Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

114 Lakshore  


19_-1947 - Rudolph E Martin, D.D.S.

    1947, Oct 15 - Rudolph E. and Ida C. Martin to George F. Henricks Lots 52 and 53, original plat Culver.

1947, Oct.-1955,Jan - Dr. George F. Henricks, D.D.S. - dentist office
    Announcement - Since I am having my office remodeled I hope to be ready to start the general practice of Dentistry at 114 Lake Shore Drive by November 15. Phone numer 49. This is the office formerly occupied by Dr. R. E. Martin. George F Henricks, D.D.S. - 29 Oct 1947 - Citizen

Dr. Henricks, Dentis to Open Office Jan 5.
    Dr. G. F. Henricks announces the opening of his office for the practice of general denistry at 115 Lake Shore Drive Culver, on Monday, Jan 5.

    The office and redidence, which her recently purchased fromo D. R. E. Martin, has been remodeled throughout and some new equipment added to the dental office.

    His hours will be from 9:00 a.m. to noon and from 2:00 to 6 p.m.

    Dr. Henricks formerly practiced at Lafayette for 12 years. He expects to be moved with his family into their new home by the opening date - Dec 24 1947

1948 - Mar 3 - Dr. Moss Opens Practise; Clinic is Formed
    D. G. F. Henricks has announced that Dr. Richard W. Moss has become assoicated with his dental office at 114 Lake SHore Dr., actually starting practise Monday, Feb. 23.

    Dr. Moss, whose home is at Crawfordsville, is a graduate of Indiana University School of Denistry and recently completed internship at Forsythe Dental Infirmary for Children in Boston. He is not married.

    Dr. R. L. WItham and Dr. Henricks announce the formation of Witham-Henricks Clinis which will be open soon as remodeling is completed in the building now occupied by Drs. Henricks and Moss.

    They will have a point waiting room and the dental offices will remain where they are now. Dr. Witham will have three treatment rooms in the east side of the house.

    The Henricks will live in the upstairs which is being made into an apartment.

He is a graduate of Indiana University School of Medicine and served his interneship at Memorial Hospital, South Bend. He was then in the army for two years. He is married.

Witham-Henricks Clinic
    Dr. R. L. Witham will move his office Thursday into the Witham-Henricks Clinic on Lake SHore Drive where Dr. Henricks has been located for some time. Dr. Witham will not have office hours Thursday but will be on call at any time. - Apr. 28 1948

1948- Dec 1- - Dr. Moss Leaves - Dr. RIchard W. Moss has left the Henricks-Witham Clinic for service as a dentist in the army, having received a commission as a first lieutennant. He opened practice her last february. Dr. and Mrs. Moss are with relatives in Crawfordsville awaiting assignment by the army.

1955-1969 - Dr. David W Bieker, D.D.S. - dentist office & apartment
    Dr. D. W. Bieker announces that he has purchased the dental office of Dr. G.F. Henricks and will continue the general practice of denistry in the same location - Hours by appointment - ph. 49 114 Lake Shore Drive - Jan 12 -0 1955

1955-Jul - 1956 -
    1956 - Jul 25 - Leaving Culver

    Dr. John D. Thrap who came to Culver from Chicago in July, 1955, to practice medicine at 114 Lakeshore Dr. is closing his office here on August 1 in order to join a group of five physicians and surgeons at Kenia, Ohio. Xenia has a population of nearly 13,000.

    Culver is saying farewell to Dr. and Mrs. Tharp with genuine regret and wisihes this fine couple and their young son Stepehn the best of everything in the new Ohio home. Both Dr. and Mrs. Tharp are Hoosiers - he was reared at Trafalgar and Mrs. Tharp's former home is Columbia City.

    Dr. Tharp recieved his doctor of medicine degree at Indiana University in 1952. He interened at Norfolk, Va. and during 1953 and 1954 he was affiliated with the U.S. Public Health Service at the Marine Hospital in Chicago where he recieved further training in surgery and internal medicine.

    Dr. Tharp's medical records and charts are being transferred to Dr. Ernest B. Norris who on August 15 will establish an office here at 2805 East Shore Drive. Dr. Norris comes to Culver from Middlebury, Ind.

1974 - Sep 12 Donald J. Faulkner, M.D. opens practice.

? - 2013 Bonine rental Apartments (3)

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