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Michael Stuprich, Talior  

1922 - Sep 6 - M. Stuprich - Tailor - Cleaning, Dyeing, Pressin, and Repairning of Ladies' and Gents Garments - - Suit Made to Order Laundry Office 0 Birtg if Bank - Phone 155

1922 - Sep 12 - Ray Fisher has sold his interest in the restaurant to his partner and has bought the laundry department of the Stuprich's shop. The latter will continue the pressing, cleaning which has grown so that it requires his entire time.

1922 - Nov. 29 - M Stuprich Rents Lummis House - M. Stuprich has rented the house east of the Citizen building now occupied by A. D. Lummis, who expects to moce Friday to the Roberts cottahe on Bunker Hill

1923 - Aug. 22 - ...Stuprich's taile shop was entered through a back window. The boys took an American penny and an AUstrian nickel which were being saved by M. Stuprich as souvenirs. They were the only conis that he owned when he landed in the United States.

1924, - November 3 - M. Stuprich has moved his tailor shop to his home since the target=new bank plans to start remodeling its building at once.

1924 - Mov. 5 - M. Stuprich has Moved His Tailor Shop to Home

    M. Stuprich has moced his tailr shop from the building north of the bank to his home, first door east of the Electric Light oggice and will transact business there.

    Mr. Stuprich found the move necesaary since the bank plans to tear down that building before spring.

    Mr. Stuptrich will have a room in the new bank building it is understoof

1925 - Jul 8 = Stang and Stuprich to Movve to Menser Bldg.
    A ten year lease has been signed my M. Stuprich and Stran Brose for the south room on the first floor of the Menser Building. This space is now used by the State Exchange Bank.

    The room will be divided into two sections, the north hald to be used for the barber shop, and the south portion for the tailor shop.

    The rooms are to be refurnished and remodeled into first class conditionand are to be very attractive.

    The two firms hop to be able to moce into their places of business about September 1st but will be governed by the progress on the new bank building.

1926 - Feb - 10 - M. Stuprich, Tailor, Moves Into His New Location
    Mr> Stuprich has finally become settled in his new location of the lower floor of the Mineser building. The change was made late last week. In his new place, Mr. Stuprich has the oppertunity of giving window display of his wares which is almost necessary for on in his business. The room has been artistically decorated and presents a very pleasing appearance.

1929 - G. T. McCullough Takes Over Stuprich's Shop

Michael Stuprich b. Birth: 4 Jul 1889 Tcatad, AUstria-Hungery Birth: Michael Stuprich Death: 19 Apr 1949 Culver, Marshall, Indiana Burial: Culver Masonic Cemetery Culver Marshall County Indiana son of Karl Stuprich and Anna Blattner
    Michael Stuprich Passes Awarm Funeral Thursday

    Michael Stuprich, age 59, well known Academy Tailor Shop Manager and Designer, passed away at his home after a bried illness.

    Mr. Stuprich was stricken with a heart attach a week ago Monday and he hand been critically ill since.

    He was born in Teatad, in olde Austria-Hungary where he spent his boyhood.

    SOon after the turn of the century he came to America.

    He became affiliated with the Academy arounf the year 1916 and with exception of an interval of approximately eight years, when he was with another firm.

    Mike as his is familiarly known among his workers has been a member of the Academy staff

    He is survived by his wife, Mrs. ELizabeth Stuprich; on daughter Mrs. Anna Schlosser of Plymouth; a son, CHarles Stuprich of Memphis, Tenn; and one grandchild.

    Funeral sercvices will be conducted at the Methodist Church at 2 p.m. on Thursday with interment in the Culver Cemetery.

    Friends may Call at the Easterday funeral home. - CUlver Citizen 20 Apr. 1949
married Elizabeth Northof Birth: 31 May 1892 - Austria-Hungary Death: 28 Oct 1964 Plymouth Marshall county Indiana Burial: Culver Masonic Cemetery Culver Marshall County Indiana daughter of Anton Northof & Margaret Wagner

    Anna F Stuprich birth 16 Jan 1910 cook county Illinois Death Date: 15 Dec 1984 Plymouth, Marshall, Indiana, married 1st William Albertus Schlosser Birth: 26 Aug 1909 Plymouth, Marshall, Indiana Death: 20 Oct 1971 - Plymouth, Marshall, Indiana Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery Plymouth Marshall County Indiana s son of Samuel Schlosser & Ada A Hodges; She married 2nd George Stevens Burial: Oak Hill Cemetery Plymouth Marshall County Indiana

    Charles A / Anton Carl Stuprich Birth: 3 Mar 1913 cook county Illinois Died: May 1973 Burial: Culver Masonic Cemetery Culver Marshall County Indiana

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