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111 South Main Street  

1905 - Apr 6 - John Osborn is making preparations to build two business rooms south of Stahl’s grocery

    1905 - Nov 30 The Central Union Telephone Company has leased a suit of rooms in the new- Osborn Block for tifteen years. New booths, furniture, etc., will be bought and Culver will have one of, the bes equipped telephone stations in this section. We understand that new rural lines will be built soon, and on account of tho greatly increasing business, a new switchboard for two operators will be installed.

    Telephone history

Culver Clothing House - 1906, Feb-19__ - Mitchell & Stabenow
    Culver Clothing House

    Mitchell and Stabenow to Open a Cothing Store in Culver

    Messrs. Mitchell and Stabenow of Chicago, were here Saturday and made arrangment for locating in Culver.

    They will onen up one of the largest clothing and gents' furnishing stores in the county and will occupy one of Osborn's magnificent rooms which will give them the greatest floor space that is occupied bu any store in the dounty devoted exclusively to the sale of clothing.

    Their stock will be entirely new and selected from Ederheimer, Stein anc Co.'s great wholesale house,This firm is said to be the world's greatest makers of boy's and children's clothes.

    The new store will be known as the 'Culver Clothing House' and Mitchell and Stabenow, proprietors.

    They will open for business about February 10th.

    Mr. Leonard of Plymouth had bee engaged to put in a complete and up to date lighting plant which will be rushed to completion. This firm comes highly recommended and merits the patronage of our peole. Culver Citizen 1 Jan 1906, pg. 1

Mitchell & Stabenow Dry Goods 1910, 1914 - John Mitchell & Otto Stabenow

111 S. Main, 1919; 113 S. Main is only slightly visible; show the entrance to the upstairs

Mitchell & Stabenow - John Mitchell & Otto Stabenow Mens Clothing -1912 -1959
    1909 - Mar 11 - The Culver clothing and shoe firm of Mitchell & Stabenow are this week opening another store at Goshen where they have secured a central location opposite the court house. Marion Jones has been engaged as an assistant In the Culver store.

    1909 Jul 15 - July 15, 1909 Mitchell & Stabenow will close their shoe store in Goshen and John Mitchell will return to culver.

    1909 - Dec 2 - Mitchell & Stabenow are putting clothes hangers in their store to take the place of tables or the display of their stock of clothing.

    1912— May 30 John Osborn has had water service introduced to the following stores: Slattery, Hollett, Mitchell & Stabenow. and Hand.

    19_9 February 18 - John Mitchell and Otto Stabenow yesterday observed the 43rd anniversary of the establishment of their business, the Mitchell and Stabenow Clothing Store.

1942 - Jul 1 - Osborn Block Painted - The fronts of the stores in the Osborn Block and the CUlver City store have been given coats of white paint, giving a greatly improved appearance to the business section of town.

1954 - Adam's Men's and Boys' Wear Clothing 1959 - [someone has mentione 1954-7]
    1954 - June 30 - - JUNE SO, 1954 — Otto Stabenow and his partner, John Mitchell, after doing business in the same location in Culver's downtown section for almost a half century, have sold the Mitchel & Stabenow clothing store to Fred Adams, who will chisten his new Main Street enterprise, "Adams, Men's and Boys' Wear."

    It was sold to Fred Adams in 1954 by Mitchell and Stabenow; who would be the shortess propertior of it lasting only 3 years before he sold it to Andy Vernum and to business partners. The building being owned by W. O. Osborn, son of the builder and the set of buildings above in the brick work are label the 'Osborn Block'.

1957 - 1963 Culver Clothiers, Inc. - Robert L. Haig, William M. Rasmussen and Andrew 'Andy' Vernum are the owners of the store

Andy's Culver Clothiers

    In the ensuing years Andy was encouraged to incorporate by his business partners and thus in corporated the name 'Andy's' into the business name; since over the years it had always been refered to just as 'Andy's' by the local clientel.

    Andy eventually bought his partners out and actually even bought the building from W. O. Osborn who had been convienced that the upstairs which had been used mainly as storage for many year would take considerable amount of renovating to make it viably useable again.

    Esther L. Essie McKinnis was a long time employee

    Andy sold the southern part of the building which housed 'Cafe Max' to its owner Susie Mahler and he sold the north half of the building and business to its present owner Pam Fisher in after seeking out buyers for over a year after his wife beame terminally ill in 1994.

Fisher's & Co. - 1994 - 2020- Pamela Fisher
    2020 - Jennifer Foxworthy & Susan McInturff have purchased

    Fisher and Company's closing date is December 20. There may be a pop-up store later.

2021 - ONE11
  • Diva in Culver
  • Flea MArket Chic - Birdie McMahan DeSalvo

  • Apartment Upstairs
      Stabenow's apartment
      Werner apartmernt
      W. L. Werner - watchmaker
      Upstairs - Telephone Exchange - 1924-1930-'s; you can barely see the signs in this the larger crop when you clik on the link shows them; a larger version (here) of the block shows them clearer.

      Storage for Culver clotheries, Andy's & fishers

    N21.5' S26.5' LOT 5 HOUGHTNS AMEND CO


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