice in the State Exchange building of Miss Alice Ridgeway

      1944 - Jul 26 - Changes Beatuy Shops - Mrs. Mary Alice Hill will become manager of Helen's Beauty PPArlor next Monday after serving in a similar capacity for the past nine months' at Cleta's and being previously associated with the Silhouette

      Cleta's Beatury SHop will now be known as Bernice Beauty SHop and will be operated by Mrs. Bernice Umbaugh and Miss Dorothy ALice Stachowski.

    Dr. Donald Reed 1932-
      1932 sep 14 - Dr. Donald Reed has announced the opening of his office for the practice of medicine in The State Exchange Bank Building.

    Dr. Norman S. Norris [Norris family] 19__-19__

    Methodist Church Office - 1952

    Betty's Beauty Shop - 1952

The State Exchange Bank - The bank as it appeared from 1925-1958. In 1924, the bank purchased the lot to the north of the bank to enlarge the bank building. Plans have been made that the bank will occupy the entire front across the two lots with the telegraph office in a room on the south side. Albert F. Stahl got the contract for the building. In early February of 1925, dismantling of the old building began. The bank continued operations in the Menser Building, across the street from the bank, until the grand opening of the renovated building one year later.

Sowly the above business (Beauty shop) either moved out or disovled and by 1968 only the Masonic Lodge remained To provide for needed expansion at Culver, remodeling called for using the entire second floor of the building. The Masonic Lodge, which had occupied quarters on the second floor of the bank building since 1907, moved across Main Street to the K of P. Building. Expansion included bookkeeping space on the second floor, new quarters for SEFCO and Insurance offices on the second floor and remodeling of first floor offices.

A 1956 Culver Citizen article detailing the planned remodeling of the bank and remodeling was completed by 1958 when an open house was held. along with the addition of the parking lot in the back of the building streching the full length of the block until the 2001 when renovation of the old bulding and building of the addition to the library occured it was then that the north half of the parking was converted to the library

    State Exchange Insurance Company 1923-1985

    State Exchange Finance Co. / SEFCO 1923-1983
      They moved out of the upstairs portion of the bank to allow for bookkeeping expansion there; sometime about 1983 they moved into the NIPSCO building

      On December 30, 1982, SEFCO filed for protection under Chapter 11 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code and began to virtually be non existent; just exact date it ceased to exist has not been asertained as yet.

      State Exchange Ins. Co. remained in business in buisiness under that name until some time after January 24, 1985, when the merger of the merger of The State Exchange Bank and Farmers State Bank was consummated and NorCen Bank was born and the insurance company's name was changed to NorCen Insurance and was sold in 1999 bieing purchased byRichard S. Miller & Sons, Inc of Bremen and about 2001 moved moeved to 116 N. Main Street.

NorCen Bank January 24, 1985 -1995, Aug. State Exchange Bank Corp. 
    1st Source Bank,South Bend, IN acquires Norcen Bank-La Paz,IN Branch from Norcen Bank,Culver,Indiana published Dec 31, 1991
    Assets - $50,120,000
    Deposits - $42,994,000

1st Source - 1995, Aug. - ?

Indiana Federal Bank for Savings ?c. 1997-2001, Jun  
    INDIANA FEDERAL CORPORATION, Valparaiso, IN; acquired NCB Corp., Culver, IN and its subsidiary NORCEN BANK, Culver, IN.

5/3 Bank 2001, Jun - 2006, Oct
    CONVERSE, Ind., May 31 2006-- First Farmers Bank & Trust announced today that it has reached a definitive agreement to acquire three banking offices from Fifth Third Bank. The offices are located in Culver, Knox and North Judson, Indiana and have combined deposits and loans of approximately $78 million and $12 million, respectively. The transaction is expected to be completed late in the third quarter and requires regulatory approval.

First Farmers Bank & Trust 2006, Oct- 2013  

    OP LOT #7 S 60' & 1/2 VAC ALLEY ADJ

    COM 16.5' WEST OF NW COR LOT 9 OP CULVER TH S0-04-49W ALG W LN VACATED ALLEY 75' TO POB TH CONT S0-04-49W 123.21' TO N LN JEFFERSON ST TH S89-05-14W 99.64' TH N0-05-17E 123.37' TH N89-10-51E 99.62' TO POB & 1/2 VAC ALLEY ORD 2002-005

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