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214 E. Jefferson  

believe the could of also bore the address of 200 E. Jefferson at one time -

1887 - Nathaniel "Than" Gandy was a businessman and a pioneer of Marshall County. His family had moved to the county in 1846, when they began farming in Union Township. Nathaniel was born in that year. He helped on the farm until enlisting in the 33rd Indiana Regiment of Volunteer Infantry, Company F, and served in the Civil War. He was honorably discharged as the war ended and came back home to agriculture. In 1887, he sold the farm and opened a livery establishment. In 1897, he disposed of the business to give himself some independence. He was known for his unfailing morality

Nathaniel Gandy Retires having sold out his interests in the barns here to his partner, Mr. Abram Hayes, the transaction occurring Saturday, the 27th July 1897 and in retiring feels that he has left the business in good hands as no more conscientious or honorable men than Hayes and Son can be found

1898 - Jan - 21 Stable Your Horses.

    ‘‘These cold davs test a man’s inhumanity. The humane man blankets the horse he leaves standing out in the cold, while he is comfortable by the fire.” says an exchange- “But a trip around town any cold day will disclose a numberof faithful animals shivering in the icy blasts, because their owners are either too cruel, too stingy or too neglectful to care for them as they deserve. If the law on this subject was enforced some people’s eyes would be opened.” The above reminds us that Than Gandy, the up to date liveryman of Culver, has commenced the erection of a large addition upon his barn, in order to give those humane citizens who desire to protect their horses from the stinging blasts of winter the opportunity to staiile them for the small sum of 10 or 15 cents, vith hay thrown in. The stables will be so arranged that both horses and vehicles will be sheltered from the storm. Mr. Gandy is an enterprising man and no farmer should think of leaving his team exposed to the elements when shelter is provided so cheaply. Show me a man that is merciful to a dumb animal, and I will show you a man that Is a good citizen, a good neighbor and an everlasting friend

1898 - N. Gandy's Livery - was mentioned as being North of the Geller Sawmill & drying sheds that burned April 1898 :&nnbsp;
    There was terrible excitement in town as it looked as though the whole city could easily be wiped off the face of the earth, as Gandy’s livery barn was in direct line with the fire, and as the cinders were flying in every direction it was greatly feared that the barn would ignite, but prompt and active measures prevented it.

    Had this barn taken fire the show for saving the town would have been very slim.

1898 - Oct 7 - Enoch Mow took possession of the Gandy livery barn last Saturday. He left Saturday evening for Koval Center where he wili make preparations to move his family lo this place.

In book 5 of the Chattel Mortgages is found:

Chattel Mortgages Book 5 Marshall County, Indiana
Mortgagor Mortgagee Date Amount Description
McLane, Frank & Co. Gandy, Nathaniel 14 Mar. 1899 90.00 Horse, 2 harnesses, carriage, 3 buggies, wagon

1901 - Mar 3 - We understand that Henry Speyer will thoroughly overhaul and repair the livery barn occupied by McClane & Co., in the near future

The building as it was in 1901.

1904 - Jan 21 Public Auction. - If you have stock of any kind or anything of value to sell bring it to McLane’s livery stable, Culver. I will conduct a public sale each Saturday during the winter, beginning at 2 o’clock p. m. Charles Bauers, Auctioneer. &nnbsp;

On the 1906 Sanborn Map it is labeled as Mc Lane & Co. Livery

Shown as 'Livery on the 1914 Sanborn Map

1904 - Oct 27 - McLane Brothers are building a new 36x80 foot barn. It is to have a solid cement foundation and be modern in all its equipments. The barn is being erected east of their present location and as soon as completed their livery stock will be moved into their new quarters. It will be an ideal livery stable.

1904 - Dec 15 - McLane Brothers have moved their livery stock into their new barn, and are now comfortably situated with plenty of room anil other conveniences.

This photo clearly shows the name McLane & Co. Livery & Feed. and shows a team of horses in the doorway, along with a horse and buggy out on the street.

1916 - May 11 - Frank and Ira McLane have traded their horse livery barn and stock to W. V. Holland for a 65-acre farm 4 1/2 miles northeast of South Bend. The McLanes have been in the liverv business in Culver for about 20 years.

1919, Feb 5 - J. O. Ferrier has sold the old McLane livery stable to Clarence Holler and Clifford Wade for $1,200. The building will be used as a garage.

Garage - 19__-1921 - Clifford Waite 

Labeled as "Lumber' on the building it self on the 1924 Sanborn Map and further information below it appears as follows: Culver Lumber & Cement Products Yard

Labeled as "Lumber" and further information below it appears as follows: Culver Lumber & Cement Products Yard on the building it self on the 1924 Sanborn Map

In boigraphical information on M. R. Cline and his buisnesses it was said that the Culver Lumber & Cement Products Yard - WWII years but by the Sanborn map enteries we can see that this was the location of this business since sometime before 1924 

    M. R. Cline Builders Store the business site was at East Jefferson Street where the firm has been located since 1908 except during the World War II years when it was located here.

Cline Lumber Yard Office Empty  

Hand's Soft Water - 1946/7-1 Oct. 1958  

    1958 September 24 Earl D. Overmyer buys Don Hand's Soft Water Service Effective Oct 1, the ownership and management of Hand's Soft Water Service will be transfered to Earl D. Overmyer. Mr. Hand notes he has been teaching for the past two years and he feels the quality of his service to customers has suffered as a result. He thanks customers for thier loyal service over the past 12 and half years, especially those who helped get "over the hump" during the difficult years of 1950-51.

Overmyer Plumbing & Heating - 1952, Earl Dean Overmyer 


Culver OK Rubber Welders - 1952  

Snyder's Chevrolet sales 1955-1961 Lester Synder & Jay Snyder 

The building as it appeared in the 1950's, 1960's and maybe into the 1970's

Marshall County Lumber Co. abt Sep 1961 - ?

    Skip Kiel states: I knew this building very well. I remember when the Snyder's owned and operated their dealership out of it. When they moved out it was taken over by Marshall County Lumber Co. I worked for Marshall County Lumber for 6 years. We referred to it as the Cline Building. The reason that I remember it so well is I was standing in the doorway when I heard that John F. Kennedy had been shot.

May 1996 empty 

The last photo of the building is is sad state of disrepair probably just before tie was razed in 1996 this quip is found:
    1996 May 8 - The building on East Jefferson Street that once served as a livery barn and later as a lumber company was torn down

Bayside Condominums  

    Erection of the Bayside Condominiums, whose construction began in 2003 and was completed in 2005 by Construction Management and Design of Plymouth

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