Lake Maxinkuckee Its Intrigue History & Genealogy Culver, Marshall, Indiana

204 S. Shore Dr.  

1837 - James F. D. Lanier obtained a land patent for the Fractional section Twenty one. Acreage is undeterminable by the certificate for this piece of land. This patent also contained land in sections Twenty, Twenty seven and Twenty eight for a total of 793 32/100 acres total.

1880 - J. Farrar 35.95A [Josiah Farrar]
< ul> From One Township Yesterday's: "There were 120 acres, known as the FARRAR lands now."

1898 - J. Farrar 24.70A & 13.30A [Josiah Farrar]

1908 - Josiah Farrar

1900 - Ada F. Daugherty (Col. Farrar Estate)

1922 - Ada F. Daugherty & Wm. C. Farrar

1930 - William Farrar

1945, about - Joe & Jane (Murdock) Hafert purschased the bare lot.
    The house was built in 1947 and during the time it was being built the garage served as the residence.

Much of the South Shore, now home to some of the lake's finest residences, remained undeveloped until the post-World War II period.

1949, - Apr 27 - The development if the South Shore of the lake which has presented a busy construction scene during the past three years will soon see the complettion of several new cottages including
    the new $30,000 cottage being erected by Rev. M. R. Burgett of Flora
    and the cottages of L. F. Witham of Hammond
    Dr. D. R. Barber of Peru,
    H. L. Rector , also of Peru
    The beatutiful resdense of Fred Drommp of Logansport was recently completed

Among the summer residences which have been completed in this attractive development are the
    Dr J. Hafert, Burnell Coombs, Dr. Hillis, Charles Bailey, Robert Disher and Ed Bailey all of Logansport.
    Charles Van Sittman of Chicago;
    Mr and Mrs George Phillips, Dr. G. F. Henricks, Charles Zobell of Chicago.

Among the new homes planned for the area is a new all-aluminum dwelling.

1952-1988 - Dr. J. A Hafert [Joseph A. Hafert]
    1958 Lake Directory - Dr. J. A. Hafert - 916 E. Market Sr., Logansport, Ind

198_-1994 - Dr. J. A. Hafert -

1995-2004 - Mrs. J. A. Hafert (Nila) Hafert -

1993, May - Joanna Booher

May 1992, May - 2013 - Joanna Booher & Jennifer Gomback/Joe A Hafert Life Estate
    2005-7 - Ted Booher - Lake Directiories

2013, May - 2016 Donald T & Babrara J Kindt
    A petion has been filed on August 15, 2013 to build a new house on the lot. ... to approve a variance of development standards to remove an existing structure and build a new residence with front yard setback of fifty eight feet (57.7) +/-, from the required average setback of seventy six feet ( 76.05), and variance of four feet (4') in height from required height of Thirty five (35) feet.

The Kindt's associated with or was - 1268 E Shore Drive
Harbour Point Condominium
920 S Shore

The old cottage was razed before Mar 2014 and a new cottage built and completed before Mar 2015

    Lots Numbered Seven (7) and Six (6) in the Daugherty-Farrar Addition to Lake Maxinkuckee in Section 28, Township 32 North, Range 1 East. ALSO all of that wedge shaped parcel of real estate situate between Lot Numbered Six (6) and Lot Numbered Five (5) in said Addition, which parcel of real estate has a frontage of 25 feet adjacent to Farrar Road and then extends Northerly to the waterline of Lake Maxinkuckee, situate in Union Township, Marshall County, Indiana

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