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102 N. Main Street  

Porter & Sons c. 1880 -1896-? 

    pictures and walls do talk! - if one looks very closely at the remmenats of the awning of the last building in the picture to the right - one can read the words Porter & Sons.

    They probably moved into this building sometime before 31 Aug. 1921 when a deal was completed the week before whereby the two-story Knights of Pythias Building at 180 N Main Street erected in in 1895/6 became the property of W. S. Easterday.

    and from the 1905 are booklet - Porter & Company -- Reliability, conservatism and steady-going are factors in town or city building. These factors, with sufficient capital in a mercantile enterprise promote and insure success. This firm meets the rquirements of successful operations in trade. This has been the well established fact in the town of Culver 25 years. the trade in general merchandise has been to the limit of practical efficiency, as a consequence the business firm has been on a paying basis, profits to these merchants and great accommodations to the public of parts of four counties - Marshall, Strark, Pulaski and fulton. Porter & Co. do a business that amounts annually to the supply and demand of several thousand people.

Barber - 1906  

1909 - March 18,The Rector Pharmacy and the A l Porter Confectionery recently opened giving Culver two more up-to-date stores.
    1909 - March 18, The well-known landmark, the rock maple tree in the center of the walk in front of the Porter property on Main Street, was cut down recently by Henry Overman and Abe French
Porter & Sons resturaunt & lunch room - c 1911 - Al Porter
    1910 Mar 31 Al Porter is excavating 28 feet for a basement under his store building and will build a 15 foot exentsion on the rear. A furance will be installed in due time.

    1910 - Apr 7 - Al Porter has moved the small building which stood in the rear of his resturant to th depot and will run a resturant in it this summer

    1910, Dec 15 - A Business Change - A. L. Porter & sons have sold their resturant to Jesse Crabb who took possession Sunday with Tim Wolf as assistant. Mr. Crabb's house went with the deal. H. J. Meredith negotiated the deal

    1912 Jan 11 W. H. and Al Porter have bought the Jesse Crabbe restaurant which was formerly owned and successfully managed by Al porter.

    1912 - Oct 3 - The fronts of the Zechiel Meat Market, Rector's Pharmacy, and Porters' Restaurant have all received a fresh coat of white paint with green trimmings

    1912 - Nov. 14 - Alva Porter last Saturday purchased the interest of his partner, W. H. Porter, in the restaurant.
restaurant & Confec'y - 1914

1919 Sep. 10 Culver Citizen ad:

For Sale

Lot 22X99 ft., corner of Main and Jefferson, opp. Culver Bank, restaurant building and office.

Lot 65X99 with cottage and barn, S. Main, Culver Ind.

Two acres improved gorund with buildings, adj. Culver corportation.

For Price and terms, write Alva L. Porter., Plymouth Ind.

Culver Cafe - 1919-20 Arthur Simpson, Prop.
    1920 Oct 13 - Simpson to Sanders - Arthur Simpson has sold his uptown restaurant to John Sanders of Bsass lake, an experienced caterer

1922 - Nov 15 - Sale of Business Property
    Alva L. Porter has sold his business corner on Main street to John Sanders for $5000. Mr. Sanders has also bought the restaurant business conducted on the property by Ray Fisher and Chas. Lyons and will take possesion Dec. 1

'S' 1924

Main Cafe - Paul Snyder 1928 - 1933
    1928, Aug 10 Paul Snyder took over Harry Sander's restaurant the first of the month.

    1933 - Sep 20 - Paul Snyder sold the Main Cafe to Mrs. A. E. Thessin.

Main Cafe - Mrs. E. A. Thessin - 1933
    Culver Citizen 20 Sep. 1933 - Mrs. E. A. Thessin has purchased the Main Cafe of Paul Synder who has operated the resturant successfully for the past five years. He plans to devote his spare time to his chicken farm west of town on State Road 10

    1935 - May 22 - The management of the restaurant opposite the bank has been changed from E. A. Thessin to Paul Snyder, assisted by Glenn Snyder.

Culver Cafe 7 Jul 1937 - ? - Mr. & Mrs. Garl Cultice
    1937 July 7 – Arthur Simpson sells Coffee Shop to Mr. and Mrs. Garl Cultice

Culver Cafe Mr. & Mrs. Leo Butler Aug 1943 - Aug 1955
    1944 - aug. 9 Leo Butler and Charles Cook have purchased the restaurant owned by Paul Snyder.

    1945 - Jan 1924 Charles Cook sold his interest in the Culver Cafe to Leo Butler

    Aug. 17, 1955 - Culveršs Main Street business district experienced still another significant change Monday when the ownership of The Culver Cafe changed from Mr. and Mrs. Leo Butler to Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Williams. The Butlers observed their 12th anniversary in that location on August 15. Catherine Williams will manage the restaurant and Mr. Williams will continue as a field representative for The State Exchange Bank. The restaurant business is a familiar one to Mrs. Williams since her father formerly ran an eating establishment in Royal Center. Mrs. and Mrs. Williams plan to do considerable redecorating and remodeling. They will feature good food at moderate prices. Their grand opening date will be announced in The Citizen.

Culver Cafe Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth Williams (Catherine)

Culver Cafe - Paul Snyder

Do you know anything of a family restaurant in central Culver in 1957?

It was owned by a family of mother, father, 2 sons and one daughter, the children all about 10-18 years old.

I believe they lived in a rural home and attended a protestant church.

Thanks, George Allen.

It is said that all the Snyder kids worked in the restaurant at one time or another while they owned it.

19_- 1957 - Newburg's

1957 - Apr. 17 - Dave Wallens Buy The Culver Cafe From Newburg's
    Mr. and Mrs. Dave Wallen have Purchased The Culver Cafe from Mr. and Mrs. Gunnard Newberg and took over the management of the Main Street business on Monday, April 8.

    The Wallens are nto newcomers to CUlver as they moved here in 1949 when they bought the Sickman famr on Thorn Rd. and operated a grocery store in Medaryvilee and Mrs. Wallen had had some expereience in the restaurant business, working for her father who for many years owned a cafe in Medaryville

    Mr. and Mrs. Wallen have four children Charlotte,20; Sandra, 14; Micharl 11; and Gary 9. They are members of the Burr Oak Church of God; and Mrs. Wallen and Charlote belong to the Culver Rebekah Lodge.

    Mrs Wallen, who will manage the cafe, will be assisted by her daughter, Charlotte, and Mr. Wallen will continue farming. CHarlotte is to be married on June 8 to Orville Blessing of Knox and the young couple will make their home in Culver.

Irene's Cafe - 1957

1958 - April 23 - The Culver Cafe at the northeast corner of Main and Jefferson has again changed ownership. Mrs. Irene Wallen has sold the restaurant to Mr. and Mrs. James Watson of North Liberty.

1959 - Culver Cafe Is Closed By A $4000 Fire
    Resturant Man Has Heart Attack

    A 4:30 a.m. fine on the Fourth of July caused $4,000 water and smoke damage to the Culver Cafe at the northeast corner of Main and Jefferson Streets and closed the restaurant operated by James Watson, until further notice.

    The old frame building, across from the bank, was formerly owned by Mrs. Clara Sanders, now residing in Flordia, but was recently purchased by a Culver merchant according to rumor.

    Watson suffered a heart attack shortly after he led his wife and five children to safety from their smoke fileed quarters above the retaurant.

    A Theif IN The Crowd.

    Moreover, Watson stated that someone entered his apatment after the early monring fire and stole a $125 hig fidelity record player.

    He said the loss in partly covered by insurance.

    Fire Chief David Burns said the blaze started in an overheated compressor in the basement of the building.
    Watson was awakened by the barking of the family dog. He said the apartment was filled with smoke

    Family Flees Flames

    He woke his wife, Inez, and their five children; all under 12 years of age, and led them to saftey before calling the fire department. WHile watching the firemen fight the blaze from the street he suffered the heart attack

    The youngsters, Roy, Emily, Robert, James and Roger were taken to the home of their grandparents Mr. and Mrs Roy Watson at Medaryville.

1959 - Aug. 5 - The Culver Cafe at the northeast corner of Main and Jefferson Strets, a landmark at that location for many years, is now just a pleasant or unpleasant memory depending upon the appraisal of your l last cup of Coffee there. Raymond Kline is the new owner of the building and future plans for the building have not been announced

Time frame is January 5, 1955 Gretter' purchased the Royal Blue Store and Aug 5 1959 - Aug. 5 Raymond Kline purchased the cafe building

Klines 1959-1989 - Raymond E. Kline

    They were orginialy located at 113 S. Main St.

    1952 June 18 - Raymond R. Kline has purchased the Oberlin Electric Appliance store, it was announced last Saturday by Ben Oberlin, veteran Culver businessman.

    During the late 1960's into the 1970's Charles "Ed" Ricciardi was Tv technician

    When McKinnis Pharmacy moved from the downtown ares about the the corner of St. Rd. 10 & 17 Klines expanded into that building tearing out the wall in between to increase there showroom size for appliances and TV's

This shows the side view and the long time telephone booth that sat on the corner for years which is now a thing of the past.
It also had Upstairs Apartments

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