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103 South Ohio  

Hooks 1974 - 1985-6 ?

    1974 - Mar 28 - A new building is sprouting at the corner of Jefferson and Ohio Streets. The super structure of the new Hook's Drug store is well under way at that corner.

    Brief historcial review: Hook's Drug Stores was an Indianapolis, Indiana-based drug store chain which was founded in In October 1900, by pharmacist John A. Hook opened the first Hook's Drug Store in an Indianapolis German community at the corner of South East and Prospect Streets. A second location opened at the corner of New Jersey and East Washington Streets and Hook added Edward F. Roesch as a partner

    In 1985, The Kroger Company outbid Rite Aid, which had attempted a hostile takeover, and a quired the Hook's chain. Kroger divested itself of Hook's a year later, however, and Hook's became a division of the privately-held Hook’s-SupeRx

    Hook's-SupeRx acquired the New England-based Brooks Pharmacy chain in 1988. Hooks-SupeRx stores traded under three different names - Hook's Drug and SupeRx in the Midwest and Brooks Pharmacy in New England. in 1994 The Hook's-SupeRx chain flourished throughout central Indiana for most of the 20th-century before being acquired in 1994 by Revco .Source: Hook's Drug Stores history on Wikipedia; greater indepth and ongoing history.

The May 23 Issue ofthe Culver Citizen proclaimed: "The Men In Green" Coming To Culver" HOOK'S OPENING NEW STORE NEXT THURSDAY
    Hook's new drug store in Culver is scheduled to open for buisness next Thursday morning, May 30th, at 9:00 a.m. Located at 103 South Ohio St reet the bright spacious store is the firm's third in Marshall County and is Hook's 182nd drug store
    Hooks's new Drug store is disigned for convenience, with free front door parking provided and housrs that accommodate the most people 9 a.m. to 10:10 p.m. daily closing at 9:00 am. of Sunday. Its more than 7,00 square feet of floor space is brimming with over 15, 000 seperate items of drug store merchandise....

This new 7,000 square foot building has been erected at 103 SOuth Ohio Street to house the new Hook's Drug Store. Opening cermenonies are scheduled for next Thursday, May 30th. left .
PRESENT FOR THE RIBBON CUTTING WERE, from left to right, Bud Hook, Chairman of the Board ; Dan Layman, head of Hook's Public Rel ations; Norman Reeves, President; Ed Pinder, Culver Town Board Pres ident; Mrs. Pinder; Eldon Ragcr, Pharmacist and Manager of the new Culver store; and Mrs. Jenean Rager - June 6 1974
REVCO 1994 - 1997

    Brief historcial review: Revco Discount Drug Stores (known simply as Revco or Revco, D.S.), once based in Twinsburg, Ohio, was a major drug store chain operating through the Ohio Valley, the Mid-Atlantic states, and the Southeastern United States. The chain's stock was traded on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) under the ticker RXR. When it was sold, the chain had over 2,500 stores.
    Revco, originally known as Registered Vitamin Company, was founded in 1956 in Detroit, Michigan by Sidney Dworkin and Bernie Shulman.

    Up to 1983, Revco grew tremendously; the chain had over 2,200 stores and over $2.2 billion dollars in sales.

    In 1986, Revco was the target of a leveraged buyout. This eventually caused the chain to file for bankruptcy in 1988. Revco was bailed out of bankruptcy by investor Sam Zell, in part to fend off separate takeover attempts by both Eckerd and Rite Aid. Several Revco locations, primarily in the Detroit, Michigan area, were sold off to Perry Drug Stores in 1990. Revco emerged from bankruptcy, as an independent company, in 1992.

    In order to help Zell recover his investment in the company, the company's management was under pressure to sell the company. In 1996, Revco entered into an agreement with Rite Aid to be bought out. The Federal Trade Commission sued to stop the buyout saying that Rite Aid would become a monopoly in many markets because Rite Aid and Revco had many overlapping stores, and Rite Aid withdrew its bid for the company.

    After emerging from bankruptcy, the chain grew tremendously again, increasing its store count to over 2,500 stores. Part of this growth came from the purchase of over 800 Hook's/SupeRx drug stores in 1994 in the Mid-Atlantic region and Midwest

    The chain was purchased by CVS Pharmacy in June 1997, which at the time was half of Revco's size, and CVS re-branded or closed all of the 2,552 Revco stores by summer of 1998.

    In at least one market, Richmond, Virginia, the FTC prohibited CVS from taking over the Revco stores, stating that the company would have a near monopoly. So CVS sold the Revco stores it had bought to Eckerd. Source: Revco history on Wikipedia; greater indepth and ongoing history.

CVS PHARMACY INC #6539-01 / Hamstra Wilbert Inc - 1997 - ?  

    Brief historcial review: CVS Pharmacy, or simply CVS, is the second largest pharmacy chain in the United States (after Walgreens), with over 7,000 stores in 41 states and Puerto Rico. As the retail pharmacy division of CVS Caremark, it sells prescription drugs and a wide assortment of general merchandise

    CVS is incorporated in Delaware, and is based in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. It was founded in Lowell, Massachusetts in 1963.

    CVS Pharmacy used to be a subsidiary of Melville Corporation, where its full name was initially Consumer Value Stores. Melville later changed its name to CVS Corporation in 1996, after Melville sold off all of its non-pharmacy stores.

    During the company's days as a regional chain in the Northeastern U.S., many of CVS' stores did not include pharmacies, as in some jurisdictions, pharmacies are required to label themselves as such. Source: CVS history on Wikipedia; greater indepth and ongoing history

CVS drive-through, renovations expected by end of this year

February 24, 2014
By Jeff Kenney

A portion of the drawings outlining the proposed look of Culver’s CVS Pharmacy on Ohio Street after renovations hoped to take place later this year, which will include the drivethrough pharmacy pictured at right

Culver's CVS Pharmacy has maintained basically the same appearance since its 1974 construction as Hook's Drugs, but the wheels are in motion for a dramatic change, both inside and outside, as well as the addition of drive-through pharmacy service, by the end of 2014.

John Fulkerson of the Wheatfield, Indiana-based Hamstra Group, which will handle contracting on the project for the CVS corporation, sat down with members of Culver's town council Wednesday, Jan. 12, to answer council members' questions as to specifics of the work.

Requiring council approval was permission for CVS to gain an easement in the alleyway just west of the Ohio Street pharmacy, whose neighbor to the west is Hammer's auto repair garage. Fulkerson said the hope is to pave the alley and make it one-way, with traffic routed from north to south. A small canopy would overhang the planned new pharmacy drive-through window as well.

The alley would continue to be a public thoroughfare.

Also requested was an easement to pave the municipal-owned parking lot just south of CVS, at the northwest corner of Madison and Ohio Streets.

Concern had been raised at previous meetings as to potential water issues if the municipal lot were made an impervious surface via paving, though Fulkerson said the company would also add a thorough drainage system to alleviate the problem. He also requested formal permission for CVS employees to park in the lot.

In answer to council queries, Fulkerson affirmed the easement would retain parking for downtown merchant employees who currently utilize it, and that the CVS parking allotment was more a formality to ensure the store's employees would have use of the lot, as they do today.

Town manager Dave Schoeff noted the town has already recently replaced the sidewalk around CVS and added a water inlet for storm sewer along Ohio Street, which could be utilized for the parking lot's new drainage system.

Fulkerson also said the exterior of the building would be entirely remodeled and "will look almost like ground-up, new construction from the outside."

The interior of the store would also undergo major remodeling, with handicapped-accessible restrooms added and a redesign of the pharmacy itself.

He added he expected a two to three month approval process with the CVS company, and construction would likely start around 90 days following.

"We're slating this (construction) for summer of 2014 at this point.'

Council members tentatively agreed to vote at the next council meeting on Feb. 25 to move forward with the necessary easements "in a mutually agreeable way," with specifics subject to closer examination and review by the town's attorney.

Fulkerson said the store and pharmacy themselves will likely see very little halting of services through construction.

"In Roselawn (Indiana), we closed a major part of it for three days, though the pharmacy was open during entire process."

The week of Aug 8th 2016 saw the face lift beginning a course of 2 hig concrete blocks was added to the hieght of the building; the canoply over the entrance door was removed ; and a frame laid atop of the concrete block was added with plywood facing down to the brick covering the concrete blocks. Further improvements will be a drive through on th alley side; and taving of the town parking lot by CVS.


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