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Verl the Barber  

1956 - Started association with with Herschel Strang's Barber Shop

1962 - Jan 31 - NOTICE Verl Shaffer is discontinuing his association with Hershel Strang's Barber Shop [located at 116/118 Main St.] and has purchased the Bill Davis shop at 104 S. Main St., Culver, adjacent to the News Agency [l108 S. Main/aka Wickizer Building. Special grand opening rates will be in effect from Monday, Feb. 5 through Saturday, Feb. 10, on all haircuts. Store hours will be Monday , Tuesday, Wednesday, 8:00-5:30; Thursday, 8:00-12 Noon; Friday, 8:00-8:00; and Saturday, 8:00-5:30. In case of illness, home calls will be made by appointment — Phone Viking 2-3593. The establishment, which has all modern equipment for your convenience, will now be known as Verl's Barber Shop. Your patronage will be appreciated .

Bill's Barber Shop Under New Management

Verl Shaffer, who has been associated with Herschel Strang's Barber Shop for the past six years, has purchased the Bill Davis Barber SHop at 104 S. Main St. adjacent to the CUlver News Agency, and will open for business next Monday, Feb. 5

Mr. Schaffer will have special Grand Opening rates on all haircuts from Monday Feb. 5, through Saturday, Feb. 10.

The establishment, which has all the modern equipement will be known as Ver's Barber Shop.

Mr. SHaffer is a 1955 graduate of Monterey High School and of International Barber College, Indianapolis.

He and his wife the foromer Sylvia Girton of Monterey and their two daughter reside at 209 S. Main St., Culver

The are members of the Grace United Grace of Christ. Mr. Shaffer is secretary of the Maxinkuckee Fish and Game Club and assists the local Boy Scout Troop. Mrs Shafer is a member of the Burr Oak Rebecca Lodge.

Mr. Davis who has been in business for the past four years, plans to reite and is moving to the Warsaw area.

Photo by t Tom Ross Studio.
Verl stated: he rented for $35 a month in Hattie Wickizer's building. Hair cuts cost $1.75 in 1962. A ot of cuts just to pay rent. Electric bills run around $15 a Month.

1963 - 23 Oct Kenneth Overmyer Joins Verl's Barber Shop
    Kenneth Overmyer, Argos, has taken over the second barber chair in the Verl Shaffer Barber Shop.

    Kenneth is a graduate of the Argos High School, 1961 and a recent graduate of the Indianapolis Barber College. He will serve his appretice with Mr. Shaffer.

1968 - moved to 108 N. Main St.

Verl remembers remember when he bought the old Funeral Home - "I made a wild offer and they jumped on it. At that time nobody wanted to buy a old body shop. I worked for Bill Easterday and Jim Bonine, nights. They didn't leave any bodies behind when they moved out. Dale Jones was the realtor. He said there were several people looking at it, but when they found out it had been a Funeral Home they all backed out. I called it mine for over 36 yrs."

Here is a 1980's ad and while in buisness he was famous for his mother-in-law ads in the local advertiising media. I wonder if h kept a notebook of them - - we all anticipated what his next ad would be!

It was a gathering place for the men of the community to exchange their tales. Verl was famous for his cuckoo clock and deer head.

He was also a master clock repairer. And on the walls hun a varied array of clock's; beside a couple of floor cabinet style clocks

He also ran Shaffer's Lake Service as it's now called as a side turning the helm over to his son Gary.

2006 - Culver’s last official barber (so far, anyway) removed the last clock from those hallowed walls in 2006, and as the sign on his window put it, stop and smell the flowers before he started pushing then up himself.

Jul 2017 Verl and Sylvia gave a surprise party for over 100 friends and relatives. The surprise was ko one knew what kind of party it was, because they did not want any gifts. They celebrated their 61sr wedding anniversary; Verl's 80th birthday; daughter Twyla Bean's 60th birthday; granddaughter Jessic'as 40th birthday; Barbara Shaffer's (Gary's wife) 50th birthday; Danny Osoron's (son-on-law) 50th birthday. Son-in-law Tony Bean who would be turning 60; granddaughter Allison being home from California and granddaughter Morgan who graduated from Noorthwestern University.

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