Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Oliver T. Goss  

To Mrs. Goss goes the distinction of being the second oldest business, W. S. Easterday being in the number one position. Mr. Goss came here January 10, 1906, as a partner of Charles Replogle in the hardware business, succeeding John Wiess. This partnership was dissolced by death at the end of one year, and Mr. Goss has continued the business since under his own name and in the same building. He was born in Bremen, Ind., where he attended school, and then went to SOuth Bend to work in a hardware store. He has bee identified with a nnumber of community activities during these years and has helped bring about many of the changes that kept Culver abreat of the times. He served one term on the school board, a similar period on the town board, and has been a director of the K. of P. Building Corporation for anumber of years. One of his biggest jonds in seving the publix was as a member of the water works board when a water system was built here. At that time the town owned one-half and individuals the balance of the water works. All of the problems that confront managing officers in launching such a project were wrestled with during the time Mr. Goss severed and the many res ulting headaches are still vivid in his memory. He is now vice-president of The State Exchange Bank and devotes part of his time to the affairs of the thriving institution. Although Mr. Goss was busy when this picture was taken, he tool care to see that his hair was properly parted.

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