Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

1022 East Shore Drive - Shady Bluff  

Section 22 - ? acres
    Nesswagh-ee Reservation

Section 22
    Section 22 Lot 1 - 37.70A; 40
    Section: 22 Lot 2 - 45.45A
    Section 22 Lot 3 - 32.00A
    Section 22 Lot 4 - 35.70A

1872 Plat Map Section 22 Lot 1 - 37.32 - G. Peeples
Lot 2 - 45.45A S & J. W Rector
Lot 3 32A - S. Rctor
S & J W Rector - 40A A Smith - 80A 3.90A - A W B
.97? - D J
159A - J. C. Miles a part in Sec. 23-
A Bartholomew 35.70A

1876 Plat Map Section 22
    J C Miles - 158A

1880 Plat Map Section 22 Platted cottage lots
G. Peeples 35.5A Rector & Thomas 85A & 32A H. B. Scott 34.50A





1898 - 1919 - Wheeler Cottage ?

Shady Bluff by facts found they place the cottage in two different locations this one and at 1040 East shore drive I have place all information on Shady Bluff there - names only on these pages

The middle cottage at 1022 appears to be old enough to possibly be a part of the original structure of "Shady Bluff"

1906 - May 17 Married in Alabama - Robert E. Morrision of Indianapolis is a lake resorter well-known in Culver. He went South last fall for the benefit of his health, driving a wagon. News comes that he was married in Alabama recently to a lady of that state. Mr. Morrison owns "Shady Bluff" cottage on the east side of the lake.

1909 Jul 29 - Margaret E. Bliss to Elizabeth Marmon pt. of lot in sec 22 Union $5000

1913 - Mar 27 - First Touch of Spring - ...The roof of Shady Bluff cottage on the east side of the lake, owned by the Wheeler heirs of Indianapolis, was blown into the road where it bloacked traffic until it was chopped in tow. The water tank on the lot was also blown over...

Henry Bliss Photo Album - The photograph titled "Shady Bluff South Side" (the two boys with two dogs on the beach) is actually taken from the south side of Shady Bluff showing the north and lake side of our cottage, 1040 East Shore Drive, which was owned by the Wheeler heirs and then was purchased about 1913 by Gideon and Florence Blain, our grandparents. - Mary Stuart Clark, Margot Helms Maxinkuckee August 1994. 1928 - Jul 18 - Mrs. Henry R. Bliss from Indianapolis has bought the old Wheeler cottage on the East side and after remodeling it will occupuy it for the summer

1929 - Nov. 20 - Walter Vonegut and wife WD Margaret H. Bliss Lots 6 & 7 Vonneguts Subdivision 22-31-1 $845.75

1956 - Aug. 29 - Henry W. Bliss, Lake Resident 56 years, Dies at Indianapolis - Funeral services were held this morniing for Henry W. Bliss, prominent Indianapolis and summer resident of 1022 East Shore Drive
    The Bliss family came to Lake Maxinkuckee shortly after the turn of the century and purchased the "Shady Bluff" cottage on the East Shore.

1957-8 - Mrs. Henry W. Bliss [Elizabeth M. M Bliss (1901-1999)]
1959 - May 13 Dr. Joseph Walther Family Is Fine Addition to Lake Summer Colony...

    One of the finest and most refreshing additions to the Lake Maxinkuckee summer colongy in recent years is the family of Joseph E. Walther, M.S. and mrs Walther of Indianapolis, who are now comfortably settled in the large home they purchased from the L. J. Powlens of Logansport, one of the most attactive along the East SHore...

    Recently Dr. Walther also bought the Henry W. Bliss place at 1022 East Shore Drive, next to his new Lake home which he shall turn iover to Clinic clients for informal busniess sissions and family outings.

1990, Aug - GUENEVER K PAC transfered 1/5 interest

1990, Aug. 2016 - Karl J Walther & Thomas Paczensy Etal

    DESC: 192.5' N 44D W PT 292.98' S 88D 15'

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