Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

112 South Main AKA 114 South Main  

This has beared several diffeent addresses over the years .

Empty lot 1906-1937  

    It is said that while an empty lot that it was known for being used for fist fights between the local teens.

    1947 November 19 – New building being erected by Pa ul Snyder to house a jewelry store.
Dukes Jewlery & Gifts - 1947- ?1952  
    1947 December 17 – The Dukes Jewelry and Gift Store to open in the Snyder building

    1953 - Jan. 14 - Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dukes, Culver residents and owners of the Dukes Jewelry and Gifts for more than five years, have sold the business and will leave Jan. 18 for California.
. Overmyer Plumbing and Heating Company - 1953 - 1960 Earl Dean Overmyer
    It is said that this was the first air conditioned shop in Culver .

H. J. Forester Jeweler
    1958 May 21 – H.J. Forester of Knox to open watch repair shop here…

    In the 17 Sep 1958 Culver Citizen - After having been without a jeweler and watch and clock repairman for months, Culver is please to welcome H. J. Forester, with more that 35 years experince in the buisness. His shop will located on South Main St. where he will share the quarters of the Overmyer Plumbing and Heating Company.

    1960 - 2 Mar E D Overmyser Sell Plumbing and Heating co.

      Jack B Spencer is New owner

      Earl Dean Overmyer reports that he was sold the Overmyer plumbing and Heating Ccompnay effective March 1, to Jack B. Spencer of Lousiville, Ky., formerly of Walkerton.

      Mr. Spencer, a former heating salesman, will be her to assume proprietorship March 14 and plans to move Mrs. Spencer and their two children to Culver in the near future.

      Mr. Overmyer will continue to operate his soft water service buisness on West Jefferson Street.

1960 1 Mar -1968-19__ - Spencer's Plumbing - ? - 1972 Jack B. Spencer
    April 27 - 1960 - Jack B. Spencer is a new Culver businessman He recently purchsed the overmyer Plumbing and heating in Culver from Earl Dean Overmyer.

    Besides the plumbing and heating business Spencer also had a LP gas delivery service form this store. The large storage tank was out on St. Rd. 17 near the corner ot 19th road up on the hill where the empty buildings now sits.
      Jack Spencer Acquires- LP Gas Business

      Mr. Jack Spencer, of Spencer Gas, Plumbing and Heating, announces the purchase of the LP Gas Business from Mr. A N Poppe as of February 1, 1968.

      A large capacity bulk plant south of Culver enbles Spencer Gas to offer complete liquid petroleum gas service.

      Mr. Poppe will continue his appliance and service business as before

      Emil "Bud' runhow bought out the business in 1972 moving the business to another building fursther south on Main st. but continued to use the building for storage.

    Law firm
      It is said that a Plymouth based law firm occupied the building for a brief period; but did not stay long or possibly moved to another location in town it is assumed this would be Easterday & Ummel's.
    1973 - Jenkins Realty


    Jenkins Realty, a well-known Plymouth enterprise, has opened a Culver office at 114 South Main Street in Culver.

    Founded twenty-one years ago by Mr. and Mrs. James H. Jenkins, the firm 's local office hours will be Monday through Friday. 9 to 5, Saturday, 9 to 12.

    1973- 1974, Aug. 31 - Culver Citizen - Thomas (Tom)& Bernadette Zoss, Publisher & Editor

    1974 - Culver Citizen - Nixon Newspapers Inc.


      Thomas Realty ? - 1979 - 1985-6
        They occupied the north half of the building; just when they moved into their downtown location is still unknown - it is believed they operated out of their home for awhile.

          Thomas Real Estate is in its seventh year of serving the Culver area in sales, management, and appraisaal of residential, farm, commercial, and resort real estate. Bob Hansen joins Virginia Thomas, Jerry Thomas. Dick Ready and Diane Thomas at Thomas Real Estate The firms location is at 114 S Main Street in Culver - June 21, 1979

      Sages Ins. 1984-1990 John & June Sage
        They occupied the southeast back portion of the building at first and then the full south part of the building until 1986

        Took over the north portion of the building when Thomas reality left. Moved to 642 Lakes shore Dr. late 1990 or by first of 1991; Sage's had purchased the 642 Lakeshore Dr. building in 1988 and was renovating it.

      Culver Citizen 1989?-Oct 1991- Fred Karst, Publisher & Judy Karst, Editor

        The 1991 Lake directory gives the Citizen address as 114 S. Main but in Oct. 1991 they had moved across the street to 107 S. Main

      stood empty

    Thru the Grape Vine - 1993 - Jean E. Snyder
      Maxinkuckee Korner - 1993 - Nancy Baxter

    Mary's Shoppe ??
      Maxinkuckee Korner - 1993 - Nancy Baxter

      Mary's Soppe was originally located at 112 S. Main before she closed down sometime between 1991-1993; and then came back and re-opened the shop for a brief time here before building their own building at 101 S. Main.

    Painter & Poet Gallery - 1990's- Esther & Ward Miller (est 1989) ??

      They possibly had a shop for a brief time in the north half of the Wickizer building during the late 1980's for a while; beofre moving into a condo in the Pretty Lake Golf course on the south side After this location the moved to 307 N. Main

    Bear's End Shop - Ronald & Ruth Mackey - ? 2011,Jun
      In the 1990's a door was cut into the wall between the building to the north the 'Amond building' which is 112 S. Main and formely 110 & 112 S. Main to make easier access between the stores

      The 16 June 2011 issue annouced the end of the Bear's End shop. It is in the process of being remodeled - closing in of the exisiting doorway between the two buildings maiking it an enity of it self again and the wooden floor is being re-furbished for the soon to be future renters.

Civvies - Julie Workman & Julie Brooks - Jul 2011
Civvies - Julie Workman & Julie Brooks - Jul 2011


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