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Martin's Pastry Shop - 116 N. Main St.

1953 - Nov 11 - Martin's Pastry Shop Is Newest Culver Business

    Martin Stipp, Winamac Baker,Opens Main Street Establishment

    The growing number of new businesses and businessmen in Culver was increasedagain yesterdan when Martin Stipp of WInamac formally opened his ne bakery at 116 N. Main St.

    The name of the new bakery is "Martin;s Pastry Shop" and the owner has announced that he will carry a full line of baked goods of all kinds.

    For the present Stipp will specialize incookies, pies, doughnuts and Danish Pastry. His plans flor the future include the marketing of bread, rolls and cakes

    The protion of the building owned by Don Trone, and formely occupied by the Milner Excavating Co., had been completely remodeled to accomodate the new bakery.

    Attrative showcases have been installed together with a large four-tiered oven that will assure quanities of fresh pastry daily

    Stipp was figuratively "raised" in a bakery, gaining first hand instruction at the early age of four. He since has had 2o years' experience in the culinary art of baking, the last two of which were spent with the Sa-So Pastry Shop of Winamac.

1955 - Sept 14 - Stipp Buys WInamac Bakery; Culver Ship to Close?
    Martin Stipp yesterday confirmed the rumor that on Oct. 1 he wiill either sell or discontinue Martin's Pastry Shop on North Main Street in order to devote his entire time to the Winamac Sa-So Bakery which wwas established in the Pulaski county seat five years ago by Mr. and Mrs. Gilber Htchcraft.

    Mr. Stipp, a former employee of the Sa-So Bakery, will take over ownership and management of his new establishment on Oct. 3 when he and mrs. Stopp will move back to WInamac from Culver.

    Mr. Sipp is hopeful that he will find a buyer for his Culver business before he makes the move so that the community will continue to have a bakery.

    Incidentally, the constant turnover in Culver business establishements is the subject of much concern and discusiion.

1955 - Oct 12 - Culver Loses Two Business... Martin Stipp discontinued his Pastry Shop on Oct. 1 to devote his entire time to the WInamac Sa-So Bakery which he purchased from Mr. and Mrs. Bolbert Butchcraft. Before coming to Culver he was an employee of that bakery

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