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Ovid Bulter Jameson  

John Mantle Judah who m 1st Mary Brandon 2nd Mary Jameson. They were of Jewish decent. John was a lawyer in Indianapolis and resided at 3128 Meridian St. A Lawyer

Mary Jameson was daughter of Dr. Patrick Henry & Maira (Butler) Jameson sister to Ovid Butler Jameson who married Mary Booth sister to Newton Booth Tarkington. per Greater Indianapolis : the history, the industries, the institutions, and the people of a city of homes Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1910, Dunn, Jacob Piatt Biography of Dr. Patrick H. Jameson pg. 1057-61

Ovid Bulter Jameson holds prestige as one of the representative members of the bar of his native city and as a scion of old and honored pioneer families of Indiana, within whose borders both his paternal and maternal ancesters settled in an early day. He was born in Indianapolis n the 17th of July, 1854, and was a son of Dr. Patrick Henry Jameson and Maria (Butler) Jameson. On other pages of this publication is entered a review of the ancestral history and personal career of his venerable and distinguished father, so that repetition of the data is not demanded in the present article.

Mr. Jameson recieved his preliminary educational discipline in the public schools of Indianapolis, after which he entered the Northwestern Christian University of this city, an institution now known as Butler University and named in honor of his maternal grandfather. He there continued his studied until the opening of his junior year, and in 1872 he wnet abroad to continue his education. He prosceuted his highter academic studies in the great German universities of Heidelberg an Berlin and remained in Europe until 1876. On his return to his native land and home city Mr. Jameson began the study of law under the preceptorship of Hon. John M. Judah, one of the distinguished members of the Indianapolis Bar, and in 1881 he was d uly admitted to the bar of his native state. His thorough and amplified academic education made him especially facile in his accum ulation and assimination of the science of jurisprudence, and his finely trained mind and marked technical skill have gained to him much of success and precedence in the exacting work of his chosen proffesion, in coonection with which he is recognized as one of the essentially representative members of the bar of the capital city of the state with whose history the family name has neem long and prominently identified.

In his political allegiance Mr. Jameson has ever given an uncompromising adherence to the Republican party, and he has taked an active and loyal interest in the promotion of its cause, as one of the leaders in its local contingent. In 1884 he was the nominee on the party ticket for representative of Marion COunty in the state legislature, was elected by a gratifying majority and served during the general assembly of 1885, with much of distinnnction. He is identified with representative civic and social organizations in his home city, including the Commercial, the Marion, the Columbis, the University and the Country clubs. In the time-honored Masonic fraternity he has attained to the thirty-second degree of the Ancient Accepter Scottish Rite, in connection with which his affiliation is with Indiana Sovereigh Consitory, and he is a member of the Mystic Shrine.

On the 10th of November, 1886 Mr. Jameson was united in marriage to Miss Mary Booth Tarkington, daughter of Hon. John S. Tarkington, of Indianapolis, and a sister of Booth Tarkington, the well known author. They have three children namely: John Tarkington, Ovid Donald and Newton Booth.
Greater Indianapolis : the history, the industries, the institutions, and the people of a city of homes Chicago: Lewis Pub. Co., 1910, Dunn, Jacob Piatt pg. 1061 NOTE: Donald Farren writes:

However, BT's sister was named HautÚ, after Terre Haute, whence their mother. (Woodress, 23). According to the "Publisher's Foreword" to Your Amiable Uncle: Letters to His Nephews, by BT (1949):
    "'HautÚ' an 'Ovid' were his [BT's] sister and her husband, Mr. and Mrs. Ovid B. Jameson, the boys' father and mother. Booth Tarkington always wrote HautÚ with an accent, as it was pronounced."

I daresay the name was pronounced HO-tee, rather than, Ó la franšaise, oh-TAY.

Incidentally, I own a book by Tarkington, a series of letters that he sent to his three young Jameson nephews back in Indianapolis while he and his wife and parents toured Europe during 1903-4, that is signed by the three Jameson sons (not signed by BT because it was published after his death).

WPA enteries for marriage:

Surname: JAMESON,Given Name: OVID B,Sex: M,Color: W,Age: 33,Spouse:. Spouse Surname: ,Month: NOV, Day: 10,Year: 1886,Father: PATRICK H,Mother: MARIA,Maiden Name: BUTLER, B/L Month:,B/L Day: 0, B/L Year: 0,County: MARION,Book: 2,Page: 45,Fiche: 4099

Surname: JAMESON,Given Name: OVID B,Sex: ,Color: -,Age: 0,Spouse: MARY BOOTH,Spouse Surname:,TARKINGTON,Month: NOV,Day: 10,Year: 1886,Father:,Mother:,Maiden Name:,B/L Month: ---, B/L Day:,B/L Year: 0,County: MARION,Book: 20,Page: 242,Fiche: 4083

Surname: TARKINGTON,Given Name: MARY B,Sex: F,Color: W,Age: 28,Spouse: ,Spouse Surname: Month: NOV,Day: 10,Year: 1886,Father: JOHN S,Mother: ELIZABETH,Maiden Name: BOOTH,B/L Month: B/L Day: 0,B/L Year: 0,County: MARION,Book: 2,Page: 45,Fiche: 4101

Surname: TARKINGTON,Given Name: MARY B,Sex:,Color: -,Age: 0,Spouse: OVID B,Spouse Surname: JAMESON,Month: NOV,Day: 10,Year: 1886,Father: ,Mother: ,Maiden Name: ,B/L Month: ---,B/L Day:, B/L Year: 0,County: MARION,Book: 20,Page: 242,Fiche: 4083

Indianapolis Star, Indianapolis, Indiana
Saturday, November 17, 1917 Page 7
Mr. and Mrs. John Tarkington Jameson who were married this week are at White S ulphur Srpings, W. Va. Mrs. Jameson was Miss Florence Hanckel before her marriage

Crown Hill Cemetery Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana
JOHN T. JAMESON Burial: 06/18/1963 Section: 13 Lot: 56
FLORENCE H. JAMESON Burial: 08/03/1976 Section: 13 Lot: 56

MARY BOOTH TARKINGTON JAMESON Burial: 05/20/1937 Section: 13 Lot: 56
OVID B. JAMESON Burial: 01/16/1915 Section: 13 Lot: 56

DONALD O. B JAMESON Burial: 01/03/1968 Section: 13 Lot: 56
BOOTH T. JAMESON Burial: 12/21/1956 Section: 13 Lot: 56
MARGARET BOOTH JAMESON Burial: 12/02/1982 Section: 13 Lot: 56

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