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Culver Pro Hardware  

120 S Main Main St.
Culver , IN 46511

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Done a quick survey for Cook Bros. ads - none in 1901 papers that I seen for a hardware except for on Marbaugh Bros., of Monterey No issues availabe as yet for 1902 First issue availaible for viewing is Jan 14 , 1903 and found is add

    January first, 1902, Cook Brothers took possession of the hardware store at this place.

    They soon discovered that the business did not amount to much, as the trade was not forthcoming.

    But not withstanding several drawbacks, which would have certainly discouraged the average man, they went to work, and soon convinced the people that they did not want the “whole hog” but was willing to handle everything in the hardware line at reasonable prices with this as their motto, they commenced to hustle and soon their trade commenced to increase, and today they are doing a tremendous business in their line. Another great factor that has helped Cook brothers to the front is the fact that they be relied upon and [where] they sell a farming __ it always proves to be just as represented, and no farmer has to pay a bill twice. Just call and see their stock, and get their prices, and you will at once realize the cause of their greatly increased business, in fact they are thorough gentemen, and will treat you right. __ need of a plough, wagon, harness, buggy or anything else in their line you can is accommodated at Cook brothers store Jan 28 1903 Culver Herald

1904 - Oct 6 - Cook Bros. Dispose of Hardware.
    Last week Cook Bros, sold their hardware stock to Marbaugh Bros., of Monterey, taking in part, payment a 120-acre farm one-half mile north of Monterey. The stock was invoiced Wednesday, and Mr. V. E. Follmar, who has been with Marbaugh Bros, for the past year, has been placed in charge until definite arrangements are made. If they conclude to carry on the business themselves, which is quite likely, one of the Marbaughs will move to Culver. Frank and Will Cook have not decided what they will do. but in whatever venture they may embark the people of this community, we feel sure will wish them the best of success.

1904 - Oct 13 - Notice.
    The following letter has been sent to all the whole sale houses, having an account with Cook Bros, hardware dealers of this place, after which if every thing is found satisfactory the new firm, Marbaugh Bros., of Moutcry will take charge of the business:

    ‘‘The Cook Brothers' stock has been invoiced, and before said stock is turned over to Marbaugh Bros., it is requested that, you send an itemized statement of your account to both Marbaugh Bros., of Monterey, Ind., and Frank Cook, of Culver. Ind.. Kindly give this your immediate attention. Marbaugh Bros. Cook Bros.

1904 - Dec 8 - An inventory was taken last week of the Cook Bros, hardware stock by Sheriff Bondurant assisted by John Weis, of. Bremen, George Engle, of Plymouth, and Urias Menser and Charles Hayes, of Culver. The stock will be sold as soon as an order from the court can be obtained. This is one of the best locations for a good live up to date hardware store there is in this part of the state, and we predict that the bidding will be spirited from start to finish. What we need here is a man of means and good business qualifications

1904 - Dec 22 - HARDWARE STOCK ON block
    Business of the Late Firm of Cook Bros, to Be Sold January 3.

    On Tuesday, Jan. 3, 1905, the stock of hardware formerly owned by the Cook Bros, will be sold in sale will be held here at Culver between one and four o’clock p. m. The appraised value of the stock is $3089.24 and is in good condition. This is an exceptional opportunity for a live, energetic business man with sufficient means to keep a good assortment of goods always on hand. A man with means and business qualiffcations can find no better opening nor a more hearty welcome by a progressive farming community. A man without means or experience will not meet with much encouragement from our people.

    Cook Bros. Establishment Bid In for J. P. Weis of Bremen.

    The stock of hardware formerly owned by Cook Bros, was sold on Tuesday by the trustee, 0. A. Bondurant. The stock was inyoiced at $3,070 and was bid in by C. E. Fervert, of Nappanee. for $2,800. The stock was at once turned over to J . F. Weis, of Bremen who is the real owner, and will give his personal attention to the business. Mr. Weis is a man of many years experience in the hardware line is progressine and a great hustler and above all a man thoeoughly realiable. He will move here with his family as soon as a suitable residence can be secured The hardware was opened for business in less than ten minutes after the successful bidder’s name was announced, and we hope it will remain open and do a successful buisness fo many years to come.

1905 - Jan 19 - J. F. Weiss the new hardware dealer will add a line of pianos and organs to his hardware stock in the spring.

1905 - Jan 26 - The farmers apparently approve of Mr. J . F. Weiss’s coarse in establishing a cash system. It is the cheapest and most satisfactory way of doing business, arid will appeal to the man who wants to get a dollars worth.

1905 - Jan 12 - John F. Weiss has permanently opened the hardware and is ready for business. He had returned to Bremen for a few days to arrange for moving his family here, which he will do fiS soon as a suitable residence can be obtained - - Mr. John F. Weiss will move his family into the Arthur Waggoner house for the present

1905 - Jan 12 - C. A. Bondurant, trustee in bankruptcy for the Cook Bros, hardware, says that all notes and accounts not collected otherwise will be sold at auction to the highest bidder, as such notes and accounts must be disposed of, being a part of the assets of the firm.

1905 - Apr 6 - J. F. Weiss has increased his hardware stock very materially and is now prepared to supply the wants of the people

Cash Hardware Store - John F. Wiess, proptietor

    From the 1905 art annual booklet is found: A successful hardware establishment must contain in its invoice, as nearly "everything in the world". As the m ultitudinour want of modern civilzation requires, from the tiniest screw to a locomotive. It is not too much to say that Mr. Weiss in "up in the business" and his business methods are acceptable to hi may customers. There is no question in the matter of complete success, where, perhaps others in the line of tade in Culver have not succeded according to their highest expectations. Mr. Weiss has quite recently engaged in the hardware business in Culver , but he comes with the prestige of a long and successful business career elsewhere.

1905 - May 6 - Cash Hardware - J. F. Weiss
1 Feb. 1906 Culver Citizen
J. F. Weiss Disposes of Business to South Bend Parties

J. F. Weiss sold his stock of hardware to Goss and Replogle, of South Bend. Mr. Goss is a man of experience in the hardware business, while his partner, Mr. Replogle is an experienced contractor. This will make a good strong company, and push the hardware business to the limits. We have known Mr. Goss from boyhood and know him to be a man of character and business ability. His partner comes highly recomended.

We have no learned as yet just what are Mr. Weiss plans for the future. We hope he will continue his resednce here. He and his family have made many friends who wo uld be sorry to see them leave the town. Mr. Weiss is a business man of more than ordinary ability and we trust that he can find soon other line in which he may engage, suitable to his taste and profitable in its return.

1) Hardware & 2) Farm Implement 1906 Charles Replogel & O. T. Goss 1906-1907

the crop from the Sanborn maps of the hardware area for 1906

O. T. Goss Hardware 1907

1908 Oct 1 - O. T. Goss announces that he has brought the interest of his deceased partner and will continue the hardware business as sole prietor.
    It is said that the library was once located over the O. T. Goss Hardware store which was located at what is now ; during this periods John Mitchell was an original member of the library board, when the library was located over the Goss Hardware store, and was president for several years.

In the June 3, 1909 issue of the Culver Citizen - The Culver Cash Hardware Co. has added a National cash register. It will do everything about the business excet collect the bills and pay the rent.

September 30 1909– The town had a genuine fire scare Monday evening about 8 o’clock when Charley Mikesel, the clerk in the Culver Cash Hardware Co.’s store, discovered smoke in the basement of the store. Charley ran down to the furnace where he found a mass of rope blazing on top of the cold air duct…

A view of the interior of the hardware about 1910

the crop from the Sanborn maps of the hardware area for 1914

December 31 1914 – The 1,500 books of the public library were transferred to the rooms over the hardware store last Monday. It is expected that by Jan. 1 the new rooms will be open.

1918 - Sep 25 - In order to conserve light and fuel, O. T. Goss will close his place of business at 6 p.m. every night except Wednesday and Saturday.

A vintage ad from 1919

An early view of the building the sign read O. T. Goss Hardware Implements

A vintage ad from 1920

the crop from the Sanborn maps of the hardware area for 1924

1926 - APRIL 21 - Work was begun Monday morning on raising the sidewalk on Main Street in front of the Saine and Goss stores. The change in grade of the sidewalk was made necessary because the grade of the walk and street were not the same and the curb was higher than the walk.

Culver Hardware in the 1930's - from a 1930's picture postcard of South Main St Culver

the crop from the Sanborn maps of the hardware area for 1937

Culver Hardware - 1943-1963 - Paul T. Snyder
    MARCH 31, 1943 — The hardware store, operated for 37 years by Oliver T. Goss, opened Monday morning under the name of Culver Hardware Store and the ownership of Paul Snyder

    With the transition from Goss the Snyder family inherited the 1909 national cash reguster. Also the store was only in the northern half of the building it contained two sections. The south side of the building was used for storage and there was an array of itmes no longer used such as horse rope..

Paul Snyder done away with the storage room on the south and expanded the store display space to include the full building.

The Culver Hardware burned on Easter sunday April 1957 and when it did it destroyed the upper portion of the building. The Snyder family was attending the EUB church on S. Main of which they were members and upon exiting the services saw the fire and smoke coming from the uptown area. It raged most of the day (3 hours) destorying only the upstairs portion of the building resulting in a monetary damage of $60,000. It also interupted the 'traditional' Easter Sunday noon parade.

1963 - Mar 6 - The Culver Hardware Store, operated by Paul Snyder, was awarded a 50-year certificate for being a member of the Indiana Hardware Association for that length of time.

The February, 16, 1967 issue proclaimed Bill Snyder as the new owner of the Culver Hardware.

Culver Hardware receives a 50-year certificate for being a member of the indiana Retail Hardware Association - 6 Mar 1963 Culver citizen
    The Culver Hardware store, operated by Paul snyder, was awared a 50-year certificate for being a member of the indiana retail Hardware Association for that length of time. the presentation was made at the recent annual state convention and industries show held at Indianapolis...

The way the hardware looked in the 1960's, into the 1980's with little change over the years picture was to have been taken in 1977

An aricle on Culver appeared in the Daily Herald a suburban newspaper of Chicago starts out mentioning the Culver hardware:
    By Mike Michaelson
    Daily Herald Correspondent
    Posted Saturday, J uly 23, 2005

    When darkness overtakes the tiny community of Culver in northern Indiana, visitors might be surprised to discover that Culver Pro Hardware on Main Street continues displaying its wares on the sidewalk. Ready for purchase are hanging baskets of bright geraniums and flats of colorf ul double marigolds and begonias.

    The store doesn't keep late hours. It simply trusts that the stock will still be there when it reopens the next morning.

    Usually, it is. Such is the trusting nature of life in a small town and the trustworthiness of its citizens and visitors - even in these uncertain times...

Culver Pro Hardware - - 1992, Dec 'Bill' william F. & Barbara Snyder

    Basement was used for seasonal golf appareal shop but now used for storage.

Culver Pro Hardware - 1992,Dec-2007,Dec 'Bill' william F. & Barbara Snyder Co-trustees
    Bill remodeled with new aluminum framed plate glass windows and also a canopy. The name "Pro" was added to the hardware name in the early 2000's.

    In 2006, the Bostwick Braun Hardware wholesale supply celebrated more than 50 years of buisness with the Culver Hardware.

    In late 2006 or early 2007 Bill was awarded the "Golden hammer" for 50 years in the hardware business.

A sign over the hardware proclaming "Bill's got it"

The Culver Pro Hardware is found mentioned in the Cafe Indiana: A Guide to Indiana's Down-Home Cafes - by Joanne Raetz Stuttgen - 2007 as follows:
    ...Anchoring the south end of Main Street is Culver Pro Hardware, a worday source of assorted necessities to keep both utilitartian houses and summer villas running without a hitch...

Bill is resting his arm on the National cash register which was purchased by O. T. Goss in 1909 - the quip about it was found in the June 3, 1909 issue of the Culver Citizen - The Culver Cash Hardware Co. has added a National cash register. It will do everything about the business excet collect the bills and pay the rent. It is understood that the register remained in the Snyder family which seems so fitting.

A change of ownership doomed not to last but but a little over 5 years and 9 months.

2007 - Dec. 10 - Bill Sndyer sold the Hardware. to David Beggs, Hill top Rentals LLC

2009 - The Culver Pro Hardware is again up for sale -

2013 - Oct. - Culver Hardware to close by the end of October purchased by Robert Hollender and Whitney Alvis - belief is that will be divided into 2 seperate store fronts.

Finaly good-bye found on Facebook:

On behalf of Culver Pro Hardware we would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for your business and support. We especially appreciate those of you who have made the commitment to shop local. Over the years it has been our pleasure to be there when you have needed that one item to make a repair, even after hours. We were pleased that you have sought our knowledge to help remedy a problem. We have enjoyed your jokes and laughter as well as shared your sadness when we said that final goodbye to Bill Snyder. We are also sad that we will no longer have an iconic hardware store that has brought so much to the small town feel of Culver. We encourage all of you to look forward with anticipation and embrace the changes that are coming to this town, as we all have a part and a responsibility to make this town great.

A special thank you to our fellow merchants and the Chamber of Commerce here in Culver. We have enjoyed serving you with your hardware needs and appreciate the services and much you do to serve the community. In addition to running your businesses you are also the volunteer force that drives this community and makes things happen. You are the generous donors and sponsors that spend your free time and reach into your own pockets to promote and progress this fine community. Please be encouraged and look past the negativity and rumors that are often generated and take on a life of their own, those thoughts can be contagious but they are not truly representative of this community.

To our Town Manager, Town Clerk, Town Board Members and all of you that support this town by serving on a board, committee, or project. Thank you for your efforts, your time, and your enthusiasm. As this town currently seems to be in a state of change, we encourage you to be diligent in your endeavors that promote our town and merchants. Growth and change can be a rocky road; at times some might even find it upsetting. People can be critical at times, but please do not let these “growing pains” discourage you from moving this town and community forward.

We would be remiss not to make a special mention and give a gracious Thank You to the Culver Academies. It is a well known fact that the success of this town is directly linked to the success of the Academies. We want Culver Academies to know that at our end of town your contributions have not gone unnoticed and we have been honored to have you as a faithful customer. We have great respect for the Culver Academies’ unique focus on leadership training. We are glad to be associated with an organization that consistently provides life changing experiences for the youth of our world.

Now to those who express negativity when things change in this town and feel a need to resist change and progress, we thank you as well. Opinions often need to be expressed, but please consider directing your energy into finding a solution or some way to help; it will bring you much more happiness and success.

With much gratitude and respect to all Sincerely Culver Pro Hardware


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