Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

116/118 N Main  

1896 - E. M. George's Novelty Store

1897- dec. 10 - Carpenters have commenced work upon the Menser building.

1898 - Mar 1 - Attornev V. P. Kirk has rented a suit of rooms in the Cromley block and will reopen his law office in the same. Read an open letter in another column written by him which expains itself. NOTE: the letter gives the Menser building he moved from 103 S. Main.

1898 - Mar 18 - The Menser building is rapidly being pushed toward completion.

1903 - June 4 Ė Menserís Building on the corner is nearing completion. It is attractive and will add materially to the value of the property as well as improve the general appearance of Main Street

Menser Building built in 1903
    1903 May 14 - Work is progressing nicely on the Menser building. It will take two weeks or more to complete it, When it is finished it will be one of the best looking buildings in town

    1903 June 4 - Menser's Building on the corner is nearing completion. It is attractive and will add materially to the value of the property as well as improve the general appearance of Main Street built by Moses and Urias Menser.

This building would of possibly at one time bore the addresses of 118 for the North part ( probably a single store front) and 116 for the south part (1st a single store front & then in late 1925 divied into 2 store fronts)

1946 - Aug. 28 - A business transaction has been completed whereby Evert Hoesel has purchased the Menser Block from Clarence and Harry Menser

118 N Main

? - 1903 - 1904 - Allman's The Big Blue Annex - Bert Allman

Culver City Meat Market - 1904 - Walter & Son, Proprietors 
    1914 - Nov 17 James Lohr will have a shooting match in the basement under Walters market on Thanksgiving eve. Turkeys, chickens and ducks will be the prizes

Bakery - 1904 (North) - see bakeries, also
    1904 - Aug 25 - The Culver branch of the Big Store will close out their entire stock by Oct. 1st. The room occupied by them has been rented to Davis & Howard, who will put in a modern bakery and restaurant

    Messers Howard and Davis, of Chicago have rented the store room and basement now occupied by Allman's clothing store, to take possession Oct. 1st and will put in a modern bakery and restaurant. Mr, Davis is a baker with years of experience. They will also have an ice cream parlor and soda fountain.

    1904 - Oct 13 - The Howard & Davis bakery in the Menser block was opened this week - - New Bakery Now Open. Howard & Davisí bakery was opened for business last Tuesday. These gentlemen are old time bakery business men and their place presents a very clean and neat appearance. We predict for...

    1904 - Nov 17 - Urias Menser is puttting new furniture in his business room occupied by the Howard & Davis Restaurant.

    1905 - May 18 - Howard & Davis have installed a fine new soda fountain, ice cream tables and chairs and will goon be ready to serve the public

    1905 - Sep 7 - Howard & Davis have installed a 36 tlight dynamo, and now have electric lights over their entire building. The power is furnished by a 5 H. P. gasoline engine, that is used also for furnishing power for their ice cream manufactory. They now have the best lighted business building in town

    1905, Nov 16 - Howard & Davis Bakery Goods, Confectionery and Ice Cream
    1906 - Bakery - (North) Sanborn Map

    1908 - Dec - G. R. Howard Bakery

      G. R. Howard has disposed of his bakery business to Daniel R. Wolf of Syracuse, who takes possession today. Mr. Howard will hereafter devote his time to his ice cream business. Rochester Sentinel, Friday, December 18, 1908

1906 - Culver City Meat Market - Dealers in Fresh & Smoked Meats Sausages, etc. Walter & Son, Props. Cor. Miain and Washington Ste., Culver, Ind

1911 - Jul 27 - The Menser Building is being remodeled for a new furniture firm.

1911-1914 - Moving Pictures - Star Theater

19__ Grocery - Jesse Crabb
    May 2, 1912 J. G. Beck has bought the Jesse Crabb grocery and will take possession May 15.

    1913 - February 6 Jesse Crabb and Roy Warner have bought the Beck furniture stock which they are. Closing out preparatory to occupying the room as a movie theatre.

    1914 - feb 12 Harry Menser moved in from the farm last week and is domiciled in the apartments over Beck's store.

1918 - Oct 16 - Cash & Carry (Grocery Store) - Russell Bicksell, Proprietor - "Opposite M. E. Church"

19_ - 1922 - Simpson Grocery

'S' - 1924-1937 - 116 Main street
This is an early 1900's view of the store front and within this door area contained a small 'stoop' and your entered each store through a door on either the left or right. by the 1960's ithe front had been updated somewhat in appearanace and during the 1960's the barber shop was on the north end and the beauty shop on the south end

1926 - MARCH 10 - Pettis Opens Grocery In Menser Building
    Changing about of stores i Culver has not yet entirely ceased

    Another announcement has come to light during the psr week in which Chas. Pettis is the principle actor.

    Mr. Pettis has opened a grocery store in the Menser Building across from the Methondist church and is always opened for business.

    The room has been given a thorough cleaning, fixtures have been installed and a complete new stock of merchandise has been installed.

    His will be the cash and carry plan.

    He will continue his present pool hall business in the Pecher building.

    Jess Pettis will. manage the new grocery store.

1926 - Apr 28 - Charles Pettis Grocery - Opposite M. E. Church.
But by a quip found several year later this he must of had a partial grocery elsewhere soon after: 1928 - Jul 11 - Closing out Groceries - Due to ill health Charles Petis is forced to limit his business activities and is selling out his entire grocery stock. This will a llow him to give all his attention to his soft driink & recreation room.

1926 - Apr. 28 - Notice I wish to announce that I have purchased the grocery store on the corner of Main and Washingington streets and have a full line of staple and fancy grocieries, fruits and vegetables and baked goods. Your patronage will be appreciated. - W. H. Hanna.

1926 - MARCH 24 - Red Front Grocery - (corner of Main & Washington) - M. H. Hanna, Mgr.

1926 - May 5 - W. H. Hanna Purchases The Pettis Grocery Store
    A business transaction was made last weel whereby W. H. Hannah b became the owner of the grocery store on the corner of Washington and Main Streets, formerly owned by Chas. Pettis. The new owners took possession immediately and have been doing a nice business. Mr. Hanna formerly operaterd the Home Restaurant, now owned by C. H. Bolin.

1926 - Nov. 3 - L. C. Hatten Purchases Red Front Grocery -
    L. C. Hatten is the new owner of the Red Front Grocery located across the street from the Methodist church. The transfer was mad lest week. Mr. Hatten has had much grocery experience in Culver and his firends are predicting that he weill do well in the new astore. Mr. and Mrs. Hanna, former owners of the store have not made public their plans for the future but it is stated that they plan to move from this comminity.

Corner Market - 1927 1936 Forrest I . & Pearl R. (Sickman) Geiselman -
    1927 - Jan 19 - Geiselman Buys Market
      Forrestm Geiselman of Kewanna has purchased the Home Markert from Ed Rannells and plans to put the market in first class condition. He has had considerable esperiience along this line.
    1927 - Jan 26 - Geiselman Buys Hatten'a Grocery and Adds Market
      Forrest Geiselman has purchaesed the Hatten Grocery and will combine it with the Home Meat Markey whuch he purchased last week. The market's refrigerator and other equipment has bee moved to the grocery store and will soon be ready to serve the public. the new store will be known as the Corner Market.

Who Owns The Corner Market?

1937 - 'S' - 1937 iron oven  
    1935 - 23 Oct - Large Crowd Attends Opening of Bakery
      A large crowd that filled the bakery and overflowed into the street attended the opening of Sanders Bakery in its new location at the corner of Main and Washington streets Saturday night.

      The awarding of a free cake furnished the main attraction and Don Bruce was the lucky prarty.

      Other cakes were given to the following as a surprise festure: Patty SHaw, Verna Jones, Mrs. C. C. Waite, Mrs. Gladys Wilson, H. McFeely, Paul Kaley, Jack Pass, Harve Pontius, Jack Crooks, Isaac H. Cook, Mrs. Drenk and Zazel Mishler.

    Culver Bakery - June-Oct 1937 Verl Mc Feely

1939 - Shaw's Market
1939 - Norwayne Bakery
    1939 - January 18 Shaw's Market and the Norwayne Bakery opened for business today in the Menser Building opposite the Methodist Church neak Sgaw us the proprietor of former firm and needs no introduction here, while the bakery is being operated by Frank Coerney of Noth Judson, who has had considerable bakery experience.

    1939 - Aug 2 - Neil Shaw has closed his meat market in the Menser Building.

The Culver Community Kitchen
    1941 Apr 2 - A new business. The Culver Community Kitchen, will open inthe Menser Building April 9.

1949 February 16 - Donaldson G. Trone has purchased the Menser Building at the corner of Main and Washington Streets

Don Trone's Shop - 1949-1970- Don & Almeda Trone
    1949 - April 13 - Culver 's newest business establishment, the Don Trone Sports Shop, opened this week.

    1954 - feb 24 - Don Trone has done extensive remodeling at his store.

    Don trone's Shop 1970-1978 - Almeda Trone

This is an early 1900's view of the store front and within this door area contained a small 'stoop' and your entered each store through a door on either the left or right. by the 1960's the front had been updated somewhat in appearanace and during the 1960's the barber shop was on the north end and the beauty shop on the south end

116 N. main st.

19__ Waite Bros - Tire & Accessories
    1922 - AUg 23 - New Buisness - Clifford and Lewis Waite have formed a co-partnership and have rented the Mense room vacated by the Simpson grocery. The will conduct a tire and accessory buisness besides a department for light repairs of every kind. The latter is a field which has not been hiterto worked here and will prove an immense conveniece. Lewis Waite is a brother of Clifford and has just returned from a residence of 15 years in the state of Washington.

Culver Vulcanizing Station - 1920 Walter Johnson, Proprietor  
    1920 - Jan 14 - Urias Menser has rented the old picture show room to Walter Johnson of Leiters Ford. Mr. Johnson is in the vulcanizing business

    By statement: started his business on Jan. 10, 1920. Coming from South Bend at the age of 19, he started a retreading and vulcanizing business in what is now the location of the Fingerhut Bakery and Strang's Barber Shop. In 1920 tire retreading and vulcanizing was a new type of business, just getting started. In the year of 1925 Mr. Johnson expanded to the location the firm now occupies. [202 N. Main st.]...

1925 - jan 13 - The State Exchange Bank has rented the room vacated by Mr. Johnson. The bank will construct a new building on its present site during the summer. State Exchange Bank - tempoary home while new building was built at 101 N. Main

1925 - Jul 8 Strang and Stuprich to Move to Menser Bldg.
    A ten year lease has been signed my M. Stuprich and Stran Brose for the south room on the first floor of the Menser Building. This space is now used by the State Exchange Bank.

    The room will be divided into two sections, the north hald to be used for the barber shop, and the south portion for the tailor shop.

    The rooms are to be refurnished and remodeled into first class conditionand are to be very attractive.

    The two firms hope to be able to move into their places of business about September 1st but will be governed by the progress on the new bank building.

North Side

Hersh Strang Barber
    3 Sep 1934 - The Strang Barber Shop was moved from the D. H. Smith building across the street to the Emil Siepman Building.

    5 Jul 1944 - Herschel Srang bought half interest in Red's Barber shop, effictinfe the first of the week Strang was connected with the shop for seven years , while Claence Calhoun has been the owner for 10 years. The shop will operate under its preseent Name

    1959 - Sep 2 - Herschel Strang, genial owner operator of Strang's three chair barber shop on North Main Street, this month is observing his 30th anniversary as a tonsorial artist
    1962 - Jan 31 - NOTICE Verl Shaffer is discontinuing his association with Hershel Strang's Barber Shop

    1973 - Sept 6 - Herschell Strang local barber retires after 47 years; abd was in the same location for 36 years.

    1974 - Don's Barber Shop

South side

1926 - Feb - 10 - M. Stuprich, Tailor

1929 - Feb 27 - G. T. McCullough Takes Over Stuprich's Shio
    G. T. McCullough has purchased the local tailor shop of M. Stuprich and will take possession on Monday, March r.

    Mr. Mc Cullough has been in the tailoring business in Culver bfore and is thoroughly experienced in this line.

    Mr. Stuprich will gice all of his time to ohis chicken farm, but will continue to live in his presnt home in town.

Culver Cleaners & Tailors - 1931-1944 =John F. Drenk, Prop.

Culver Cleaners - 1944-1949 Charles Ricciardi  

    1949 - January 5 The Culver Cleaners have moved from their former location opposite the Methodist Church to their new building at the corner of Main and Madison Streets

Milner Excavating Co. - Don Milner - 1952 - ?
    1952 - December 10 - Don Miller opened his new office last week in the Trone Building

Martin's Pastry Shop - 1953-1955

Barb's Beauty Bar - 1956-1958
    1956 -May 2 - Barbs Beauty Bar to Open Soon

    Miss Barbara Price, a 1955 graduate of Culver High School and the daughter of Mr. and Mrs Harold R. Price of 617 Pearl Street, has chosen this community to set up her Beauty Salon

    Mis Price is a graduate of Ravenscroft School of Beauty at Fort Wayne where she was enrolled in Styling classes and took advantage of the Stylist Shows from New York, Detriot and Chicago. After taking her State Board examination in Indianapolis she worked as a licensed beutitian at Leath's Beauty House in Fort Wayne.

    Now tha she has qualified as an experienced operator she has returned to Culver and plans toopen Barb's Beaut Bar at 116 Norh Main Street.

    THe exact opening date will be announced in a later issue of the Citizen.

    By Jan 14 1959 moved to 110 E. Washington St.

Fingerhut Bakery - 1959 -1963
    1959 - April 1 - FIngerhut Bakery WIll Open here Next Tuesday

    North Judson Firm Expands Business

    Next Tuesday, ApPril 7, Culver will give a hearty welcom to a real community need - a new and otustanding bakery in the business section

    The new retail establishment is a branch of the famous Fingerhut Bakery at North Judson which for 13 years has provided that STarke county town and surrounding area with fime pastries, wedding cakes, coffe cakes, birthday cakes and rolls.

    The new local store will provide just about every known bakery treat for banquets, clubs andparties. All baking will be done at North Judson and will be fresh daily

    Three Generations of Bakers

    The North Judson bakery which is under the supervision of Mrs. Helen zfingerhut, has wonf anexcellent reputation for the high quality of its products.

    It isa three generation usiness in which Mrs. Fingerhut is aided by her three fine sons Keith, Kenneth and Jerry. The father, Joseph FIngerhut, also a aker of renown, died in 1954. His father before him was also a baker as are three uncles of the boys who operate successful bakeries in the Illinois Cities of Cicero, Berwyn and Cedar Lake.

    Keith Fingerhut will live in Culver and manage the store at 116 Main Street in the Trone Building, next door to Strang's Barber SHop.

    The culver manager was a star footbal player at both North Judson High School and at St. Joseph COllee at Rensselaer where he was graduated in 1958.

    Keith's wife Janet is also a granduate of North Judson High School and they have a daughter, Julie, 10 months of age. The fingerhuts as members of the Roman Caholic Church.

    Next Sunday the family will move into the recently vacated house at 115 Soutn Ohio. Street.

    Culver has been without a bakery for several months and the Citizen hopes that this new retail establishment will receive generous support. Moved or closed by July 1963

Isobels of Argos - 1965-??
    Since we are moving to California in the near future i have sold Marietta's Beauty Shop to Isobels of Argos. Her operators, Margo Fox, Linda Knepper, and Charmtaine Miller, will continue the business in the Trone Building after Feb. 1. I want to thank all my patrons for their long and faithful business Jan. 28, 1965


Apartments, Businesses or Offices Upstairs - Pre 1980
    1909 - Nathan Rector started his pharmacy on the 2nd floor of the Mesner building. It is said that basket ball games were played also on the second floor sometime before 1910. 

    Dr. B. W. S. Wiseman , Physician Opposite M. E. Church - 1920 

    Peter Trone Office

The Elliott Building

By the late 1970's the building saw further invoation and updating the north half which wasTrones had been divided down into a front office area with a beauty shop in the back accessed by a side door and th south half was subdivided down into several small to medium office areas

197_, 1979 -1984-85 - Elliott Building

The following ad abstracted below and seen to the side was in the January 18th issue of the Culver Citizen as follows:

- are now leasing -
Office and Commercial spaces In the newly remodeled Elliott Building in downtown Culver and other local locations.

Join these professional people:

Carla Trump

Vern Collins and Vern Collins. Jr.
Barbers & Hair Stylists

Larry Pachniak. Agent

Arlene Nix. Editor

Dannv Haenes
Certified Public Accountants

If you need a location for your new or existing business, give us a call at 842-2260

1980's saw the building being further divided to provided smaller office spaces those appearing to occupying the Menser building in 1980's and into the 1990's were:
    Easterday & Uummel Law Offices - 1980's

    120 N. Main St. Carla Jeans Beauty Shop (In back), side door entrance on Washington 1979 - 1985

    Interior Views - Christine Landskrom - 1985

    Lake Maxinkuckee Enviormental Council

    Elliots Construction & UPS Shipping Station - 1980's 
      John Elliot's wife maned both the contruction office which had the UPS station in it. Carol Eilliot

    Roderick's Hair Styling 1979 - 1985  
      Rodrickís To Open Soon

      Culver - Rod Caudill of Indianapolis will soon be doing business in Culver.

      Rod will own and operate Rodrick's Styling and Barber Shop

      The shop will be located in the Elliott Building at the previous location of the Top Stop Styling Shop.

      Rod is look ing forward to an opening date of September 1. The latest styles in hair styling will be offered Stay in touch with the Culver Citizen for further infomation and the opening of Rodericks. - AUg 2, 1979.

      Culver - Rod Caudill is shown cutting and styling the hair on his first customer, Anna Lemar, Tuesday morning. Caudill is the new owner-operator of Rodrickís Beauty and Barber Shop in the John Elliott Building in Culver, formerly the Top Stop location). You may call for an appointment or drop in to visit Rod at his new place of busines - - Sep 6, 1979

      They later moved to 109 S. Main St.

    Culver Citizen - ?-1979, 19_ - 116 B. North Main - Arlene Nix, Editor  

    Culver Citizen - ?-1982, Jul-1985 - Bill Mitchell  

    Cable Vision - 1985  
      Tom Overymer was a cabel technician and installer for the company and Connie Van Horn manned the office.

    Apartments, Businesses or Offices Upstairs

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