Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

103 S. Main Street  

In the 1960's this bore the the address of 105 South Main Street.

Marmont Exchange Bank John Osborn 1892- 1898

    1892. In that year he sold his farm and opened a bank at Culver, the Marmont Exchange Bank, which he conducted six years and then closed the business by paying his depositors in fl.

Exchange Bank - M. C. Mc Cormick 1898 - 1901  
    V. P. KIRK’S Notary Public. Law, Real Estate and Life Assurance Office. Office over Bank Culver, Ind - 1898
      1898 - Mar 1 - Attornev V. P. Kirk has rented a suit of rooms in the Cromley block and will reopen his law office in the same. Read an open letter in another column written by him which expains itself . NOTE: the letter gives the Menser building

    1898 - Mar 1 - Dr. Rea's office is now located over the old Exchange Bank, where he can be found during office hours. He has a telephone in the office, hence can be summoned to the academy or any part of the city

Exchange Bank - Schuyler Shilling 1901-1907  
    E. E. Parker M.D. - 1905 - upstairs  
      1903 - Feb 5 - Dr. Parker has now permanently located in culver . He has been practicing medicine in this locality for some time and has met with great success. We bespeak for him a share of your patronage. Office over state bank.

1908-1914 - Barber/Vender - Poor's Barber Shop
    1908 - Jan 30 - Will Remove Monday - Poor's Barber shop will occupy its new quarters in the old Exchane Bank rooms next MOnday. I extend a cordial invitation to my old friends and the public generally to call on me in the new rooms E. A. Poor

A 1930's View which is was a crop out of a 1930's postcard depicting the bank and the library, and a part of the Jefferson intersection. The view to the right depicts this building behind a 1 story building which possibly was to be the gas station office at a 101 N Main

101 S. Main to the north now Heritage Park; 103 S. Main the tall brick building - 1919

Vend - 1924-1937  

Strang Barber Shop Moved Across Street -
    Sunday and Monday were busy day for Sam Strang and his co-workers when the barber shop was moved from it location in the D. H. Smiith Building (103 S Main) near Slattery and Shilling's (107 S. Main ), directly across the street to the Emil Siepman building (112 S. Main). The change has been completed and shaves are to be obtained to the tine "Rap-a-tap-tap, and tick-a-tack-to" of the Smith & Son Shoe Shop which retains the rear of the buiilind for the present. The building from which the barbers moved is being given an overhauling and will be occupied by D. H. Smith & Son. This move will be made in a bout two weeks. - 3 Sep 1924

D.H. Smith & Son Shoe Repair shop - 1924-19_
Smith Shoe Repair - Cecil R. Smith 19_-1958  
    Jan. 1, 1958: Cecil Smith, one of Culver’s most substantial citizens and a businessman here for over 37 years died Dec. 24 after an illness of several months. As a mark of respect Culver merchants closed their establishments Friday afternoon for Mr. Smith’s funeral at Grace United Church. A graduate of Culver High School, Mr. Smith joined his father at the D.H. Smith & Son Shoe Repair shop on Main Street. An active member of Grace church, the Cuver Chamber of Commerce and the Maxinkuckee Lake Association, Mr. Smith’s greatest activity and interest, however, was the Masonic order.

Culver Shoe Shop - E. M. 'Bud' Espich - 1958, May 14 - Sep. 1966
    E. M. (Bud) Espich Buys Local Shoe Repair Shop

    E. M. (Bid) Espich of Culve has purchased the shoe repair shop at 103 Main St., owned by the late Cecil Smith, and took over operation of the business last Thursday.

    Culver Shoe repair is the establishment's new name.

    Mr. and Mrs. Espich moved to Culver four years ago from South Bend where he owned the SOuth Michigan SHoe Repair Shor for four years.

    Sinc comin here he has been employed the last three years as inspector at Sealed Poer, Inc. in Richester.

    Mrs. Espich, the former Mary Louise Mattix of Culver, is employed as a cashier at the Culver Military Academy.

    Mr. Espich specializes in orthopedic work.

    Lyman Craft of Culver will continue to work part-time in the shop - May 14, 1958 Citizen.

Culver Citizen 1967 - ?  
    It shared a space/desk over in front of the north window with the shoe shop - Ruth Mackey and Elinor Osborn being the local correspondents and office help

? 1988, Nov.- Gordon A. & Leonra Cultice  
    Used as storage for the Cultice Texaco Service station that was next door

A 1980's to 1990's view. Robert 'Bob' and Freida Cultice has extensive remodeling done in the 1980's before they occupied the building to divided the lower floor into a main lobby reception area, an office, a room for office machinery, bathroom etc. - styled more for general retail use than strictly office. They also done extensive remodeling to make a livable apartment of the upstairs.

Insurance Services by Cultice 1988-2006 - Robert L & Fredia R Cultice
    They purchased the building in 1988; but I am thinking that the business was established before this date probably about or before Sept. 1982 as Bob Cultice sometime in late 1982/Jan 1983 reviewed the kids and my hospitalization insurance that had a multidue of riders attached to it and they refuesed to pay for outpatient testing over $250 for blood gass test, and the rider for broken bone (so was limited to $1000 , Bob was appalled

    Also he left the State Exchange Fianance Company/Insurance before or just after the the troubles began
Vacant 2006 - 2008 - Robert L & Fredia R Cultice

Brockey Insurance - July 1 2008 - Sep. 2010 Larry Brockey Jr. - owners - Robert L & Fredia R Cultice
Skyline Builders 2010 - ? - owners - Robert L & Fredia R Cultice
    Custom Home Building - Tim Merchant and Chad Leap, owners . Moved into new office, 26 Sep. 2010
Office space is probably empty again - Robert L & Fredia R Cultice

Apartment Upstairs

2014, Mar. - - 2016 - Statczar Investments LLC
    There is major remodling going on right now - what it is to be is unknown.
      The commission also heard from Kelly Statczar of Sugar Magnolia Bakery and Cafe, which is currently in the works in the former Cultice building at 103 S. Main Street downtown Culver.

      Statczar said she and her husband Troy have been renovating the building, whose space encompasses about 44 by 19 feet according to architect Dave Kaiser, also inthe audience. He said the only structural changes in the building will be the addition of windows on its north side.

      Statczar said the second floor former apartment will likely become an apartment for rent again, though it's currently being used as storage.

      Russ Mason pointed out the business will probably need an okay from the town council as well, since its landing and ramp will be in the town's sidewalk right of way.

      The plan commission voted to approve Statczar's proposal.

      In response to query from commission members, Statcar said the bakery's offerings will run "the gamut," from warm bread in the morning to donuts, pies, brownies, and a variety of breads, with sandwiches offered seasonally.

      She said the bakery will also offer catering and "to go" picnics, as well as soup and "good coffee and espresso."

      The business' moniker, Statczar explained, comes from Grateful Dead song and was her own nickname going back "a very long time ago."

      Statczar acknowledged the limited seating of four stools and a small table dictates largely walk-in business, though she said she believes Heritage Park, located next door, will be utilized a great deal more with the bakery in place.

      She said she and her three children will handle cleanup of extra refuse generated there.

      Regarding a schedule of opening the bakery, Statczar said she had hoped to open by September, but due to the slow process of state approval for the business, it may be next spring or summer before Sugar Magnolia's door is open to the public. - Culver Citizen May 28, 2014

    There was a lot of preperationa and starting - but what happened is not known it never cam into existence

    Kelly Statczar
      First Grade Teacher at Webster Elementary, Plymouth Community School Corporation, Plymouth Community School Corporation, Sugar Magnolia Bakery & Cafe, Culver Academies (B1 Wing Commander), Clarendon Hills Middle School, (Illinois) Madison Elementary School Education (Illinois), Northern Illinois University

2016, Dec. 3 - Elizabeth Gardens
    Moved from 104 N. Plymouth St.

    The name has been changed to "The Garden by Liz"

    It is claimed that Liz is related to one of the former owners.

    Also stated is there are holes in the hadwood floor dateiing back to Smith Shoe Repair & Harness Shop 1912-?-; that were reportedly used to despose of the leather shavings from the shoues, harness etc. made by them.

OP LOT 6 N 19' OFF S SD N 60'

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