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Charles Riccardi  

Charles Riccardi was born February 6, 1886 at San Marco de Cattola, Foggia, Italy, was the eldest son of eight children born to Leonard and Marie (Fascia) Riccardi. He was apprenticed to his uncle, a tailor, and then opened a dressmaking shop with his sister Lucy in 1910. He served in the Italian army for 49 months during World War I. In 1920 he came to Chicago, Illinois to join his father and two sisters. When he arrived, he found that his father had died. During the next several years, he brought his mother, and remaining brothers and sisters to America. In 1935, he joined the Academy Tailor Shop. In 1944 Charles purschased the tailor and dry cleaning buisness on North Main Street, Culver from John Drnek. Charles and his wife later built a new building at the corner of Main and Madison, which they opened in 1947. 1977, after selling the building to Robert Healy of the Culver Auto Supply, Charles continued tailoring in his home until his death in 1984.

On September 30, 1944, he married Mary Werner, the first twins born to Howard L. and Lessie E. (Taylor) Werner. She was born in Morgantown, West Virginia, July 17, 1909. She graduated from Culver High School, second in her class, in 1926, and was graduated from International Business College, Fort Wayne, in 1927. She was employed in the quartermaster's office, Culver Military Academy for nine years, then became secretary to W. O. Osborn at the State Exchange Bank in Culver , leaving this postion when she amrried. In 1945 she joined Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church, where she taught catechism classes for several years. She worked in the family business from 1954 untill her retirement in 1973.

The Riccardis lived at 200 White Street, Culver , when they were first married. After the birth of their fouth child, they bought and began extensive remodeling of the old Duddelson property at 452 South Main Street, Culver and moved into their new home December, 1952.

Their first child, Mary ELizabeth,. She graduated from Culver High School , a national merit scholar, recieved her B.A. in French, her M.A. in Italian and her Ph.D. in Italiani from Indiana University. She taught Italian at DeKalb, Illinois, Wayne State University in Michigan, and the University of Missouri; she is presntly teaching Spanish and French at the Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, Texas.

Lucinda Anne and graduated valedictorian from Culver High School , a national merit scholar. She received her M.A. in French, an M.A. French and an M. A. in communications from Indiana University, where she is employed at the recording studio. She married R. David Miller

Charles Edward attended Culver High Schools through eith grade, graduating from Waeasee Preparatory School in 1968, a National Merrit Scholar. He was graduated from Indiana Vocational and Technical Institute with an Associate's Degree in electronics. He married Joanne H. Beichler and they reside in Boston, Massachusetts where he has been employed as chief design engineer for an electronics firm.

Judith Celesta "Sally" and graduated from Culver High School an Indiana Scholar, and received her B.A. in Forensci Studies from Indiana University. She is presently employed at Culver Military Academy with campus security. - - Mary Riccardi, Marhsall County History, 1986

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