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106 & 108 S. Main  

Saloon - George N. Gerard 1894-1897

    The location was pinpointed from a public Sale ad which stated four doors south of the post office on Main street'' and using the 1906 Sanborn map gave us the location.

    Four doors south of the post office on Main street:

    Public Sale. The undersigned will sell at publie sale, on Saturday, Jan. 16, 1897, the following described property: One walnut bedroom set, bedsteads and bedding, one heating stove, one gasoline stove, canned fruits, cooking utensils, carpets, and a general line of household furniture. Also a log cabin, built last summer, suitable for a barber shop or any small business.

    Terms:— All sums of Five-Dollars and under, Cash - over that amount a note on six months time with approved security will be required. Interest from date of note will be charged if not paid when due. Sale will take place four doors south of the post office on Main street, at 1 o’clock p.m. sharp. George N. Gerard, Prop. - - 8 Jan 1897

    George Gerard has retired from the saloon business in this city, and we understand will depart for the far west in the near future. He has been a resident of this place over three vears, and has been a good citizen; and we hope wherever his lot may be cast he will meet with success. He aud lrs amiable wife will leave host upon host of warm friends - 23 Jan 1897

    Public Sale. The undersigned will sell at auction sale, on Saturday, January 30, 1897, the following articles: One heating stove, oue marble-top washstand with mirror, tables, chairs, saloon and bar glassware, cookstove, and other articles not enumerated. Owing to parties having bought goods at the auction on Jan. 16th not being able to take them, Mrs. Gerard will also offer on the above date thy rest of her household goods Remember the place, five doors south of the Post Olhce on Main street Sale at 2 o’clock. Terms cash. Tm. Wolfe -

    Wickizer Building

    1) Clothing
    2) Grocery
    1906 Sanborn map

    Hessel's Building (Store) "The Surprise Store" ??

    Furniture, 1914 Sanborn Map

    'S' - 1924-1937

    Hattie Wickizer's Dry Goods & Grocery
      It is said she was known for her hat's and that the name 'Hattie' this appropriately fitted her.

      1933 - Nov. 20 The Wickizer Variety Store has been remodeled on the interior with new steel shelves and tables allowing an attractive arrangement of stock

      1934 - Mar 22 - P. A. Wiickizer has added a grocery stock to his variety store.

      1940 - May 1 - the old garage back of the Wickizer store was destroyed by a fire which also spread to the adjacent Bogardas building Saturday afternoon with a loss of about $_00.

      1943 - Jul 14 - Wickizer's Grocery and Market has installed a self-service system.
        Wickizer's grocery and market has installed a self-service system. According to manager Leo Butler, the store has been working toward the self-service system for some time and has just completed the final arrangements.

      1944 - Nov. 22 - Detriot Man Buys Wickizer's Grocery
        Frank Douglas of Detroit, Mich., has purchased the Wickizer Grocery and Market, of Mrs. Hattie Wickizer and the new owner tool possession Monday.

        The business had been managed for some time by Leo Butler.

        Mr. Douglas is a nephew of Mrs. WIckizer and has several friends here as he has visited Culver on numerous occasions.

        The family will live in the Gysin house in the south pat of town.

      1947 - Oct 1 - Wickizer's Store, including all apartments and building, has been sold to Joe R. Goldsmith and his son-in-law, Albert B. Peterson, both of Fort Wayne, who announce that the business has been named the Culver Department Store

    Culver Department Store - 1947-1949 - ? Joe Goldsmith & All Peterson
      newly arranged self food store - ran a contest to change the name winner received $20.

    106 (104) Main - Wickizer Building

    Eileen's Dress Shop
      1955 - March 9 - Eileen's Dress Shop, owned and operated by Mrs. Eileen Dawson, has opened for business in the Wickizer Building.

      1958 - January 8 – Eileen’s Dress Shop goes out of business…

    Davis' Barber Shop - ?- 1962 - Bill Davis
      Moved here from the basement of the Amond building

    Verl's Barber Shop - 1962-1968 - Verl Shaffe. Moved to 180 N. Main St.

Stacy's Auto Parts - 1969, Feb.- 1970 ?
    Culver Acquires Auto Parts Business

    One of Culver's newest businesses will open Saturday morning at 106 S. Main St.

    Stacy's Auto Parts, owned by Ernest Stacy of Bremen, will be opened six days a week from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

    Mr. Stacy, who operates an auto parts store in Bremen decided that a business of this sort in Culver has a good potential. With no other parts store available, he feels that the service stations will find it more convenient than sending away for needed parts.

    Available will be A P mufflers, Delco shock absorbers and batteries, Wagner brake shoes and many other nationally known brands. Some tractor parts are also stocked.

    Stacy has seven years background in this business and will operate the Culver store for the first month. Mr. Ronald Huffman of Bremen - will manage the store after that period. - THURSDAY, JANUARY 23, 1969 - citizen

Culver Auto Parts Store early 1960's Leonard Richards

Culver Auto Parts Store ?- 1977 Robert Healy

106 S. Main - The Herb Center
    The Herb Center on South Main Street, Culver, next to the Marathon Service Station is open while repairs are still being made inside. You may visit the store from 1 to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Staurday - Jun 7, 1979.

108 Main - Wickizer's Building

The building during the 1960's, 1870's and into the 1980's until the Golden's took possession remained virtually the same with little or no remodeling done.

The Ideal Cleaners
    1952 - Mar 19 - Clyde Hickman, Sr., is the proprietor of a new Culver business firm. The Ideal Cleaners, which opened for business Monday, is located at 108 S. Main St.

1957 - 198_ Culver News Agency -

Building remodeled 1980's & the again in the mid 1990's

106 S. Main

Craft & Antiques Shop - late 1980's - Donald R & Jewell k Golden

Olde Towne Restaurant expansion extra dining room area - late 1980's - Donald R & Jewell K Golden

Painter & Poet Gallery - 3 years - Esther & Ward Miller (est 1989) ??

    They possibly had a shop here for a brief time before moving into a condo in the Pretty Lake Golf course on the south side Also for a brief time in the early 200's they had a shope as 114 S. Main After this location the moved to 307 N. Main

Gail's c. 2002-2010 - Gail (Runhow) Riinega
    She was at 312 12 E. Jefferson as 'Town & Country Baskets & General Store' which became the Bayside Condominiums

108 S Main

Olde Towne Restaurant - ? - 1985 - ? - Donald R & Jewell K Golden

    Opening Jan. 2 at 6 a.m. is the Olde Town Restaurant at 108 S. Main St. The restaurant is open seven days a week from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m - Dec 28, 1983

Olde Towne Restaurant - 1986-1990's - Allen & Toni Tettenborn
    Apartments upstairs - the Tettenborn's renovated the upstairs apartments into one large townhouse apartment.

The Olde Towne Coffe Club 1997 Heritage Brick

2000's Chinese Buffet 2000's

?-2013 - Vacant ?-2013

2013 - Culver Eductional Foundation has purchased the building and will be expanding their museum into it from 102 S. Main.

Aug 25 - 2017 - MJ's Sweet Tooh Candy Boutique - Mary Jane Kutch & Angie Broughton - Open Tue-Sat 11 a.m-6 p.m. Grand Opening Sep 9. & ribbon cutting ceremony - Cheryl Rhodes, Larry Brockey - Culver Chamber of Commerce, Mary Jane Kutch & Angie Strama, Co-owners; ELizabeth Thompson-Beaucham & Amy J (Overmyer) Jessen - Culver Chamber of Commerce

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