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109 South Main Street  

Kloepfer's New York Store Department Store

    Look out for Kuhn and Kloepfer. who will on or about the 15th inst. open up in the south store room of the Osborn block a full line of dry goods and clothing. These gentlemen inform the editor that they will locate permanently aud sell goods at such prices that will induce people to buy because they can save money. Both gentlemen are well known business men, whose integrityis unquestioned aud who conduct business on the square ‘live and let live' principle. - 9 Sep 1898

John Osborn Grocery

Stahl Bros. Grocery

1904 - Oct 27 - John Osborn is building an extension to the two business rooms occupied by T. E. Slattery and Stahl Bros.

1905 - Jan 12 - Henry Stahl has sold his interest in the grocery and meat market conducted by Stahl Bros, to Frank Easlerday. It is said that Mr. Stahl will engage in the poultry business on his mother’s farm.

Stahl & Company

Grocery - 1906 (Sanborn map)

Hollet's - 1912  

    1912— May 30 John Osborn has had water service introduced to the following stores: Slattery, Hollett, Mitchell & Stabenow. and Hand.
D. G./Dry Goods - 1914 (Sanborn map)

107 & 109 S. Main, 1919

Osborn & Miller Grocery - 1920

'S' - 1924-1937   (Sanborn map)
    Upstairs - dentist - 1930's

1928 - May 16 - New Grocery Stoer to Open Here Saturday
    A new store wioo kaunch its craft on the business waters of this community next Saturday wehen the G & G Grocery Company of Plymouth opens a store here.

    The enterprise is to be located in the building next to the Mitchell and Stabenow store where painters and carpenters have bee busy re-modeling and repaintining.

    H. G. Albert will manage the store. He is well known in this community, having been reared at Hibbard.

    The firm's announcement appears on another page of this issue.

1928 - Aug 29 - Ben W. Oberlin of Hamlet Buys G and G Grocery Here
    A new member joined the business circle of Culver whenBen W. Oberlin of Hamlet purchased the G & G Grocery store last week.

    He has assumer personal management but will be assisted for two weeks by the present manager,Howard G. ALbert.

    Mr. Albert will then join Mr. Glaub in the G & G store at Plymouth.

    The store here has enjoued a prosperous trade and the communiyt regrets to lose the genial Mr. Albert.

    Mr. Oberlin is said to be an experienced merchant with progressive ideas who will keep the store up to its present standard.

Oberlin's Grocery & Market - Ben Oberlin - c1929-1944
    February 20, 1929 - A new all-white meat display case with automatic refrigeration has been installed by Ben Oberlin n the IGA store

    April 12, 1933—Oberlin's Grocery was the first in Marshall County to handle beer under the new Federal law and was kept busy handling over 40 cases of the 3.2 percent beverage the first legal day for beer.....

    May 1940 saw plans for cold storage lockers and by august they were open for rental to the ' public.

    1940 - Aug. 14 The latest method of keeping foods and meats is now available in culver with the opening of the cold stoorage locker system in Oberlin's grocery & Market.

    1943 - june 30 - After several weeks of preparation , Oberlin's Grocery and Market will inaugurate its new self service system on Friday.

1942 - Jul 1 - Osborn Block Painted - The fronts of the stores in the Osborn Block and the CUlver City store have been given coats of white paint, giving a greatly improved appearance to the business section of town.

IGA Grocery - Walter Magee
    1944 - Mar 1 - Ben W. Oberlin has sold his grocery and market to Walter Magee. manager of the Kroger store at Plymouth, with the new owner to take possession March 6.
      Mr. Oberlin has retained the operation of the cold storage locker plant in the store .

    1944 Nov 1 - A transaction was completed whereby Walter Magee bought the frozen Food locker plant in the Magee Store from Ben Oberlin

    September 11, 1980 - Culver News Agency Changes Ownership...Culver [William ]Taber was a meat cutter across the street from Walter Magee (recently Quality Market) for 10 1/2 years [1945-1956]...

Quality Grocery - ?-1952-? Strader's & Jordans

Strader's Quality Grocery - Virgil & Sylvia Strader

The 1970's shows both the store fronts of 107 & 109 S. Main.

Quality Grocery - Jim & Shirley James (from Kewanna, Indiana) - 1970's-1980's

Country Cousins (Antique Shop) - 1980's -1986 - Thelma Hodges
    A group of ladies heade by Thelma Hodges opened up shop in the early 1980's among them were Ruth Shanks, Mary Allen, Bea Fisher, possibly Mary Mae McCelland , Ruth Mackey (who soon left to open her own store "The collectors' across the street) and others.


1986 - 199_ Celebutante Hair Designs (Rod & Laura Caudill) -
    Was formerly Rodrick's was Styling and Barber Shop which was located in the Elliott Building aka the Menser building.

interior Views - Chis landskrom  

Shoreline Specialties gift Shop - Kristina Privett 2004- 2006/7  [building owner Owner - Frederick A. Karst]
    Christina and Charles Privett have opened a new shop, Shoreside Specialties on Main Street where Interiors Views was located. Chock full of fun products including South Bend Chocolates and gourmet coffees, it is a must.

    Has since moved to 301 Akron St.

Empty [building owner Owner - Frederick A. Karst]

Diva - 31 Mar 2007 -2017 - Owner - Sue McInturff, Manger - Ursula Braden- [building owner Owner - Frederick A. Karst]
    They expanded into the building to the north 107 S. Main and finaly downsized to just it in 2017.

Vacant Oct 2008 - c. Dec. 2010 [building owner Owner - Frederick A. Karst]

New business opening at 109 South Main Street in Culver. Details are secret, according to building owner Fred Karst. Opening will be during Fall Fest.

Main Street Studio - opened Oct 7 2017 - Co-owners Daniell Mavrick (Daniel Maverick Photography) & Heather Widner (Buzzworthy Parties)

2020-2021 - Vacant
    Apartment Upstairs


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