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Pecher/Siepman/Milner Tin shop 

1907 - Henry Pecher has opened a tin shop under the hardware ( 120 S. Main )

1908 - Jan 9 - Henry Pecher has moved his tin shop into the old post office quarters (110 N. Main St.)

1908 - Mar 19 - Fannie Hessel to H. Pecher s30 feet lot 31 Houghton's add, Culver. $1000.

    Henry Pecher had a sale of a portion of his household effects last Saturday. As soo as his building on Main Street is finished he and his wife will move into the four rear rooms - Apr. 9, 1908

    Removal - About May 15 I will remove to my new building where i Will kleep afull stock of all kinds of metal work and will be prepared to attend promptly to all orders for town or county jobs. - May 7 1908

1915 May 5 - Buisness Change
    Henry Pecher has sold his tinshop to Otto RIck of CHicago and the new owner is now in possession. He will move here in a coulple of weeks and occupy the rooms in the Pecher building. Mr. and Mrs. Percher moving to the property which they bought of Henry Overman, north of the cemetery. Mr. Pecher has worked had and built up a profitable business in Culver and the surrounding country. He will take things easier for awhile. We wish the new proprietor a full measure of prosperity.

1918 - JUl 25 - A Business CHange - Henry Pecher has bought back the tinsmith shop which he sold to to Otto rick three years ago, and has moved his residence from the south end of town to the apartments over the shop. Mrs. RIck goes back to Chicago to resume a position as boss with a North sidfe firm which he held for six years. The firm is now making army bake oven on a governement contract.

1919 - Sep 3 - Henry Pecher has sold his tin sop to E. Siepman of Chicago, who has moved into the rooms over the shop while the Pechers move to the Heine house on lake shore. Mrs. Pecher has been in poor phsyical condition since his fall last spring and will llay off hard work for a time

1922 - Sale of Business Property
    Emil Siepman has bought of Henry Pecher the two-tory and basement frame building on Main street, occupied by Siepman as a tin shop and redidence. The price for the building] and lot was $4000. Mr Siepman is doing a prosperous business and he are glad to see him owning his own quarters.

Location - found -
    Strang Barber Shop Moved Across Street -
      Sunday and Monday were busy day for Sam Strang and his co-workers when the barber shop was moved from it location in the D. H. Smiith Building (103 S Main) near Slattery and Shilling's (107 S. Main ), directly across the street to the Emil Siepman building (112 S. Main). The change has been completed and shaves are to be obtained to the tine "Rap-a-tap-tap, and tick-a-tack-to" of the Smith & Son Shoe Shop which retains the rear of the buiilind for the present. The building from which the barbers moved is being given an overhauling and will be occupied by D. H. Smith & Son. This move will be made in a bout two weeks. - 3 Sep 1924

1925 - Feb 4 - Siepman's Building Is Entirely Completed
    Emil Siepman has recently mad a fine addition to his business building on Marin Street, which makes his shop of the very finest and an industry of which the communtiy can be proud. The new room in the rear is fitted with all the latest devices for the modern tin and sheet metal shop. It is made especially good for th workshop by large windows along the entire south side of the room. The basement is used for a garage. Mr. Siepman's old workshop in the basement is now being used for a store room.

1926 - Jun 2 - John Milner Purchases Emil Siepman Tin Shop
    A business transaction has recently been completed whereby John M. Milner became the owner of the Emil Seipman tin shop. He will continue to do business in the same location and caters to former customers of Mr. Siepman. Mr. Milner is well and favorably known in Culver. He has been with Mr. Siepman in the tin and sheet metal work for a number of years and it is predicated that he will do a nice business in his new venture.

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