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110 North Main 1897-1921  

The area of what today is 110 N. Main St., the K. P. buliding built in 1922. clicking on picture will enlarge for more detail.

The History of the building and lot can be found on :

A view looking north - clicking on picture will enlarge for more detail.

1897 - June 25 - Henry Speyer was appointed postmaster at Culver the 14th inst,, and has already forwarded his bonds to Washington for approval.

He will at once erect a 10x24 building between the furniture store and K. of P. block, and will take charge of the office about July 1st., with Miss Alice Shultz as first assistant deputy.

To say that we are pleased over the fact that the office will so soon pass into other bauds is putting it rather mild, for there is a possibility that under the new regime our mails may be handled with some regularity, and our subscribers receive the papers we enter at the post office the same month

Mr. Speyer has had several years of experience and knows just what is necessary to conduct an up to date post office

1899 July 14 - A new awning now adorns the post office building.

1897 - July 30 - After a long wait, the glass fronts and doors for the new post office have arrived and are already placed inposition and present quite a metropolitan appearance

1907 - Culver Post Office moves to 101 N Main St.

1908, Jan 9-May 15 - Henry Pecher has moved his tin shop into the old post office quarters

1908 - October 8 - Ray and Earl are fitting up the old post office building for a restaurant. The wooden awning has been removed from the front of the building repainted.

1909 - Jun 10 - Ray Poor is fitting up the old post office room preparatory to occupying it with his suitatorium.

1909 - Aug 26 - New Millinery Line - Having had several year's experience in the milinery business, I will, after September 1 place on sale a complete line of up-to-date Millinery in the old post office romm, Culver. Your patronage is solicited. - Estella Pontius

1914 - 'Milly' assuming meaning millinery as shown on the 1914 sanborn map.
    1914 - Jan 22 - After Jan. 22 my stoe will be closed until about March first at which tim I will return with the most correc styles in spring millinery. - Eastella Pontius

1915 - millinery Store - Estella Pontius
    1915 - Dec 30 - ... Mis Pontius; Millinery Store are damaged by Flames
      The second fire occurred at 2 o'clock Christmas afternoon in Estella Pontius millinery store, in the rear room of which Miss Pontius had forgotten to disconnet an eletric ironing press previous to leaving for Plymouth on the 11:30 train.

      This room was badly damaged, and its contents consisting of trimmings and hats, destroyed.

      The fire also reached the front room, but the damage there was chiefly to the stock, of which the room was full, and which the smoke and water nearly reuined.

      As in the Hewes fire the company kept the flames from getting to the outside of the building.

      The brick building occupied downstairs b y the Speyer store and upstairs by the Knights of Pythias adjoinded on the south and the Easterday's two story frame building is next on the north.

      The one-story building occupied by Miss Pontius is owned by Henry Speyer.

      There was not insurance on it, the policy having recently expired and by an oversight had not been renewed.

      The damage to the building is at least $100. Miss Pontius's stock was insured for $700, but this will not cover the loss, she says

    It seems that she did not re-stock and open as this quip is found
      1916 - May 4 - Miss Estella Pontius who has charge of the art department of one of the b ig stores in Aurora, Ill., spent a happy Sunday in Culver with her people in the country.

    and mext she is found mentioned in 1917 as being manager of the Osborn Hotel

19_-1921 Byrd Electrical Shop
    1935 - april 24 - The exterior of a new workshop is almost completed at the rear of the E. O. Byrd residence and the interior will be completed in a few days.

1921 - Oct 19 - The Easterday Building on Main Street has been razed. The Byrd electrical shop, the old post office, is following suit.

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