Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

110 S. Main Street aka 112 S. Main  

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The current address is 110 S. main; but in past years since it was a double store front - it bore the addres of 110 for the North Side and 112 for the south side; and the basement was also used as a business area. .

The basement was in use as a business enity also along with the upstairs being apparments

Also over the years the address numbers have varies as to add confusion as to the location.

pre 1896 - It has or had been thought of the location of Nussbaum, Mayer & Co

    By this they possibly moved to Plymouth and was the foreunner of Lauer Clothiing there
      Notice. - All parties indebted to the late firm of Nussbaum & Myers, must call and settle at once, or claims will be sued. L . M. Lauer, Plymouth, Ind. - Dec 1, 1899

1896, Nov. 20, 27 - Nussbaum, Mayer & Co, has store room for rent. Enquire of Sigmond Mayer Plymouth, Ind.

1896 Dec 4 - R . W. Roberts , the hardware man, has moved his hardware from the Cromley buildiug into the building formerly occupied by Nussbaum, Mayer & Co. This will give him first-class quarters to transact business in

1896 - Dec 25 - Wm. Foss has moved his shoe repairing shop over the old store formerly occupied by Nussbaum, Mayer & Co. Be sure and remember the place. - 25 Dec. 1896
    He was formerly located in the basement of 107 S. Main Street -

      Wm. Foss has opened a shoe repair shop in the “ 0 . K . ” barber shop in the basement of the Osborn Block. He will also make boots and shoes if any one desires first class hand made articles. It is not necessary for us to eulogise upon his capabilities for his his skill as a workman is - well known. - 18 Sep 1896

      Wm. Foss is now permanently located in the O. K. Barber Shop, Osborn Block, and is prepared, in a skillful and workmanlike manner, to repair boots and shoes in the most approved style. Not only will he satisfy you by guaranteeing his work, but he will do the same at prices to compare favorably with the hard times. Do not be mistaken, if you desire to save hard cash, give him a call. He will also make you a pair of shoes or boots that will outwear any store shoe or boots in the county - 2 Oct 1896

      Wm. Foss, the experienced shoe man, who is located in the “ 0. K, ” barber shop, is doing a rushing business. His work is alright, and the shoes made to order by him will last as long as any hand made shoe in the market. Repairing neatly, cheaply and satisfactorily done. Don't forget the location — ‘0.K.’ barber shop, Osborn block. - Nov 1896

      1896, Dec-1913, Sep - Wm. Foss & Son - Shoe Repair, Harness & Horse

      1913 - sep 25 - D. H. Smith has purchased William Foss' harness shop and shoe repairing business.

1897 - Mar 26 - 1897 Businesses In Poetry


In the old Nussbaum building, the one with the outside stair. Up in the second story you’ll find a cobbler there; If you shoes are leaky and want the fixed up “boss” Don’t forget to take them to Mr. William Foss

1897 Apr. 9 - Today (Friday) Nathaniel Gandy will open and be ready for business. He his secured the barn near the old Nussbaum & Mayer store, and has fitted the same up with a first class livery outfit. He invites vou to call and see for yourselves - - When you need your shoes repaired don’t forget to call on Foss the shoemaker. If vou are thinking of getting a pair of shoes made, you will do well by calling on him and leaving your measure. He is sure to statisy you. You will find him upstairs in the old Nussbaum & Mayer building.

1897 - Jul 2 - By Philharmonic Club, at Nussbaum & Mayer Hall, Monday evening July 5th.

1898 - Apr. 29 - Mr. Samuel Medbourn is now the owner of the old Nussbaum & Mayer building. He will at once repair the same and place it in first-class condition for rent.

by the 1906 Sanborn map it was a General Store.

1908 - Mar 19 - Fannie Hessel to H. Pecher s30 feet lot 32 Houghton's add, Culver. $1000.
    Henry Pecher had a sale of a portion of his household effects last Saturday. As soon as his building on Main Street is finished he and his wife will move into the four rear rooms - Apr. 9, 1908

    Removal - About May 15 I will remove to my new building where i Will kleep afull stock of all kinds of metal work and will be prepared to attend promptly to all orders for town or county jobs. - May 7 1908

    Henry Pecher will heat his new building with a furnace - Sep 10, 1908

Pecher's Tin SHop

1908, Sep 24 - Will Remove Oct 1 After Oct 1 I will move to Pecher's new building, first door north of the Culver Chas Hardware and will increase my stock. E. B. Sutherlin, Jeweler
    Removal - I have this day removed to the new Pecher building where I have a larger and brighter store and a new and larger stock. A cordial invitiation to the publice to call and see the stock. Sutherlin, the Jeweler. - Oct 1, 1908

1914 sanborn map labels it as Tin, Harness & Shoe Shop

1914 - Feb 16 - Henry Pecher has completed the second story apartments of his building and the family moved in this week. They have six nice comfortable rooms.

1914 - Jul 30 - D. H. Smith, the harness maker and shoe repairer, has rented the south half of the first floor int he Pecher building, and will probably move in this week. The will give him a fine location and more room for his growing business.
    Smith Shoe Repair & Harness Shop 1912-?- David H. Smith  
      1912 - 22 sep - A early mason and Culvers 1st rural mail carrier retires to start a shoe and harness repair shop; 1st days receipts were $5. he was joined later by cecil his son on Aug. 1 1922 and the harness repair was abandoned in 1926 - by the passing of 'Old Dobbin'

      1914 - Oct 15 - -D. H. Smith, the rural route carrier on 14 for many years, is really building up a wonderful business in the line of harness manufacturing and shoe repairing. H e has recently added to his shop equipment a $400 electrical machine which does the work of four men in sewing on soles. It is the academy work that makes this possible.

1915 May 5 - Henry Pecher had sold his tin ship to Otto Rick of Chicago.

1918 - Jul 25 - A Business Change - Henry Pecher has bought back the tinsmith shop which he sold to to Otto rick three years ago

1919 - Sep 3 - Henry Pecher has sold his tin shop to E. Siepman of Chicago,


1924 shows that it is divided into 2 store fronts and each are simply labeled as 'S'

1926 - Jun 2 - John Milner Purchases Emil Siepman Tin Shop

Strang Barber Shop Moved Across Street -
    Sunday and Monday were busy day for Sam Strang and his co-workers when the barber shop was moved from it location in the D. H. Smiith Building (103 S Main) near Slattery and Shilling's (107 S. Main ), directly across the street to the Emil Siepman building (112 S. Main). The change has been completed and shaves are to be obtained to the tine "Rap-a-tap-tap, and tick-a-tack-to" of the Smith & Son Shoe Shop which retains the rear of the buiilind for the present. The building from which the barbers moved is being given an overhauling and will be occupied by D. H. Smith & Son. This move will be made in a bout two weeks. - 3 Sep 1924

1925 - Feb 4 - Siepman's Building Is Entirely Completed
    Emil Siepman has recently made a fine addition to his business building on Marin Street, which makes his shop of the very finest and an industry of which the communtiy can be proud. The new room in the rear is fitted with all the latest devices for the modern tin and sheet metal shop. It is made especially good for th workshop by large windows along the entire south side of the room. The basement is used for a garage. Mr. Siepman's old workshop in the basement is now being used for a store room.

1926 - Jun 2 - John Milner Purchases Emil Siepman Tin Shop
    A business transaction has recently been completed whereby John M. Milner became the owner of the Emil Seipman tin shop. He will continue to do business in the same location and caters to former customers of Mr. Siepman. Mr. Milner is well and favorably known in Culver. He has been with Mr. Siepman in the tin and sheet metal work for a number of years and it is predicated that he will do a nice business in his new venture.

Of interest is found:
    Old Pump Factory - speaking of old things in the line of buildings, there was the pump factory that sat in front of what is now Milner's tin shop. Wooden pumps were made there. Frorm about the location of the pump factory a canal used to lead to the lake...

1928 - Aug 1 - Emil Siepman opens Furniture Store
    Emil SHiepman has opened another new business house for Culver, a furniture store, in the basement of his present store on Main Street. He will handle new and second hand furniture and will also have a repair department

1931 - Nov. 11 - Mikesell Trades Home for Siepman Business Building
    A business transaction was completed last week whereby Raymond R. Mikesell traded his home at the corner of Lake Shore Drive and State street for the Emil Siepman building on Main Street. Mr. Mikesel and Mr. Siep,am expect to mover their househld goods this week, but Mr. Mikesell has no plans for the one half of the building now used by Mr. Siepman. The other hald is occupied by Miss Alice Daily's Beauty Shop.

1932 - Mar 16 - See CUlver Greenhouse display of Easter flowers in Mikesell Building 2nd door north of hardware. Opens Monday morning

1932 , May 18 - R. R. Mikesell to Open Grocery Store Saturday - Raymond R. Mikesell announces the opening of his grocery and meat marker in his building on Main Stree. He will be open for busniness on Saturday

1932 - Sep 14 - Mikesell Sells Building to Miss Helen Wells
    Miss Helen Well has purchased the Mikesell building on Main Street from Raymond Mikesell. Miss Wells plans to move her beauty shop from the Hayes Block into the room now occupied by Miss Alice Daily and will open a sandwich shop in the side where the Mikesell grocery is now located. The Mikesell stock of groceries is to be sold out at once, although the terms of sale call for possession by November 1. Miss Daily has made no plans for the future as yet.

1937 - shows that it is divided into 2 store fronts and each are simply labeled as 'S'

1947 - Jun 25 - Helen Wells and Frank C. Timmons to Frank E. and Emma Amond, south 27 feet lot 32, Houghton, also all interest in north 3 feet, south 30 feet, lot 32.

Amond Building 1947-197_ - Frank Amond

    1947 - Nov. 17 - Richard Nitzache of Winamac assted by ELmer Galbraith will operate a barber shop in the basement of the Amond Building.

    1950 - Dr. R.C. Verhagen announces the opening of an office for the practice of optometry November 2 in the Amond Building South Main Street, Culver Practice at present will be limited to Thursday from 9 a. m. to 5 p. m. and Saturday from 6 p. m. to 9 p. m. Phone Knox office for evening appointments-
      Regretfully announces that Ins Optomctric Practice which recently started in Culver must he discontinued until further notice due to a State ruling which prohibits practice of Optometry in two counties Announcement will be made in this paper regarding the resumption of his practice. - Nov. 20
1980 - The Antiqiuarian - Mary Ann McClelland

Mackey Building 1990s-?

    Evenutally both sides housed the antique store with a door that had been cut into the dividing wall when the 'Bear's End' was housed in the south portion; and later when the 'Bear's End' moved into 114 S. Main a door way was also cut into the dividing wall's ; this door was again sealed to make a seperate building which houses Civies.

The Collectors - 1982-199_ - Ronalad Mackey & Ruth Mackey
    Originally started in the north store front - 110 S. Main and eventually expanded to the south store front
    Ruth was one of the original "Country Cousins" whose shop was across the street

    The late 1990's tho the back was connected together a doorway midway in the front shop area was cut out in order to enable customers to pass from one side of the shop to the other more conviently

The Collectors Ronalad & Ruth Mackey / Donald Mackey - 199_-2000

The Collectors Donald Mackey / Ruth Mackey- 2000-201,Jun
2011 - jun 16 - Collectors antique store and the Bear End closes after after this summer. Hoping to sell most of the inventory by end of Summer it has been marked down to 50% off; Don plans to open duiring the Christmas season and summer months but is hoping to rent out the two store fronts starting 2012 but untill rented out he will open during the summer season.

North 110 S. Main

1924 shows that it is divided into 2 stor fronts and each are simplu labeled as 'S'

1937 - shows that it is divided into 2 stor fronts and each are simplu labeled as 'S'

1930's - ? Sandwich Shop 1930's Thelma & Bob Hodges
    This may be the wrong location - but taking a hunch and that there was not to many eating establishments on Main Street back then -

    Thelma Lilly (Hodges) Moorehead says her parents ran it for 2-3 years or a little longer that they opeded it up after their marriage in 1930 . Bob ran the register, Thelma done the cooking and dish washing. One day she had to run it for while in the early morning by herself & when one of the men paid he said " Thank you madam, for this good meal" - "madam" then was a woman who had a house of ill repute and Thelma took offense - when Bob came in she told him of the incident and he done nothing about as a res ult Thelma took off her apron put it on the counter and walked out. Bob was not going to wash dishes and leave the his job behind the cash register - thus ended the sandwich shop.

19__ The Grill
    Al Graham, with The Maxinkuckee Inn for many years, has purchased The Grill from Mrs. Frank Timmons.

    The Grille 1945 - Goss's
      1945 - nov. 21 - Mr. and Mrs. Charles Goss of South Bend purchased The Grill from Mrs. Lora Pfulgshaupt

    The Grille 1947-? October Don Priest
      1947 October 8 - Don Priest has purchased The Grill and has closed the place for a few days for remodeling. Mr. Priest is experienced in the restaurant business, having successf ully operated the restaurant at the Marshall County Community Sale, north of Plymouth, for sometime.

      1947 - November 5 - Grill to open tomorrow after remodeling

      1949 Aug . 3 A gas stove exploded at the Culver Grill early Sunday morning

    The Grille ?- 1949 - ? Paul and Carolyn Yeagley

    The Grille ?- 1954 - Elbert Graham
      1954 - August 8 - The Miller Grocery Store on South Obispo St., owned and operated for the past three years by Donald Miller, has been sold to Elbert Graham. He recently sold The Grill to Mrs. Mildred Ditmire and Mrs. Isabel Kerr.

      1955 - Mar 9 - Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Dillard and Mrs. Laura Pflughaupt of Argos have purchased The Grill from Al Graham.

    The Grille 1954 - 195? - Mildred Ditmire and Isabel Kerr
      1955 - Jul 6 - Mrs. Isobel Kerr has sold her half-interest in The Grill on Main Street to Ellis Licht.

      Jean (Ditmire) Triplet wrote "I remember the fire (Culver Hardware). Mom owned The Grille, probably with your mother or Ellis Licht at the time and we lived in the apartment behind the restaurant. About 3 doors north of the hardware. I am guessing late 50's."

    The Grille 195? -1959 - Mildred Ditmire & Marcella White
      1959 - Apr - 15 - Now employed at The Grill - Mrs. June Calhoun of Delong and Miss Norma Friebe of Ora are now emploed at the Three, Culver's popular Main Street restauteant. Both have been praised fo ther fine "service with a smile" by the "two Sisters" patrons.

      It has been recently stated that the "Grille" remained here until December 1959.

      The ad states "across from the Culver Clothiers"

    Gold Coast Industries - 1961, Oct - ? Edward F. Amond & Frank Amond by an ad the address was 110 S. Main but...
    By a sign in the window which is the north side indicates this was used for office and the basement was for assembly, storage and repair

Culver School Sup. office, 1963 -
    Frank Mclane is elsecred to fill the position of Superintendent of the new Culver school unit - 16 january 1963

    Mrs. Nola Unruh is hired as secretary fro the new Culver Community school unit...Culver Community school Corporation will hav office at 110 South Main St in Culver 23 Jan 1963

    I remember that Mrs. Margaret Jewel Weaver was the Secretary/receptionist during this period she later went on to be a certified teacher for the school corportation.

Sytsma Appliance Annex 196_-1980's main store acroos the street at 115 S . Main
    When the Culver School coportation vactaed their section and moved to the ohio street location (the Dr. Powers clinic building) Al Sysma took over occupancy and used it as an annex for his appliances - TV's, refigrators, freezers, washers & dryers.

The Collectors Mackey's Antiques & Bears End Shop - Ronald R & Ruth Mackey - June 1982 - 2011
    They started business out in the this the north section until Mary's Shoppe was closed time in the early 1990's for a brief time.

2021 - Feb - Scotty's On Main - Jean & Scott King
    Opened March 5

South - 112 Main

1924 shows that it is divided into 2 store fronts and each are simply labeled as 'S'

1937 - shows that it is divided into 2 store fronts and each are simply labeled as 'S'

Note the Baber pole on the south side of the building - co uld there have been 2 barber shops in the same building - references made was to it being in the basement of the building.

Helen Timmons & husband Frank Beauty Shop.  

1958, March-19_ - Wallpaper shop - Helene Boots
    1958 - March 19 - Mrs. Helene Boots opens paint and wallpaper store at 110 South Main Street

Marietta's Beauty Shop 1948-1965 Marietta Wilson
    1948 - Nov. 24 - Opens Beauty Shop - Mrs. Marietta (Shaw) WIlson has opened a beauty shop on South Main street next to the Grill. The new business is known as "Marietta's Beauty Shop"
      For Rent - Furnished 2-room Aot., living room and bedroom Downtown over Marieta's Beauty Shop. Inquire at 203 So. Main St. - Jun 29 1949.

    Since we are moving to California in the near future i have sold Marietta's Beauty Shop to Isobels of Argos. Her operators, Margo Fox, Linda Knepper, and Charmtaine Miller, will continue the business in the Trone Building after Feb. 1. I want to thank all my patrons for their long and faithful business Jan. 28, 1965

Village Beauty Shoppe 1963
    1963 - The Village Beaty shope Wishes to Announce Their new Location at 112 south Main Street in Culver beginning Tuesday jan. 15 we offer complete beauty service Hours: 8 .A.M. to 3 P.M. - Mondays through Saturdays Evenings by Appointment Martha l.owry, Operator Phyllis Zehner, Owner-Operator Your Beauty Number is VIking 2-3511

Beauty Shoppe - Phyllis Zehner 1966 -
    This ad found in the Aptil 1966 Issue of the Culver citizen states "Introductin... Mis Betty Jenkins and Mrs. Phyllis zehner Owner
1974 -Village Beauty Shoppe Shawnne Overmyer - Owner

questionable / empty 

Mary's Shoppe Mary Tanguy - 15 April 1984-2000
    A variety of unique gifts and needlework supplies. Mary attends gift shows in Dallas, Chicago, and Washington D.C. The shop contains gifts for children; cards & stationary; decorative accessories made in the United States and imported from Europe and the Orient. As well as special handcrafted items by Indiana artists. "A World of Serendipity"

    She closed down sometime between 1991-1993; and then came back and re-opened the shop for a brief time at 114 S. Main before building their own building at 101 S. Main.

The Collectors & Bear Shop Annex - Ron & Ruth Mackey ? - ?
    Tho the back was connected together a doorway midway in the front shop area was cut out in order to enable customers to pass from one side of the shop to the other more conviently

unknown which side -
1950, Oct.-? Chapter's Fur Service
    1950 Oct 25 - Culver 's newst Busiiniss Chapter's Fur Service opend for business last week in the Amond Building on South Main Street


    Ewing's Barber Shop - 1940's - basement Ted Ewing

    1947 December 17 - Richard Nitzchke to operate barber shop in the Amond building.

    Davis' Barber Shop - ? - 1961 - basement Bill Davis
      Moved to the north into the north portion of the wickizer building.

    Gold Coast Industries, 1961 Jun-19_-
      Assembly and Storage rooms

    Mackey's Workshop in basement accessed from Alley

2-3 apartments in the early years.
    3 Apartments uptairs remodeled 2002-2003

Has sat empty since clsoing of the Collectors - - Donald D Mackey

2014 - renovation work had been in progress during the fall for redesigned as a working studio and shop.

2014 - Nov - IT’S YOU! - Jan Peyser, owner and silversmith jeweler, Jan Peyser Jewelry, LLC; building owner Donald D Mackey
    Gallery & Studio - separated from the gallery by long drapes, grand opening event Nov. 7, 8, and 9.
      Peyser has been an artist since childhood, though her path was diverted along the way to raise her children and teach high school English and drama in southern Indiana for twelve years before moving to Culver, where she taught English and coached public speaking for nine years.

      Then, during the summer after her fifteenth year of teaching, she took a course in silversmithing at the Mendocino Art Center in California.

      Peyser immediately recognized it was time to pursue her dream, and, six years later, she left teaching and went on the road to participate in nationwide art shows for two years. During those years on the road, customers were enchanted by the distinctive designs and purchased her jewelry, calling it “captivating,” and “inspired.”

      Exhilarated and exhausted, Peyser folded up her tent for the last time and spent one year thinking about and discussing ideas with her husband, author Ray Gleason.

      Eventually, Peyser ventured into the world of retail with two shops on the Lake Michigan shoreline. There she gained valuable experience managing a shop, working with customers, carefully choosing and carrying other artists’ collections, and learning she absolutely loved having a shop focused on exquisite works of art.

      Peyser - author of "The Opera Cat" - An Urban Fairy Tale for Adults and Children

      Owner, Designer, Artist of Jan Peyser Jewelry, LLC (Silversmith Jeweler) Company Jun 2002 – Duration15 yrs 10 mos - Location Plymouth, Indiana

      Instructor of English & Assistant Speech Coach Aug 1999 – Jun 2008 8 yrs 11 mos Culver Academies

      Education Indiana University Bloomington M.S., B.A. - yEnglish and Amercian Literature & Theatre Arts; Half Hollow Hills H.S., Dix Hills, New York
2017 - Feb 26 - Sallie's by the Shore We are very excited to officially announce that S allie's by the Shore will be serving up your favorite scoop at Lake Maxinkuckee in Culver, Ind.!!! ???? We are adding a new location with a store front in the Culver downtown across from the ever popular Cafe Max, and next to the adorable clothing shop, Civvies!

We are excited to meet new faces and are working towards a May Opening Day! The shop will be so fun and so Sallie's! This is also where we will be making our handcrafted ice cream, right on site! Stay tuned for more new and exciting updates with Sallie's by the Shore!

2020 - May 11 - Sallie's by the Shore - SALLIE’S COVID-19 UPDATE: Many of you know, we left our downtown location, with plans to be at the Marina this season. This has been postponed for this season due to COVID restrictions & other planning reasons.

2020 - May 24 - Health 2 the Max - - Smoothie & Juice Bar - Jean & Scott King

? - Mar 2002 - Ronald R. & E. Ruth Mackey
Mar 2002 - ? Donald D. Mackey, listed as 110 S. Main.

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