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202 S. Main  

1) Barber

2) Cobbler

Sanbron Map- 1906

Sutherlin Jewlery Store - before 1911
Howard Luke Werner Store & dwelling - 1911

Sanborn Map - 1914

dwelling - 1924-1937 by the Sanborn Maps

Culver Tailor & Cleaners - Charles & Mary (Werner) Riccardi - 1944- Aug 1977
    the house having been razed before or after Ricciardi bought the property - he had a new modern concrete building with a basement built during - 1944 after he had purchased the business from John Drenk, it is said he started the buiness with his brother-in-law Louis DeAngles who left the buisness shortly after it had opened. The biography written by Mary (Werner) RIcciardi for the 1988 Marshall county history states : "In 1944, cahrles purchased the tailor and drycleaning business on north main Street, Culver , from john drenk.

    1945 - MARCH 28 The Culver Tailors and Cleaners, under the management of Charles Ricciardi, has installed a new dry cleaning system.

      1944 - March 15, - Culver Citizen John Drenk has sold the Culver cleaners to charles Richardi, tailor at the Academy, and expects to turn the management of the business over to the new owner this week. mr. drenk, who has operated the shop for over 13 years, plans to take a much needed rest before entering som other business.
    Charles and his wife later built a new building at the corner of main and Madison, which they opened in 1947.

    1948 - aug. 15- Work was begun Monday on a new building at the southwest corner of Main and Madison Streets to house the Culver Tailors and Cleaners under the proprietorship of Luis DeAngelis and Charles Ricciardi.

    1949 - January 5 The Culver Cleaners have moved from their former location opposite the Methodist Church to their new building at the corner of Main and Madison Streets. All new machinery has been added and a fur porcessing room and fur vault will be added in the spring according to Charles Ricciardi and Louis DeAngelis, co-owners.

This vault is saind still in existence today.

He had originally opened the buisness with his brother-in-law Louis DeAngles, though louis left the business shorltly after the business had opened.
    January 19, 1955 Louis DeAngelis, a resident of Culver for the past 27 years, has purchased the Peter Bergman tailoring and dry cleaning establishment at 113 East Washington Street in South Bend. He has sold his interest in the Culver Tailors and Cleaners to his partner, Charles Ricciardi

A 1950's ad
In 1977, after selllng the building to Robert Healy of the Culver Auto Supply, charles continued tailoring in his home until his death in 1984. - It is also stated that after the birth of their 4th child the purchased the 'Old Duddleston property' at 452 South Mains Street, Culver and began extensive remodeling and moved into their new hom december, 1952.

Culver Auto Supply Aug. 1977 -1986, May Robert Healy
    they moved to this location from 180 S. Main St. Robert ran the store until his death - having a massive heart attack while working .
Culver Auto Supply 1986-Dec. 1992 Rand Healy & Dean Neff Lakeside Auto Parts store Dec 1992 - 1994, Jan Malcom K & Thelma I McDaniel 1994, Sep - 2018 - Sept 28 - Steven K & Cynthia A McDaniel

Lakeside Auto Parts store 1994, Jan - 2013 Stephen K. & Cynthia A McDaniel
    before coming to Culver Steve Mcdaniel was a manufacturing engineer in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

    2016 - Upon Retirement in Sept. Steve had to lock the doors becuase a buyer could not be found for the building or buisness. A sad conculsion to a business that's been a mainstay of Culver and there for well over 39 years besides being up the street in the North end of the Wickizer building.

2018 - Sept 28 - Nicholas Oscar Voorhees HOUGHTON COR & AMEND PLAT LOT 34

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