Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

103 Lake Shore Dr. - 'Gandy Corner'  

1906-1933, Jul - Dwelling  

    Swigart Sells Lot to Gafill Oil Co.
      Another gsoline service station is to be built in Culver as the result of a recent transaction whereby the Gafill OIl Co., bought the "Tuck" Swigart property at the corner of Main Street and Lakeshore Drive.

      The house remains the property of Mr. Swigart, who plans to move it to the lot north of the D. W. Marks house.

      This lot the Swigarts purchased of Mrs. Sarah Korr-Freeland, of LaPorte.

      This one of the oldest in town and at one time was occupied by Dr. Rea and later by Nathaniel Gandy, father of Mrs. Swigart.

      The Gafill Company announces that it does no plan to build on the lot until next year, but Mr. Swigart plans to move the house in the near future. Jul 12 1933
    Nathaniel Gandy Residence (see family History

    Dr. Oliver A.Rea Residence 
    "Tuck" Swigart Residence - one of the oldest

    abt. 12 Jul. 1933 sold to Gafill Oil Company to build Gas Station in 1934 on it ; The house was moved to Lot 55 that was owned by Sarah E. Freeland (and Charles) to Augusta Swigart, which is now 411 N. Lake Street.


    1933 - Jul 19 - Moving Swigart House - Workmen have started moving the Tuck Swigart house from the corner of Main Street and Lake Shore Drive to Lake Street. The street is blocked to trafic while the house is being moved

Jul. 1933 - Gafill Oil Co. [?Gafill Oil Company of South Bend]
1934 - Jul 18 - Augusta and Irvin D. Swigart to Gafill Oil Co. Lot 22 Ex7 ft. Orig Plat Culver WD $1.00 - Citizen

1937 - Vacant Lot Gafill Oil Co. [?Gafill Oil Company of South Bend]
1037 - September 8 1937 New Service Statuo to be Built by Gafill Oil CO.
    A new Service station and bulk plant will be built by the Gagill Oil company at the corner of Lake Shore Drive and Main stree on the lot formerly owned by "Tuck" Swigart, and Claude Mikesell has been secured to operat the station and truck route.

    Mr. Mikesell states that the work will be started on the new building at oce and that it will be of the super servcice type. The tanks for the bulk store will be placed underground. The size and type of station has not bee announced by officials of the Gafill compnay.

1935 - May 25 - Gafill Starts $6,500 Service Station To be Completed By July 4
    The construction of a $6,500 super service station y the Gafill Oil CO., at the corner of Lake Shore Drive and Main Street was started Tuesday morning and it is planned to have the structure completed by July 4th.

    The building willbe 25r feet by 43 fee in size and will face with the long side on Lake Shore Drive.

    GLazed tile will be used on the inside and outside, with the colors of cream, white and red predominating.

    The pans call for a style of architecture that is a mixture of SPanish and modernistic. Glass partitions will separate most of the variou rooms in the station.

    The building is of a new typte that has never been used before by the Gafill company and will de different from any other station in this part of the state, it is stated by officials of the company.

    The station will bade drivs from both streest and will be lighted by three powerful floodlights. The balance of the property on which is also locted a bulk station will be completely lanscaped with sid, flower beds and evergrees by the time the building is completed.

    The construction work is being handled by the Gafill company, but locak labor and material is being used as much as possible.

    The station will be managed by CLaude Mmikesell who also operates the bulk station.

1938 - DX Gas Station - Gafill - opened 1938 Donald Zechiel Manager, Claude P. Mikesell Company Representive 

1938- AUg. 10
    To Hold Formal Opening of New Gafill Service Station
    This is the new super service station erected by the Gafill Oil Company at the corner of Main street and Lake Shore Drive. The exterior of the building is finished in glazed tile in two colors, with red trimmings. The driveway to the station is unusually large, assuring motorists of ample room, a wide margin of saftey, and easy driving. Local labor was used as much as possible in constructing the building.

    Donald Zechiel, manager of the station, is standing by the pumps, and claude Mikesell, local representative of the Gafill company, is at the rear of the bulk truck.

    The delayed formal opening of Culver's newst business will take place Saturday and Sunday, Aug. 13 and 14, when the Gafill Oil Company will hold open house at the new super service station, corner of Main and Lake Shore Drive.

    To celebrate the inauguration of the company's newest station, carnations will be given to the ladies, ice cream cones to the children, and cigars to the men on Saturday and Sunday.

    The public is invited to visit the station and inspect the new building. Claude Mikesell is the manager of the Gafill company's bulk and retail sales here, while Donald Zechiel is managing the service station.

    The station is featuring the well known D-X motor fuel, complete power lubrictation service, battery charging, tire service, and first class all-around service for the automobile.

1938 - Oct 5 - Card of Thanks - To my many friends and customers I wish to express my appreciaiton for their loyal patronage while I was managing the Gafill Oil Station - Donald Zechiel

1940 - Jun 19 - Employed by Gafill - Bryon Studebaker has accepted a postition with the Garfill service station and took up his new dutied Sunday. He succeeds Howard Goss, who will move to his father's farm it is reported..

1940 - Oct 16 - Bryon Studebaker Now Gasfill Station Manager
    The Gasfill Oil COmpany announces the appointment of Bryon Studebaker as manager of the Gasfill Service Station at the corner of Main and Lake Shore Drive.

    Mr. Studebaker assumed his new position yesterday.

    He has been with the service station for four months.

1941 - Feb 19 - Harold D. Davis Manager Of C-X Service Station -
    Harold Davis has become the manager of the Gafill Service Station on the corner of Main Street and Lake Shore Drive. He took over his new duties on Monday and closed his former business on Jefferson Street.

    Bryon Studebaker, retiring station manager, has accepted a position as draftsman with the Allison COmpany in Indianapolis.

1943 - Jan. 29 - Dale Jones has taken over the management of the Gafill Super Service Station and will do light repair work as well as lubrication and washing and the handling of gasoline and oil.

1944 - Nay 17 - New D-X Manager
    Cary Cummins assumed the management of the Gafill D-X- Service station Monday, May 8, succeeding Clyde Bennett who is now working at Studebaker's in South Bend.

    Mr. Cummins, who has been employed at the Bendix plant needs no introduction to the community as he is well known for his former business activities and leadership as fire chief for several years,

1945 - Jan 17 - D-X CHanges Managers - The Gafill D-X service station changed managers as Donald Behmer succeeded Cary Cummins. Mr Behmer is well known here as an expert motor mchanic and pations of the station are assured the finest of service at all time. Mr. Cummins plans for the future are indefinite.

1945 - Feb. 8 - Bought Service Station - The Gafill Dex Service station has changed hands again. Charles COok became the manager Thursday afternoon, succeeding DOn Behner.

1945 - Jun 6 Re-Buys Dx_Station - Dale Jones has purchased the Gafill D-X Service Station of Charles Cook and is again operating the business he formeryl owned.

1963 Jan 3 Dale's D-X Service Station Purchased By Tony Cihak

Dale's D-X Service, located on Lake Shore Drive, has been purchased by Anton William (Tony) Cihak. The changeover was effective as of Jan. 1, 1963. The purchase included all equipment and stock. Mr. Cihak will continuethe same general policy and service as the previous owner,Dale Jones, offered the public.

Dale Jones, the former owner, started the Dale's D-X Service just 20 years ago to the day,Jan. 1, 1943. During that time, he has continually increased theservices of the station to meet the public demand. He will be missed by his many friends.

Mr. Jones on leaving the service station will devote full time to the selling of real estate. He will be connected with Chipman, Jenkins & Chipman, of Plymouth The Jones', however,still reside here in Culver, as Dale will take care of the real estate firm's business in this area.
1963 - 1966, June - Tony's DX Gas Station - Anton W. "Tony" Cihak

The integrated oil company now known as Sunoco began as The Peoples Natural Gas Company in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In 1886. Four years later, the growing enterprise became the Sun Oil Company of Ohio. By 1901, the company was incorporated in New Jersey as Sun Company. With a growing portfolio of oil fields and refineries in hand, Sun opened its first service station in Ardmore, Pennsylvania in 1920. The name changed back to Sun Oil Company in 1922 and, in 1925, Sun became a publicly traded company on the New York Stock Exchange

In 1968, Sun Oil Company merged with Tulsa, Oklahoma based Sunray DX Oil Company, which refined and marketed gasoline under the DX brand in several midwestern states

Sun Oil Company continued marketing its petroleum products under both the Sunoco and DX brands through the 1970s and into the 1980s.

With increased diversification, Sun Oil Company was renamed Sun Company in 1976. In 1980, Sun acquired the U.S. oil and gas properties of Texas Pacific Oil Company, Inc., a subsidiary of The Seagram Company, Ltd.

In the late 1980s, Sun began rebranding DX stations in the Midwest to the Sunoco brand
1967,Oct-1968 - Ok's D-X Service Clinic - S-Sgt. Otis K Watkins (ret.)
    sold in 1963 but my dad, Otis Watkins, an instructor at the academy but still active duty Army either leased this or bought it in 1964. It seems like we had it a year and a half and then he was sent to Viet Nam for a year and a half before retiring from active duty. I wasn't very old but do recall helping my mom run this while dad was gone until it sold in 1966. That's why I'm thinking it was not leased. - Keith Watkins

Here is an ad in the Culver Citizen on 12 Oct 1967 announcing the opening of Ok's D-X Service Clinic

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1969 - 1976-1979, Mar - [101, 104 Lakeshore ] A & R MOTORS - Ron Tanner
    The Mar 1st issue annouced the upcoming "Grand Opening" at their new lcoation - 415 Lake Shore Dr.
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1990, 1991 - Max Surf Shop - Mark & Marge Hunter

Jan 1994 - 2021- James D & Rosalie R Bonine Rental Property
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    199_ - 200_ - Thru the Grape Vine - Jean E Snyder Merchant  
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2009, May-2011/2 The Bike Barn - Don & Janet (Hallimg) Baker

2012, Nov.-- 2013 - 2016, Dec - Comfort Heating & Air , Daniel J Arthurhultz Inc

2017, Jan - Rideon Bicycles of Culver

2019 - Ringer's Golf Carts, LLC
    We are excited to announce that we will be opening a store front location this spring in Culver. Opening Date still to be determined. It will be at 103 E. Lakeshore. For everyone familiar with Culver it is where the bike shop rental was located. We will offer Sales, s ervice and rentals and We will also be selling Trojan batteries.

    2020 - Jan 10 - Observed that building was totaly evacuated , closed ofr season>

2020 - Jun - Axe To The Max - Axe To The MAX LLC Business Name: AXE TO THE MAX LLC
Creation Date: 03/04/2020
Principal Office Address: 13475 W 300 S, Francesville, IN, 47946
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