Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

Sam H. Allen  

In the early 1890's James Bardsley, while working for the Vandalia Railroad, was entranced by LakeMaxinkuckee. At one time he leased a 25'by25' plot on Lillte Lake with access to Lake Maxinkuckee for fishing. For some years he ahd a tent in which to spend his vacations. Later he purchased this property and bulit a wooden shack. He could fish from the window!.

He later bought a larger lot and in 1897 built a log cabin. The shack then became the "cook shack".

Bardsley lived in Terre Haute with his family. His daughters: Florence and Harriet, spent summers with him. Florence never married.

Harriet taught in Terre Haute, She married Sam E. Allen, a pharamacist from Akron, Ohio. He was a native of New York and was a graduate of the University of Michigan.

They established a home in Akron where Florence and Bardsley shared their home. Three sons: David Bardsley, Sam Harper and James Bill joined the family.

Sam was born November 23, 1903. He attended Akron schools, graduated as valedictorian of Central High School and was an alumnus of Dartmouth College. He was interested in all the outboodrs and was acvtive in Boy Scouts, Young Men's Christain Association Camps, Dartmouth Outing Club and National Speleological Society.

Sam valued his years at Culver. He swam extensively, roamed the woods, he knew the birds and teir songs, and all the trees. He enjoyed the moon and the constellations. One of his great joys was sharing this with young people.

While working for Wheeling Steel Corporation at Steubenville, Ohio on June 16, 1945 he married Gertrude Marty, a school teacher there. She had been born at Bridgeport, Ohio on June 6, 1909 to Randolph and Sara Bauer Marty. She was a graduate of Minerva High School and Ohio University.

On every trip to Culver, Sam watched for job openings. In July 1948 he obtained work at the new Sealed Power Corporation in Rochester. Giving two weeks notice in Steubenville he began work August 1st. Gertie stayed in Steubenville to wind up affairs.

On August 22 they moved into the log cabin - no electricity, a pump at the sink, wood cook stove and a path out the back door. There was one big room and a porch. The porch was enclosed with wireglass to keep out the wind and was the sleeping room. The cabin was snug and they enjoyed the wild creatures of the woods.

Somewhere in time the Allens had bought 15 acres of land here. In 1949 Sam and Gertie moved into the farmhouse on the hill. This house required some remodeling as only the mice and squirrels had lived in it for 20 years.

In 1954 Sam and his brother, Bill, pruchased the Marina on Maxinkuckee's west shore from Fred Wallstead. The men continued their jobs and the wives handled the boat house during the week. In 1958 Sam retired from Sealed Power and devoted his time to the Marina.

In 1969 the business closed and in 1971 Gertie retired. For a few years they enjoyed their home, their friends and a bit of traveling around the state. They gave their energy to the community, Sam. was a long time member of the Wesley Church Choir. They were both active in their church and Masonic and Eastern Star orders.

Sam suffered a fatal heat attack Septemeber 19. 1978. Gertie continues to line in the farm house on the hill and keeps busy - Gertrude Allen.

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