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17257 Tamarack Rd.  

Sec 17- 640A 1835 Original Survey

1872 - Section. 17
    D Ulery 120A
    J W Irwin 40A
    S [Samuel ] Medbourn 160A.
    M Robbins 60A
    A Foot 17A
    J Zechiel 80A
    C Myers 30A; 64A
    J Duddleson 30A
    L D [Lorenzo D Wiseman] 30A
    L D. Wiseman ?A
    2 unlabled lots

Sources give the residence built as 1910; could the old residence been tore down? as on can see by the 1872 plat map that there was a building/residence on the property when Samuel Medbourn owned it. The residence is indicated on the 1880, 1908 and 1922 plat maps.

1876 Section 17

1880 North Section 16 - 500.90 Acres Town
    T Medbourn 120A
    J W Irwin 40A
    S [Samuel] Medburn 160A
    J Zechiel 140A
    M. B. Gould 17A
    C/G Myers 93.40A
    J Duddelson 80A
    LD Wiseman 35.55A

1898 - Section 17
    Moses Menser - 2 40 A lots
    W K Grossland [Crossland]40A
    M. [Moses] Menser 40A
    Henry Zechiel 19A, 60A
    H [Henry] Zechiel 80A
    G. W Garn 30A
    J Medbourn 60A
    J H Koontz 4A
    H [Henry] Zechiel 32A
    B F [Benjamin F] Garn 80A
    G W Garn 49A
    Town of Culver City

1908 - Section 17
    Wm. H. Crossland 40A
    Moses Mencer [Menser] 120A
    Henry Zechiel 107/187A
    G. L Melbourn [Medbourn] 14.69, 14.,69A & 10A
    Lucinda Garn 10A
    Joseph Melbourn [Medbourn] 49.39A
    B. F [Benjamin F] Garn ?A
    Geo. W. Garn 76 A
    Benjamin Easterday 30A
    Town of Culver City

1922- Section 17
    G W Bogardus 40A
    Moses Mencer [Menser] 120A
    Henry Zechiel 154A, 30, 27A, & 26.58A
    Emeline Benner 14.69, 14.,69A & 10A
    Lucinda Garn 10A
    Laura J Melbourn [Medbourn] 49.39A
    B. F {Benjamin F.] Garn 90A
    Geo. W. Garn 62.17 A
    Lucy Patsel ?A
    C.A. ?A
    Town of Culver City

1929- Section 17

1936 - L C. [Lucinda Cathrine] Garn 80.05A

1948 - Section 17

Russell Easterdayy was the son of Leander 'Lee' R Easterday & Laura Pearl Garn and grandson of Benjamin Franklin Garn and Lucinda Cathrine Friend

1956 - Russell Easterday 78A (this includes the school property acrross St Rd. 10)

1961 - R E [RUssell Easterday] 78A ?49A, unlabeld?

1962 R E [Russell Easterday] 78A ?49A, unlabeld?

1963 - Russell Easterday 80A (this includes the school property acrross St Rd. 10) ?49A, unlabeld?

1964 - Nov 4 - School Board Inspects Proposed Building Site
    On Monday afternoon the Board of School Trustees of Culver Community Schools inspected the site west of School Street between Houghton Street and State Road 10 as a proposed' location for the new high school building. This site had been approved previously by the State Board of Health and the State Schoolhouse Planning Division as a favorable one for such use.

    After a careful survey of the site with regard to location of the building, parking areas, and athletic fields, the School Board members discussed with Mr. Russell Easterday the possibility of purchasing the tract. Though he would prefer to retain the land for awhile, Mr. Easterday did agree to sell the necessary acreage for school purposes. An agreement was reached whereby the School Board could take an option on approximately 33 acres.

    Until such time as the land would be used for school purposes, Mr. Easterday would have the right to use of the site for agricultural purposes

1967 - Russell Easterday 80A (this includes the school property acrross St Rd. 10) ?49A, unlabeld?

1968 - Russ [ussell ]Easterday 88.75

1972- Russell Easterday 88.8

1974- Russell Easterday 88.8

1978 - Wandah Easterday 50 A

1979 - Jun 1996 - Wandah Easterday 51 A, deceased

Mar 1980 - Russell & Wandah Easterday

1981 - Jack Easterday 51 A / 80 A

1995-6 Jack Easterday 49A

1996 Jack Easterday 48A

1995-6 - Jack Easterday 49A

Jun 1996 - 2014, Feb. - Jack D. Easterday Life Estate remainder to Suzanne Easterday

2014, Feb. - Richey Rebecca Sue Richey
    E 80.5A NE EX 080173210018 A38.917 DT 686 - 38.917A

the house was to have been originally sold off as - 2.833A

Oct 1992 Jack D. Easterday

Oct. 1992 - May 2004 - Brian G & Chantelle L Toblski
    Son of Gary L. Tobolsk & Jerri C. Kwiecinski

    They had a prenninal greenhouse for a while.

In the early to mid 2000's there was a petition presented to the Culver BZA for a hardware on this corner but it was denied.

May 2004 - 2017 Nick & Gina Hnatusko

    NE 1/4 SEC CRN S 1380.30' POB W 291'

Today is