Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

104 N Main Street  

Dwelling - 1906 (by 1914 lot divided into 2) i would say that the property took in both 104 & 106 N. Main st.

"Neighbor" CROMLEY homestead, gone now, which stood on Main Street where RECTOR's Pharmacy is now. It was still there around 1898, as a number of people recollect, an old frame house, which sat back from the street a bit and had a yard a round it. The yard was fenced. - one townships Yesteryears  

Wednesday, March 12, 1941 Rochester Sentinel Plymouth, Ind., March 12. - John S. CROMLEY, age ninety-six, of Culver, last Civil war veteran of Marshall county, died yesterday of pneumonia. Born in Ohio, he moved to Culver at age ten. He operated a meat market at Culver for many years. Three sons survive.

1908 - November 19 - Three new store buildings are to be built this fall on the Porter corner.

Rector's Pharmacy 1914-1938
    In 1909 Nathan Rector opened his buisness in the upstairs of the Menser building.
      1909 - Jan 21 - N. W. Rector, a son of Mrs. S. A. Rector, is here looking after a house and store room. He has purchased a new stock of drugs and will be open for business in about two weeks.

      1909 - March 18,The Rector Pharmacy and the Al Porter Confectionery recently opened giving Culver two more up-to-date stores.
    1911 Nov. 9 - Rector has put a $350 cash register into his store. It will do pretty nearly everything except make the fire and sweep out.

    1912 - Oct 3 - The fronts of the Zechiel Meat Market, Rector's Pharmacy, and Porters' Restaurant have all received a fresh coat of white paint with green trimmings

    1914 - Jan 8 - N. W. Rector has built himself a private office on a platform over the prescription room in the drug store. He says he'll be out of everybody's waby but his own up there.

    1914 - Apr 23 - Thankful 'Twas No Worse.
      Soon after an electrical work man had left the attic over Rector's drug store Saturday afternoon fire was discovered.

      Bert Rector and W. B . Porter got to it with a bucket of water and had it out by the time the fire company had left the town hall

      The fire was discovered by a customer who noticed the paint on the steel ceiling curling into blisters.

      The inner surface of the ceiling is lined with paper and this was blazivg nearly to the roof when Rector and Porter reached it. The workman had left a lighted candle standing on the paper, and though he thinks he extinguished it, the fire could have not have started from a ny other cause, in Mr. Rector's opinion.

      The importance of the mishap lies in the fact that a gale was blowing from the south, and if the flames bad broken through the roof it would have been difficult and perhaps impossible to have prevented the fire from sweeping the northern portion of the town.
    1914 - sept. 14, issue of the Culver Citizen proclaims that Rector's is the first to hang our a big electric lamp over the front door.

    1914 - Oct 8 - Notice - Rector's Pharmacy has secured the services of an expert photographer and is prepared to fill orders for outdoor new and home portrait work in tho best style anti at reasonable prices. Bring us your film to be developed.

    1921 - Aug 13 - The frame store building and lot occupied by the Rector Pharmacy Pharmacy was transferred by sale last week to N. W. Rector by the owner, W. P. Porter.

    1929 - Aug. 21 - The Rector's Pharmacy has enlarged the serving capacity of its fountain by the installation of a beauti'ul marble fountain.

Rector's pharmacy 1938 --1955 Steffen Rector

    1938 - Sep 28 - Nathan W. Rector, owner of Rector's Pharmacy, has sold his interests to his son, Steffen, who has been associated with him for a number of years.

    1941 JULY 1 - A modern soda fountain has been installed at Rector's Pharmacy along with new fixtures and trim.

Rexall Drug store Josephine Rector 1955 -- 1962

    1962 - Mar 28 Robert McKinnis Buys Rector's Parmacy, Inc.
      Owned By Rectors For Over 50 Years

      Robert McKinnis, 414 Liberty St., Culver, has purchased Rector's Pharmacy, Inc. at 104 N. Main St., from Josephine Rector and will take over management of the business on April 1. The store will be closed from April 1 to April 16. when it will re-open as the McKinnis Pharmacy.

      Rector's Pharmacy, a prominent business establishment in Culver for over 50 years, was started by Nathan W. Rector in 1908. Management of the store was taken over by his son, Steffen N. Rector, and his wife Josephine, in 1938 and the latter has continued to operate the business since Steffen's death on April 2, 1955.

      Mr. McKinnis, a native Hoosier, spent his boyhood in Otterbein, Ind., where he graduated from High School. He served in the U.S. Navy for nine years and later attended Purdue University School of Pharmacy, graduatingin 1951.

      Mr. McKinnis is well known in Culver as he was employed as pharmacist at the Culver City Drug Store for five years. Prior to coming to Culver he was employed for five years as Medical Service Representative for Hoffman- LaRoche, Inc., at Cedar Rapids, Iowa. For the past eight months he has worked at the People's Drug Store in Plymouth.

      Mr. and Mrs. McKinnis are the parents of two sons, three and six years of age, and are members of the Culver Methodist Church. Mr. McKinnis is a member of the Masonic Lodge, York Rite, and Shriners. Mrs. Rector will retain ownership of the building and continue to reside in her apartment upstairs.

      She will assist Mr. McKinnis in the drug store for awhile, but her future plans are indefinite.
Rexall Drug storeBob McKinnis - 1962 -1972

    Rob was the former pharmacist for the competitor across the street to the south - then Culver City Drug Store.

    In 1970, Rob McKinnis moved his store to the north side of town at SR 17 & SR 10

    Mr. T (Ronold "Ron"Tusing) and Rob McKinnis merged their two pharmacies in order to survive the competetion when Hooks, was brought into town in 1974 and have a locally owned phramacy within Culver.

Time frame is January 5, 1955 Gretter' purchased the Royal Blue Store and Aug 5 1959 - Aug. 5 Raymond Kline purchased the cafe building

Klines expanded to it aftr. 1962 - 1989

    possibly an upstairs apartment on back half
The buildings were tore down in the early 1990's and has become one large corner lot , it was combined with 102 N. Main & 106 N. Main becoming what should be104 N. Main

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