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Home Restaurant  


This year. Easter Sunday will bring more than the traditional festivities and treats to Culver. A special treat comes that day to Culver in The Home Restaurant, located at 113 South Main Street.

Marje and Bill Rinehart have so named their new enterprise in recognition of the history behind the building they now occupy. For years in Culver, the Home Theater was a place of entertainment, showing the "moving pictures" that captivated the first generation of movie goers.

The Rinehart family has been busy preparing for Opening Day since the middle of February, and will open their doors to the public for breakfast at 7:00 a.m. Easter Sunday morning, followed by a noon buffet.

The Home Restaurant will be open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. daily except Tuesdays, and will feature a complete breakfast and luncheon menu , including a luncheon special and "soup of the day." A dinner menu will also be available.

Marje has a lot of experience in the restaurant business, having been active in one aspect or another of the trade since the age of thirteen. She was employed at Sperry's Restaurant after the family moved to town over a year ago, and was also employed by Pinder's Restaurant. She has been employed at The Kelly Shop for the past ten months. With the venture being the "family affair" that it is , as children , husband , and even granddaughter Deanna help Marje "set up, " the restaurant may very well seem like "Home" to her!

We wish the Rinehart family all the best in their new business

COFFEE WITH A STRAW! Yes, Deanna Muffat Is testing the coffee at The Home Restaurant, since good coffee Is Important at Culver restaurants. Our taste-tester here has twenty solid years of coffee-tasting experience (which is no mean feat for a four-year-old!).

SPATULA IN HAND, Marge Rinehart, owner of The Home Restaurant, shows the beautiful equipment that will be used to serve her customers fine food . Several weeks of cleaning and renovation have put the restaurant ln an excellent condition of readiness to open for business on Easter Sunday.

SilTING CALMLY, AFTER WEEKS OF WORK, Marge and Bill Rinehart enjoy the sight of everything ready to go. Menu planning and small details remain, but The Home Restaurant will be ready to open on Easter Sunday. CITIZEN


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