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Who Owns The Corner Market?

To correct an erronoeous impression that many people have gained through false reports being curculated to the effect that, The Corner Market is owned and controlled by other interests in Culver and that it would be useless to trade at The Cornoer Market, expecting to get exceptional qualities or prices on account of such controlling interests, I want to advise and guarantee, that I the under signed, Forrest Geuislman, am the sole owner and manager of both, the Meat Market and the Corner which comprise the Corner Market and that no other person, persons or business firm, has any interest in either department, the Meat Marker or Grocery, known as the The Corner Market, and that I have not entered into any agreement or collusion with any person or firm for the fixing of my prices or principles of operating the business.

Having been in the banking business for the past thirteen years and realixzing the enormous expense in carrying on a wholesale credit and delivery business, I am operating my business on a cash and carry basis as near as is consistent with good business principles and have no loses on bad credits and wholesale delivery expense, to charge up to my customers and my prices and nargin of profits have been reduced accordingly.

If you fin it more convenient to run an account until PAY DAY, not to exceed two weeks, ccome int and make such an arrangement, and if you find yourself in need of an occasional accommodation delivery call us up, Phone No. 163.

On The above principlas and merits of our goods and curteous treatment, I solicit a portion of your trade.

Yours for fair treatment, Forrest Geisleman (Adv.)

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