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Bakery - 1906

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Foss Property
    1903 - Dec 10 - The crown of the oven at Foss Bakery caved in last Friday night and they have been using Logansport bread a few days

    1904 - May 12 - Mrs. Foss has sold her bakery to John Zechiel, jr. Mr. Zechiel will conduct the bakery in its present location.

    1904 - May 19 - Fire in the rear of Foss' bakery caused some excitment Monday morning. The blaze was a small one and was easily put out. If it would have had a few minutes more headway, it is quite likely that the bakery would have been consumed, with a number of adjacent buildings.

    1904 - Jul 21 - Bakery, the old Foss stand. Oven, tools and store fixtures. Reason - failing health. - John C. Zechiel.

    1905 Jan 5 & 19 - To the Citizens of Culver, The Culver Bakery has put a bew bottom in the oven, a new fire box and grates and is not ready to do the best work possible. Thanking you for past fairness, we still remain, Yours as ever, Wm. A. Foss - Feb 2, 16 & 23; Mar 2 & 30 1905.

    1906 - Nov 8 - Wm Foss is tearing away the brick oven in the rear of the property which has been used as a bakery since 1893.

Hand S - 1914

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'S' - 1924-1937

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1909 - Jan 7 - Wm. Foss has vacated the front room of the old bakery building which he has been using as an office, and Roberts is occupying it as a plumbers shop.

A. M. Roberts, Plumber

Crabbe Furniture Store - 1913-1952 - Lemuel Crabb  

    1911 - Sep 14 - SEPTEMBER 14, 1011 — Lemuel Crabb has purchased the Foss property recently occupied by Roberts, the plumber, snd has begun improving it. The whole building is being raised to rest on a 16-inch cement foundation and the store room is being extended 12 feet to the rear.

    1912 - Feb. 1 - Lem Crabb is building a 14-ft. addition on the rear of his store
    APRIL 25,1912 - The twister which swept over this section Sunday night about 8 o'clock as an accompaniment to a heavy thunderstorm left considerable wreckage in its wake. Window lights were smashed in Lem Crabb's store, The Citizen office, Saine's Store, Listenberger's Pool room. Harry Medbourn's House and Poore's building. A kitchen on N. W. Rector's house was blown off its foundations and smashed to fragments, ruining all its contents; the gable end of Burt Ralston's new cottage was blown down; and a freight car on Ferrier's switch was unroofed. Dr. Wiseman's woodshed was moved from its foundations and the chicken house was tippedover as were small outhouses by the dozen. The barn and corn crib on Ed Hatton's place southwest of town were blown to pieces...

    1930 - jun. 4 - L. A. Crabb has completed the addition of a second floor to his furniture store, which will alllow him to carry a larger line of stock.

Crabbe Furniture Store - Jan 1952-1967 Merle and Helen (Buffo)rabb  

1952, Jan - ? - Western Union Office - ? Merle and Helen (Buffo) Crabb  


    One of the Region's Oldest, Most Complete and Finest Home Furnishings Store is "Going Out of Business." say in all sincerity "forget everything you ever knew about Sales". We are selling out, and we believe you have never before, or will ever again, see such tremendous bargains on Fine Quality Furniture. It is with a feeling of regret that we are closing the store . . . an Indiana landmark. I wish to express my sincere "THANKS" to all of our loyal customers and friends for the past many years. I personally invite you to attend the great sale and get your share of the "Fab ulous Bargains". MERL CRABB PRESIDENT - April 20, 1967

Kramer's Antique Store 1969,May- ? Gabert W. Kramer?  

    Antique Store New Business In Culver

    G. W. Kramer, owner of Culver 's new business, the Kramer Antique Store, hails from Goshen, Indiana and has been in this business for thirty years.

    Most of his antiques are imported from England, Scotland and Wales. Kramer makes three buying trips a year to these countries. The merchandise is packed in large metal boxes by professional shippers and shipped by boat. Mr. Kramer is planning another trip to Europe around June 1 but the store will be kept open for business by his nephew, Tom Kramer, of South Bend.

    Kramer has five auction sales a year with the next one being held on Memorial Day in Argos, Indiana.

    Kramer informs us that his antiques are reasonable priced - THURSDAY, MAY 15, 1969

    I found a Gabert W. Kramer who was to have lived at 184 west shore dr.; and was also from Warsaw, Indiana, who died 24 fb. 1998

An add in 1974 issues of the Culver Citizen - dated 23 May

Culver Florist & Gift Shop Timothy Brian Crowell & Brenda E. (Crowel) Smith 1980-1996

Culver Florist & Gift Shop - Martha J. crowel - ? - 1996,nov

Culver Florist & Gift Shop - Brenda E. (Crowel) Smith 1996, nov.-1998, J ul Florist

Florist - Lori J. Cox 1998,Jul - 2001,dec -

5/3 Bank 2001, dec. - 2002,oct

JD ONE JD TWO INC empty lot - 2002,oct-2014 
    2005 - The old Florist and Gift Shop is scheduled for demolition. Unfortunately the old building was beyond saving. We’ll have to “watch that space!

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