Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

1930 East Shore Drive  

Section 27 - 264.35 acres - Aub-be-naub-ee's Reservation

Section 27
    Section 27 Lot 1 - 49.70A
    Section 27 Lot 2 - 34.31A
    Sect 27 Lot 3 _.31A
    Section 27 Lot 4 - 40A

James F. D. Lanier of Jefferson county, Indiana on 30 June 1837 was issued the certificate #7339 the East half of Section twenty; Fractional Section of Twenty One; Fractional Section of Twenty Seven and Fractional section of Twenty eight containing 793 32/100 acres.


1876 - L. T. Van Shoiack [Louden T. Van Shoiak] 


1880 - L. T. Van Shoiack [Louden T. Van Shoiak] 105.80

    The Van Schoiack Farmhouse is incorporated in the present Miller cottage. Part of the Van Schoiack farm was subdivided as “Sea Beach Place” around 1900.







1911 - Sep 7 - The Van Schoiack farm of 207 acres is to be sold on Sept. 16 in whole or in parcels. The property includes 24 lake fronts lots.

?? A. R. Shroyer Cottage??? 402 East Shore Road - Mrs Emil Keller 1919 numbering system ?


1924 - Apr. 1930 Mrs. E. F. Keller, formerly of Logansport but now of Los Angles, California has opened her cottage and will remaun here for the month of May

1925 - Dec 16 - Frances C. Keller etal to Mary L. Henrdicks Lot 1 on L ake front Sec 26 Union, $6,500

1935 - Dec 16 - Mary L. Hendericks to Isabel R. Isabel R. Brewer, Lot 1 lake fornt Union, $6.500

1926- Frederick Albert & Isabelle Gordon (Rutter) Brewer
    1926 - Mar. 31 - Mr. F. A. Brewer, of Chicago, who bought the Keller cottage on the east side of the lake is planning on building a three car garage and remodeling the cottage, W. have sold the material - an ad of J. O. Ferrier Lumber & Co.

1928 - Jul 18 - Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Brewer, and Mr. and Mrs. E. C. Brewer, Jr. of CHicago will spend this week-end with Mr. and Mr and Mrs. F. A. Brewe and daughter Betty at ther cocttage 402 East Shore Road.

Culver Citizen - 4 June 1930 - - $12,000 fire ruins Brewer lake cottage
    Water Hard To Get

    New Community Fire Truck Gets Severe Work-out on East Side FIre

    The recently remodeled summer home of F. A. Brewer on the east side of Lake Macinkuckee was completely destroyed by fire last Saturday night. It is estimated that rhe loss is about $12,000, the major portion of which is covered by insurance. The loss on the house is about $8,000, it is said, and the balance on persoonal property and furnishings

    The caus remains in doubt, but it has been stated that an electic wall plug on the sleeping porch had been causing troughle and it was on this porch that the flames were first seen, giving rise to the supposition that a short circuit started the flames.

    The house was an old one and burned rapidly. By the time the fire department arrived the flames had considerable headway and gained still more when the department experienced difficulty reachin ght lake with the pumper.

    On Friday several members of the department had fone over the East Side discussing where to reach the lake at different points. The only place they couldn't figure a way of reaching the water was in the vicinity of the Brewer cottage, due to the high bank of considerable length

    WHen the department arrived on the scene Saturday night they attempted to reach the fire from the stream flowing past the Edwards cottage, but the distance was too far and the hose would not reach. It was then decided that the F. E. Gates coattage was the only other possibliity and this proved successful although the pumper was pulling at a greater height than is considered possible. The 41 feet of suction hose just reached the watter and for over two hours the pumper kept a stream going through the 1,000 feet of hose.

    All attention was given to saving the Judah and Flannigan cottages, which flanked the flaming building and the gargae in the rear. These were saved without any damage.

    ALl of the furnishings on the first floor were saved, but none was brought out on the seconf story, which accounted for a large loss of personal property.

    The house had been recently remodeled and improved extensively.

    It was being occupied by Mr. Brewer, who had been ill for several weeks, his daughter and a school firend.

    The fire brought out the need of more hose and other equipment to give ample protection to all cottages.

    The contour of the lake front makes it necessary to carry what will be surplus at most fires, but is needed when such fires as the Brewer one break out.

1930 - Aug. 6 - Brewers in Colorado -- ...On the 29th of May when fire leveled out lake place to the grounf we had just finished painting and fixing preparatory to spenfing a enjoable summer of Maxinkuckee, but the fates had it written differently for us... We have accumulated some ideas for the rebuilding of our place at the lake.

1931 - May 12 - Wanted to rent: COttage on East Shore Road for summer. Please send communications to F. A. Brewer, North Shore Hotel, Ecanston, Il.

1932 - Mr and Mrs. F. A. Brewer of CHicao have opened their new cottage for the next few months.

1942 - Jun 17 The F. A. Brewer cottage on the East Side was struck by lightning during the storm Thursday morning. The roof and a bathroom were damaged but no fire was started and no one was injured.

1952-61 - March W. Haynes

1979 - June 1994 - William R. & Janie Kelly
Jun 1994 - May 2003 Kevin J., Timothy P& Laura Kelly, Trustees

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