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108 N. Main Street  

1889 - Knights of Pythias established in Marmont.

1895 - 1921 - Knights of Pythias Building

    Town board minutes:
      July 1, 1895 Be it remembered that the town board of the town of Marmont, met in regular session, at T. B. Harris's office, on the first day of Jul 1895.

      Present, T. B. Harris, J.H. Castleman, E. W. Geiselman.

      The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.

      Be it further remembered that the following petition was read:
        Marmont, Ind. July 1, 1895

        To the honorable Town Board of Marmont} We the undersigned citizens Respectfully solicit your honorable Body to grant uns the privilege of the use of (20) Twenty feet of the street along lot No. 28 on Main Street for the purpose of placing building material for a period of not to exceed (90) days.

        Frank Cromley
        J. T. Cromey

      A motion was then made which was also duly seconded, that the named above privilege be granted and also granting the same privilege to the K.P's for the erection of their building. J. H. Cartleman and E. W. Geiselman voting in the affirmative. The president T. B. Harris declared said motion carried... pg. 108-9

    Porter and Co., (grocery store) - Will Porter

    1896 - May 22 - Porter & Co., will occupy the new K. of P. building about June 1st. Read their announcement in another column.

    1897 - April 2 - D. H. Smith & Co. are laying the stone foundation for a warehouse im the rear of the K. of P. building, the dimensions of which will be 18x20. The building is being erected by Porter & Co ... A telephone line is being erected from Culver Military Academy to the depot, thence to Porter & Co.’s store. This will be of great convenience to the academy as it will save many trips to the city.

    1897 - April 9 - The telephone line connecting the academy with the depot and Porter & Co.’s store is now in operation ...Porter & Co. have just completed, handsome show window, which is entirely closed in with glass frame work. The interior will be fitted up with brass fixtures which will be very beautiful when decorated with goods
1896 - Dec 4 - Knights of Pythias .

    There is probably no order in the state of Indiana in a more flourishing condition than the above order of this city. Last. fall the order finished a line two-storv brick structure with basement, the lower stories being occupied by Porter & Co., general merchants. The upper story is finished, for the order, which occupies one of the finest halls in the stare, and which is elaborately furnished with all the paraphernalia necessary tor convenience and comfort.

    The lodge numbers nearly 100 members, all of whom are men of integrity and progression, consequently the order is constantly growing in membership.

1897 - dec 2 - The K . O . P . lodge, will celebrate its 8th anniversary at its hall next Tuesday evening, Dec. 7th, in appropriate manner. Vocal and insttrumeutal music will be one of the _ind features of the evening

1896 - ? - Porter Porter and Sons; in this pictue on can see the wording on the building for this place of business.

Grocery - 1914  

'S' 1924-1937

Speyer store

    1921 february 23 - Speyer Brothers Genral Store established in 1879, is advertising a sale to close out its business. Henry speyer, son of the founder has been associated with the store for almost 42 years.

    1921 MARCH 30 After a long and busy career as a leading merchant in Culver, Henry Speyer retired from business March 24 when he traded his stock to James Burns of Fulton County for a good 80-acre farm near Leiters Ford.

1921 - August 31 - A deal was completed last week whereby the two-story Knights of Pythias Building on Main Street erected in 1895 became the property of W. S. Easterday.

The limestone crown of the building was removed and and was moved to the new K of P building; tho no mentioned of it has yet to be found.

Easterday Funeral Home & Furniture - 1893-1933, 1937 W. S. Easterday
    1921 Oct 12 Undertaker Easterday is installed in his new place of business, the former Speyer store which has been refitted for his special needs.

1927 - Mar 16 - MARCH 16 Workmen have been busy building a 25-foot addition to the back of the Easterday Building, which when completed will give W. S. Easterday some long needed space for his expanding mortuary business.

Easterday Funeral Home 1933-1946 W. S. Easterday & W. R. Easterday

    1934 - Mar 22 - W. S. Easterday has installed a sound-proof ceiling in his funeral home

    1934 - May 16 - Start Remodeling Easterday Mortuary
      Wek has started in the remodoeling of the Easterday Building on Main Street, one of the olderst business structures in town.

      It is planned to change the outside entrance to leady from the office, allowing the Easterday Undertaking firm to use the second floor in coonection with their business.

      The recepetion room on the main floor ois to be enlarged and a new front to replace the old brick exterior

      The Ewing Barber Shop, which formerly occupied the front of t he second story, has moved to the Goodman house opposite the post office

    1934 - July 25 - The remodeling of the Easterday Building has been completed and W. S. and W. R. Easterday are once more enjoying an orderly office
Easterday Funeral Home - 1946-1960 W. R. Easterday

    Barber Shop Upstairs
      1925 - May 26 - Jess L. Ewing has opened a barber shop in the upstairs room over the Easterday Funeral Home.

    Dr. Powers Office upstairs - 1950's ? William R. Easterday Residence ? - 1962 - Upstairs Apartment

    American Landrace Association Office - managers unknown

Easterday's & Gretters May 14 1958 - Citizen

Easterday-Bonine Funeral Home 1 Sep 1960-1963 - W. R. Easterday & James D. Bonine

Easterday-Bonine Funeral Home 1963-1966 James D. Bonine
  • Bonine Residence - Upstairs Apartment

Bonine Funeral Home1966 James D. Bonine
    In 1966 they moved to 104 E. Lakeshore

    Jim rememebers the now non-existant door leading from the outside of the building to the basement mortuary, which actually extends, under the side walk, west all the way to the edge of Main street. Inside the buisness, a large elevator was used to lower caskets into the basement and back.

    To the north on the funeral home facade was a glass enclosed notice board for posting funeral notices which was done by Jim Bonine up into the mid 2000's.

Verl the Barber 1968, Apr-2005, Nov Verlin Lee & Sylvia R. Shaffer

2005, Nov - ? John A. & Lori Zehner Remodeled  


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