Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

107 South Main Street  

1885 - John Gottlieb and Rosina Margaretha (Behner) Zechiel from Johns obituary of Jan 17, 1923:

    ...After many years of hard and diligent toil, in order that he might be in a measure relieved from suce close application, he left the farm and moved into the village of Marmong, now Culver. This was the year 1885.

    The home he occupied was upon the site now occupied by the Slattery store...

Culver City Drug Store - 1896
    O. K. Barber Shop. - 1896 in Basement
      Remember your old friend, J . F. Eulitt is still located in the basement under the Culver City drug store, where you can get a good shave, ... 5 Jun 1896

      Wm. Foss has opened a shoe repair shop in the “ 0 . K . ” barber shop in the basement of the Osborn Block. He will also make boots and shoes if any one desires first class hand made articles. It is not necessary for us to eulogise upon his capabilities for his his skill as a workman is - well known. - 18 Sep 1896

      Wm. Foss is now permanently located in the O. K. Barber Shop, Osborn Block, and is prepared, in a skillful and workmanlike manner, to repair boots and shoes in the most approved style. Not only will he satisfy you by guaranteeing his work, but he will do the same at prices to compare favorably with the hard times. Do not be mistaken, if you desire to save hard cash, give him a call. He will also make you a pair of shoes or boots that will outwear any store shoe or boots in the county - 2 Oct 1896

      Wm Foss, the experienced shoe man, who is located in the “ 0. K, ” barber shop, is doing a rushing business. His work is alright, and the shoes made to order by him will last as long as any hand made shoe in the market. Repairing neatly, cheaply and satisfactorily done. Don’t forget the location — ‘0.K.’ barber shop, Osborn block. - Nov 1896

      Wm. Foss has moved his shoe repairing shop over the old s to r e formerly occupied by Nussbaum, Mayer & Co. Be sure and remember the place. - 25 Dec. 1896 NOTE: this would be 112 S. Main.
    Exchange Barber Shop, under the - 1897
      Feb 4 1898 - If you want first class laundry work done, leave it at the Exchange J Barber Shop, under Culver City Drug Store
    News Stand - Willie Osborn
      1898 - Mar 8 - Willie Osborn has his news stand at Mr Thomas Slattery's drugstore, 'Where you can get any of the Chicago papers. Don't forget the place Dr Geo. S . Hollstier, Physician & Surgeon - 1899 , Upstairs

1904 - Oct 27 - John Osborn is building an extension to the two business rooms occupied by T. E. Slattery and Stahl Bros.

1904 - Dec 1- T. E. Slattery has taken possession of the addition to his business room. He now has one of the largest business rooms iin town, and by the way, it is filled from floor to ceiling with goods in his line

1905 - Apr 13 - T. E. Slattery has installed a modern soda fountain which he had made to order at Decatur, Ill. It is a massive affair measuring 13 feet in length while the background or ornamental part reachs the ceiling. The soda fountain proper is stored under the counter and is so constructed that every part can be easily cleaned and there is no possible chance for flies or ants to get to the syrup. It is thoroughly sanitary in every respect, most convenient in operation and highly ornamental. The cost is more than $1000. It is said that there is not a town in Indiana with a population of 5,(XX) that has a fountain the equal of this one

T. E. Slattery's Drug Store, 1906, 1914 ; the issue of the Culver Citizen dated Jan 34 1974 has same picture in it and states - CULVER DRUG STORE- This is the scene at the Culver City Drug Store around 1924 to 1928. Located at the site of the present Mr. T's Rexall Drugs on South Main Street, this old photograph shows, left to right: Earl Blanchard, Culver Miller, John Altman, Dr. Albert Collier, and Oliver Shilling

    1912 May 30 John Osborn has had water service introduced to the following stores: Slattery, Hollett, Mitchell & Stabenow. and Hand.

    1912 A new front has been put into Slattery's drug store. It gives a uniform appearance to the block and enlarged window space for /the display of goods.

    1913 - Mar 6 - A steel ceiling is being put in Slattery' s Drug Store.

    1914 - In back Wallpaper & paint

    1922 Apr B 12 The new counter installed at Slattery and Shilling soda fountain is a beautiful piece of furniture. It is 10 ft. long with facing of white enameled glass and a service shelf of brown marblein one piece.

    1924 - 26 March - culver citizen - Slattery & shilling have purchased the business building in which their drug store is located John Osborn was the former owner.

    'S' - 1924 (Sanborn map)

    1928 - 1932 - Culver City Drug Store ads ran the byline "Slattery, Shiling & Collier" -
      1927 - Jan 12 - Albert Collier is back on the job at the Slattery & Shilling Drug Store after spending a two week's vacation in Terre Haute.

      1928 - Apr 11 - Albert Collier Adds Name to Slattery & Shilling's
        Another Culver business name underwent a change when Albert Collier was add to the firm ot Slattery & Shiling dug store.

        He has been assoicated with the store for several months and is a graduate of the Purdue university pharmacy course and is a registered parmacist.

        During the short time has b een in Culer he has made many firends who congratulate him on this step forward in the business worl.

      April 12, 1933 A permit to sell spirituous beverages has been received by the Culver City Drug Store which permits the same of whiskey upon a doctor's prescription. The Rector Pharmacy has applied for a similar permit

      1935 - Apr 17 - SLattery for Collier In Drug Store Firm Albert Collier has disposed of his interests in the Culvery City Drug Store to T. E. SLatery after several years of connection with the firm. Mr. SLattery is an old hand in the business, having been in business here for a long period of years. Mr. Collier has not announced his plans for the future. 1935 - July 24 - The entire community was shocked Thursday when word was received of the death of Thomas B. Slattery, pioneer druggist, at the Woodlawn Hospital in Rochester. Mr. Slattery, who was 73 years old, had undergone surgery on Monday.

      'S' - 1937 (Sanborn map)

    107 & 109 S. Main, 1919

    An old medicine bottle which reads: 'T. E. Slattery Druggist culver, Ind.'

    1936 - Aug 26 - Sale of Business Property
      The two-story brick building on Mains Street, occupied by the City Drug Store for many years has been sold by Mr. and Mrs. George Blohm, heirs of The Thomas Slattery estate, to Oliver Shilling

    1936, Aug. - 1946, Mar - Oliver Collier Shilling owned and operated Culver City Drug Store.; a r egistered pharmicist.

    1937- Mary 12 - Installs Fountain - The soda fountain that has been in the Culver City Drugstore for several years was moved Tuseday to the new bath house by Oliver Shilling, who will operate the building and a ne modernf ountain was installed in the drug store.

    1942 - June 24 - Oil Bruner Starts Fire At Drug Store
      A defecitve oil burner started a fire in the basement of the Culver City Drug Store Tuesday evening, but smoke damage was the only loss, except for the damage to the furnace.

      The stock did not suffer from the heavy smoke that filled the store, but the interior will have to be redecorated.

      It is not known how the fire started, except that the basement floor was covered with fuel oil when an investigation was made after smoke was noticed filitering into the main part of the building.

    1942 - Jul 1 - Osborn Block Painted - The fronts of the stores in the Osborn Block and the CUlver City store have been given coats of white paint, giving a greatly improved appearance to the business section of town.

    1948-1963 - Culver City Drug J. Barrett & C. Lucille (Hoesel) Irvine
      1946 - Mar 27 - The Culver City Drug Store was sold Thursday by Oliver C. Shilling to Evert Hoesel, who took immediate possession.

      1947 - MAY 31 Mr. and Mrs. Barrett Irvine of La Porte are the new managers of The Culver City Drug Store. Mrs. Irvine, who is a sister of Evert Hoesel who formerly was connected wtth the drug store, managed a drug store in Rochester for 18 years.

      1963 - Feb 6 - More Floor Space Added To Culver City Drug Store The Culver City Drug Store has a bout finished their remodeling program. The room to the back of the drug store, which has been used for storage, has been divided by a partition. One side will still be used for the display of greeting cards, toys and other merchandise. The walls have been faced with peg board for better displaying of items. The back entrance to the store is being remodeled so that easier access from the alley can be made to the store for those who wish to use it.

    1933-1956 - Cecil S Griffith, Pharmacist
      Cecil S. Giffith who has been employed ther for 23 years.

      Mr. Griffith plans to spend his winters in Florda, but will return to work at the drug store during the summer months of each year.

      Mr and Mrs Griffith have a daughter, Helen (Mrs. Bruce Cafraft) of Indianapolis; a son Dwight, of Punta Gorda Fla., and four grandchildren. The attend the Culver Methodist church and "Griff" is a member of the Masonic Lodge and the Scottish Rite.

    The have rented their attractive home on College Avenue to Jack C. Spencer, CMA instuctor, and they plan to leave Saturday for Punta Gorda.

1956 - Aug. 23 - Iowa Man Succeeds Cecil F. Griffith At Drug Store
    Bob McKinnis of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, began work this week as pharmacist at the Culver City Drug Store, taking the place of Cecil S. Giffith who has been employed ther for 23 years...

    Mr McKinnis, who was born in Winamac, is a graduate of Purdue University and for the past four years had traveled for the Hoffman LaRouche pharmaceutical house at Cedar Rapids. Previous to that he was employed at an Indianapolis drug store.

    Mr. McKinnis, a Mason and a member of the Methodist church, is married and has a six month old son. He plans to move his family here by Sept 15 and they will rsided in the Sndyer home on West Washington Street. Mrs. McKinnis was formerly from Bourbon.

Culver City Drug 1963-1968 - J. Barret Irvine & Ronold "Ron"Tusing

Mr. T's Rexall - Nov. 1968-1977 Ronold "Ron" Tusing
    Back in 1963 inherited the the orginial cooking pot and the secret chocolate syrup recipe that was handed down from the Irvin's to Mr. T.

    Lois (Morrison) Curtis desgined the infamous Mr. T's logo that adorned the store front, ads, and prescription labels, etc.

    November 7 1968 Ronold Tusing Mr T Makes Grand Announcement of his ownership of Mr. T's Culver Rexall Drugs
      Mr T Makes Grand Announcement

      Saturday, November 9, Ronold Tusing will hold a Grand Announcement to announce that he is the new owner of Mr. T's Culver Rexall Drugs, formerly known as the Culver City Drug Store. Mr. Tusing purchased the store in October from Mr. and Mrs. Barrett Irvine.

      Ron came to Culver 5 years ago with his attractive wife, Kay, and two daughters, Cindy and Michelle. Previously he was employed at Judd's Drugs in Warsaw where he went to work soon after graduateing from Purdue University in 1960.

      The drugstore, built around the year 1889 has undergone remodeling the last few years and Tusing has plans to continue remodeling to give his customers an attractive as well as an efficient store. In addition to the Rexall products, the store carries Coty and Revlon cosmetics; Russell Stover box chocolates and Hallmark cards and party supplies.

      Customer services such as paying telephone bills and writing money orders will continue.

      Starting soon there will be a file of individual family records of possible allergies so that Mr. T will be albe to prevent possible reactions due to drug sensitivity.

      Since this store is famous for their chocolate sodas you will be pleased to hear that the homemde chocolate sauce will still be a feature. We have been told that this recipe has been in use for over 30 years.

      To greet you and your family, Mr. Tusing has planned Saturday as the "big" day. He will present the ladies with an orchid; men will receive the popular English Leather cologne and clowns will have balloons for the children.

      There will be a drawing Saturday evening at 7:00 p. m. when some lucky people will receive the 1st prize of an Instamatic Camera, projector, screen and $20.00 processing by McJon's; or 2nd prize which will be a Ladies Schick Conolette Hair Dryer. There will also be other prizes given at this time so don't forget to register for the drawing.

      Mr. T considers everyone a neighbor so let's all be neighborly and step in and wis him sucess.

Mr. T and Jean Triplett his assistant in the pharmacy section of the store.

1977 he built a new store out on 806 academy Drive and moved out there with this move Mr. T and Rob McKinnis merged their two pharmacies. in order to survive the compition that Hooks brought into town in 1974 at 103 S. Ohio,and have a local owned phramacy

The 1970's shows both the store fronts of 107 & 109 S. Main.

Stood Empty for while

Shoe Stable Grand opening announcement Andy Vernum on left, Steff Neff, manager on right.

Shoe Stable - abt 1977-1989/90
    The Shoe Stable was established by Andy Vernum in 1977- 1978 when Mr. T's moved out and lasted until about 1987-1988; maybe as long as 14 years which would be 1991 - but if my memory serves me right it had closed before David died in August 1990.,

    Rhonda Carswell Anderson was the manager before she became a postal clerk at the local post office.

    The iconic plastic draw string bags that were bright orange with the store name 'Shoe Stable' in black (orange & black also being the school colors).

Multi-Business - 1990_ [building owner Owner - Frederick A. Karst]
    UPS Shipping Depot - 199_ , 1991- ?
    Oct 1991-? - Culver Citizen
    Lake Maxinkuckee Environmental Fund, Inc.- 199_ - ? 

Coldwell Banker Reality Abad & Epley - ?- 9 Oct. 2008 [building owner Owner - Frederick A. Karst]
    They have closed a local office and have gone digital/virtual Office Anchor/Epley Rentals Janette Surrisi Coldwell Banker Anchor/Epley Real Estate

Vacant Oct 2008 - c. Dec. 2010 [building owner Owner - Frederick A. Karst]

Diva Expansion - c. Dec. 2010 -2020 Owner - Sue McInturff, Manger - Ursula Braden [building owner Owner - Frederick A. Karst]

    Diva - 31 Mar 2007 -201? - Owner - Sue McInturff, Manger - Ursula Braden-
      They expanded into the building to the north 107 S. Main and finaly downsized to just it i n 2017.

      Have moved to 1120 Collective!

2020 - Empty and building up far sale.


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