Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

104 N. Plymouth  

appears to be a building there 1906  

appears to be empty lot - 1914  

appears to be empty lot & one sm. building to east - 1924  

1924 - Nov. 19 - Schlosser Bros, To Enlarge Plant Here

    ' To BUild in Spring

    Large Concern Has Brought S. S. Smith Lot - Will Erect Ice House in Two Weeks

    The vacant lot across the street from the M. R. CLine Lumber Company office owned by S. S. Smith has been purchased by Sclosser Brothers and a new building will be erected before next summer.

    The ereection of a private ice house will begin in about two weeks.

    "Yess you can tell the people of Culver that we plan to be ther permanently now, and its it our plan to give the best ice cream and services possible.", saind Dr. W. K. Schlosser of Plymouth, when the Citizen called him to ask about the local building program.

    It is not the plaln of the company to go into the ice busines. It will be build an ice house for its own use. This structure will be one story high and built of cement blocks.

    The building which will be built next spring will be used as a store house, the same as the building they now occupy is being used. Dr. Schlosser said that it was quite possible that some of the ice cream would be manufactured in Culver since ice could be so easlily obtained here.

    The new building will be one story high and will have two extra rooms to ohandle the business that goes through the Culver office. Dr. Schlosser said that the building would be about fifty feet by thrity feet.

    This is just anohter indication of the growht of Culver. In not many communities is the building program being carried on in this period of depression, while this larger concern sees fit to enlarge here.

    Mr. Schlosser said that the same force of men would be used in the future and it was probable that more help would be used from time to time.

1936 - Aug. 5 - Wrecking Ice House
    The ice housse on East Jefferson street, belonging to Schlosser Bros. is being used now for storage purposes. It was built several years ago to hold ice from the lake, but it has not been needed recently due to changing conditions.

    The lumber has been purchased by Roy Griewank, State Road 10, whose house was burned recently and it will used in the construction of a new home

Oil W HO - 1937  

Lakeview Dairy - c. 1940's-1960's  

1961 - Sept 27 - Culver street Garage ? - Mar. 1966
    1961 - Sep 27 - Former Lakeview Dairy Building
      To Be Used For Storing Equipment

      The former Lakeview Dairy Building at the corner of Plymouth and Eat Jeffersion streest was recently purchased by the Culver Town Board ofr $4,750 from the Reliable Dairy Company of South Bend.

      The purchase was made with funds from the water department.

      A. R. McKesson, chairman of the board, said the building will be used to store town equipment at the present time, but could be remodeled for a town hall should any future board decide to relocate the town hall which is now in the fire station building.

    At this time they moved to the old town hall, jail and fire department location which was at the northeast corner of Plymouth and Cass streets; those departmets and vacated that building and moved into the Nelson International Buillding at the corner of Lakeshore Sr. and State Street, where the fire department solely remains housed still today.

Overmyer's Body Shop 1970's - Bill Overmyer  

    He moved her from - 108 E. Madison, which is the building behing the hardware.

    Plymouth Pilot News, Plymouth, Marshall, Indiana. "William Lee Overmyer - May 9, 2012
      MISHAWAKA William Lee Overmyer, 84, of Culver died at 10:26 p.m. Wednesday, May 9, 2012 at St. Joseph Regional Medical Center in Mishawaka.

      He is survived by his wife, Jeanette; four children, Patricia Ann Smith, Kent Overmyer, Steven Overmyer, and Michael (Debbie) Overmyer, seven grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.

      Memorial contributions may be given to a charity of the donor’s choice. Elkhart Cremation Services has been entrusted with the arrangements.

?-, 1994, Jun - ? - Society National Bank - Empty   ? - 1994

1994, Jun - Carl F. & Christine A. Landskron

    2001, Mar - Carl F. & Christine A. Landskron

    Interior Decorator   Carl F. & Christine A. Landskron 2001? - 2004

      it is said the building was razed and a new on put up - I personally believe this to be untrue - I think the front was remodeled to have 2 front plate glase windows and a door; instead of a singe door for the office area and a large over head door that existed during the Overmyer body shop days, and possibily the strreet garage; In 1996 its stated - "1996: New roof over block building and inside remodeled buisness" that only a new pitched roof replaced probably what was originally a flat roof - but of course only pictures of the old former building will tell the story. Of course the inside as I rememeber it from 1972 (when my brother Steve McKee wrecked dad and mom's car on the delong road goign into Leiters Ford just at the railroad crossing) was basically one large room - mayby wih just a small area partitioned off for office space with shelving along the wall areas for paint and repait supplies. The inside was probably will scrubbed down in some manner and remodeled to much of what it is today by the Landskron's additional changes were probably done the the owner's of ELizabeth Garden's.

2004, Jan-2016, Dec. - ELizabeth Thompson & Barbara Thompson
    she opened the store on 9 april. 2001 at another location. Jul 2009 - Ride On Bike Rentals an alternate is given as Ride On Bike Rentals 630 Lake Shore Dr.

2016, Dec. - Elizabeth Gardens Move to 103 S. Main St. >

2016, Dec. - Daniel J Arthurhultz Inc (oowner of property) 2012, Nov.-- 2013 - 2016, Dec - Comfort Heating & Air, Daniel J Arthurhultz Inc

2017 - Jan 24 - petition by former owner - Elizabeth Beauchamp tp rezoneto Commercial C-1 from Residential (R-2)

Today is