Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

101 South Main Street  

Lot 6 Grocery

1899/1900 - 1904 - ?John Osborn

    John osborn established and conducted a provision store here for four years. The business was then sold to the Stahl brothers.

190_ - ? Stahl's Brother's Grocery 1906 - Boarding - Hotel & Eating house - 1906 Main & Jefferson
    Morris Hotel - Margaret Morris, prop. 

    In 1964 Mrs. Golda McLane stated that, "The house with the porch was where the Morris Boarding House was located". In describing an old postcard of Main Street looking south from Washington Street.

1914 - Dwelling/Hotel & Eating house Main & Jefferson

1907 Apr 25 - W. E. Hand [Walter Hand] moves to the Morris property on Main street

1910 , March 10 - Hand Corner To Be Improved
    W. E. Hand received plans for a new building which will occupy the ground owned by him on the corner of Main and Jefferson streets within the coming twelve months if no unforeseen circumctances prevent.

    The building is to be a two-story brick, 40X99, covering the sitte of the Hand residence and the cottage in the rear.

    The first floor plan shows a double store room for the gorcery department with a solif glass front on Main street and a corner entrance. At the rear running transversely, with its fron on Jefferson street, will be the meat market.

    The scond story contains three flats for family purposes. Each flat will consist of a parlor, dining room, kitchen and two bedrooms and bathroom.

    The cost of the improvement will be between $6,000 and $10,000

101 S. Main to the north now Heritage Park; 103 S. Main the tall brick building - 1919

1919 - Jan 8 - W. E. Hand has begun work on the improvement of his Main Street property. A new front will be constructed which will extend the building to the street line. The building will then be used for store purposes.

1919 Mar 19 - Ed hand will open a cash and carry grocery in his remodeled Main street building in about four weeks

1924 - 'S' - 1924 Main & Jefferson

1926 - Feb 24 - Another building project has been announced for Culver to start off the year of 1926. Walter M. Hand, owner of the corner property immediately south of the new bank building, formally announced yesterday that he would build a filling station thereon. It is hoped by Mr. Hand to have it finished by April 1.

    Said to have been the 1868 school house which he purchased and had moved to this corner. It was used for a home until 1919 when it was remodeled and turned into a Store. It was finally torn down in 1926. The Citizen reported that there was still plenty of use in the old oak frame.

A 1930's View which is was a crop out of a 1930's postcard depicting the bank and the library, and a part of the Jefferson intersection. The view to the right depicts the 103 S. Main building behind a 1 story building which possibly was to be the early gas station office before the one familiar to us as 'Gordon's texaco'

1932 - W. M. Hand & Son to operate Gas Station
    Effective June 1, W. M. Hand & Sons will take over the Standard Oil service station at the corner of Main and Jefferson streets, now operated by Mikesell & Son.

    Col. Hand is the owner of the property, but the station will be under the active charge of his sons, Merwin and Donald.

? - 1943 - Wm. M. Hand & Sons Service Station c 1935 Don Hand
    1943 - June 30 - Buys Service Station - George Crutchfield of Indianapolis has bought Hand's Service Station and will open for business July 1. The real estate was not involved in the transaction. He formerly operated a station at Connersville. He is married and has one child, and will live in the Snyder apartment on East Washington Street.

    George Crutchefield is also associated with the one directly across the the street in 1946 at 102 S Main unless on in same - but it is referred to as Marathon

1944 - 1946 - Barnhardt Standard Service -
    1946 - Jan 2 - A. T. Barnhardt Sells Standard Station to M. Taylor & son of South Bend.
1946-152-? Gordon's Standard Service - 1952
    1946 - May 29 - Gordon Cultice buys Service Station Site
      Gordon Cultice has bought the land and building at the corner of Main and Jefferson streets, now occupied by the Standard Service Station of W. M. Hand and son.

      He expects to take over the operation of the service station in the near future.

      M. Taylor is now the station manager.

      Mr. cultice is no stranger to the service station business as he successfuly operaterd the Marathon Service station for ten years, resigning when inducted into service.

    1946 - Jul 3 - Takes over Sevice Station - Gordon Cultice is now operating the Standard Service station a tht he corner of Main and Jeffersons treest. He bought the business and property recently from W. M. Hand and son. Charles Baker is the assistant at the station now.

1952 - Apr 23 - Building Addition to Service Station
    Construction of as 20X26 foot addition tot he Gordon's Standard Service staion is moving rapidly. The new roo which will be used for bulrication and service of cars will house newly purchased equipment, according to Gordon Cultice, proooprietor. Forrest Curtis and Roger Thews are the contractors erecting the addition.

1958, Sep - 198_ Gordon's Texaco - ?-1980's - Gordon Cultice

Gordon Cultice's satation across from the bank after all of these years has switched from Standard products to Texaco. Cultice has invested in a new $6,000 Texaco delivery Truck

Some of the associates and employees - Ralph Neff c. 1961; c. 1970's Ed Miller, David Crabb

198_ - 1997, Jan 14 _ Stood Empty

    6 November 1996 - The Antiquarian and Historical Society of Culver revealed plans for a small park on the site of the former Texaco gasoline station at the southwest corner of Main and Jefferson

    The Building was demolished and clean-up was done eithe late 1997 or early 1998

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